His mouth opened to speak, but I put one finger to his lips. "I know what you're going to say. Please don't say it. I know, trust me. I know that you are immensely sorry for the pain I went through. But I had to go through that so I can start getting better. Things get worse before they can get better."

Edward and I were in the living room on the couch. The television was on, but I could not tell you what was playing. I was so glad to be with Edward again. Even though the time we spent apart – not including the visit to the hospital – was sometimes the same length of time of his hunting trips, it hurt more. During that time, I needed him with me. Also, know that he was only a few miles away and that I couldn't see him, made it hurt even more.

I was curled up on his lap with my head tucked comfortably under his chin. It doesn't get any better than this. Every once in a while my lips would find my way to his and they would not disconnect for several minutes. Even though Edward has always been so careful around me, my guess is that he was just as happy to see me as I was to see him.

Jasper and Emmett came back about an hour after I was done eating. I guess that Emmett wanted to go to Rome with Rosalie on a seventy-first honeymoon, and they wanted to play it safe by making new documents. That also means new licenses, birth certificates, credit cards and a whole lot more. I did not even want to know how much that would cost.

Both of them gave me a quick hug and said that they were happy that I was getting better. Jasper only stiffens a little when he hugged me, and the rigidness went away fast. He seemed to have come a far way since last September. I'm sure it is because of the memory of hurting someone she loves. I know that if it was me, then I would have tried my hardest to restrain myself further. Also, my scent right now was probably not half as bad as it was exposed.

There was something off about them too. I could see it in the way that they looked at me and the way that they spoke to me too. There was just something on the edge that I couldn't quite get. It wasn't pity – no, It definitely was not pity. They just didn't seem exactly like themselves. The second they left, though, I just brushed it off because I was alone with Edward once again.

The whole afternoon, Edward's family left us alone. Unfortunately, I had to promise to go shopping with Alice. She was right, I needed new clothes. I have not gone shopping for clothes since, well, the last time she took me shopping before my last birthday. I had been to far gone to actually care about new clothes or the wear of the ones I have now. However, I have to think of a way to let Alice let me pay for my own purchases.

As the afternoon wore on, Edward and I barely spoke, we just enjoyed each other's presence. He did not look like he was watching whatever was on the television either. By the time Carlisle came home, Edward and I were stretched out on the same white couch. I was snuggling into his chest with my eyes closed. I was almost asleep.

I did not mean to fall asleep, but Edward always let me if I wanted to. He liked to listen to me sleep talk, so I guess he kind of liked me sleeping. Both of them probably wanted to let me get a little bit more rest, because Carlisle went upstairs to get changed into some non-work clothes. I could hear him come in and talk to Edward, but I was too far gone to respond to what they were saying.

I heard the front door close, and, though expected, I did not hear any footsteps. Though I did hear Carlisle put his shoes on the shoe rack by the little metal ding it gave off. Less than a second later, Carlisle's voice rang out gently. Why he didn't speak in his head, I was not sure. "How is she doing?"

"She's doing perfect. I do not think she's asleep right now, but she is out of it." Edward's velvet voice rang out from a few inches above my head. "I do not think she knows that she is overwhelmed, but she is."

What! I am not overwhelmed. I am so extraordinary happy right now. I am happy to be with Edward, in his arms. I am happy to know that he is not mad at me, at all. I am happy that I get to spend forever with him.

Carlisle's voice was softer, sadder, as he spoke. "It could take her months, or even years for her to feel better. All we have to do is be there for her, the rest is up to Bella."

They didn't speak after that, and my guess is that Carlisle left the room. A few seconds after the silence started, I felt a hand run through my hair and cold lips on my forehead. "You'll be fine, Bella."

Time passed, I wouldn't be able to tell you. Maybe it was a few minutes or maybe it was a few hours. I think I did fall asleep though, because the next thing I remember is Edward moving out from underneath me and his hand massaging my back. "Bella, love, it's time to wake up. We are going to go speak to your father now."

I rolled over on the soft white couch, so my back was him. One reason was the off chance that he would allow me to sleep for a little longer, the other, so he can continue to rub my back for a little longer. He did not allow me to do the first, but he continued with the back massage. "Bella, you have to get up, I know that you are tired, but you will be able to sleep once we are done talking."

I did not budge. I didn't want to talk to Charlie about any of this, and I didn't want the embarrassment this would definitely entail. Knowing that I was not going to move anytime soon, Edward picked me up off of the couch and swung me around a bit. He knew that the motion of him swinging me around and him being so close to me would wake me up.

About fifteen minutes later we were pulled up in front of Charlie's house alongside Charlie's police car. Esme and Carlisle both sat in the front, while Edward and I were in the backseat. Esme and Carlisle was holding hands above the cup holders and I was stretched out with my head in Edward's lap and his hand running through my hair. I know with Carlisle driving, I did not have to worry about a seat belt.

Esme turned to us in the backseat the second the engine cut off with a look of sympathy in her eye. "Are you ready, Bella?"

Of course I wasn't. "Yes."

Carlisle got up and opened the door that was on my side, which meant that I had to get out first. Though, Edward was already opening Esme's door for her. Wow, they were always gentlemen, aren't they? Carlisle put a hand on my upper back as he led me to the door, where Esme and Edward were already standing. They, of course, did not want to go in until I was already inside. You'd think they were "real" vampires with not being allowed to go in a house without being invited in.

I twisted the doorknob and walked in. I was in the lead, Edward behind me, Esme behind him, and Carlisle took the caboose. The television turned to mute once Charlie heard the door shut. He was already standing up when I entered the room.

Charlie surprised me when I felt two of his arms wrap around me. This was the first hug he has ever initiated ever since I was a young child. In a weird way it felt good to be in Dad's arms. I felt like a child again and I felt like I could let him take care of me. "I'm so sorry, Bella."

When he let go of me I said, "Don't be. It's not your fault Dad."

Carlisle cleared his throat. "Charlie, perhaps the three adults can talk before Bella and Edward join us. Will it be alright if they stepped into the kitchen for a short while?"

What was going on? I thought the five of us were going to talk. Before I could protest, Edward was pulling me by my hand into the kitchen. He pulled my chair out for me before he sat in his own. Before I could even open my mouth, Edward explained. "Carlisle thinks that he can get Charlie to see more reason if I were not in the room and if you were not to interrupt and say that wrong things."

He gave me a look that held his apology. I knew that he did not think I could keep my tongue to myself. Though, I think I could keep my mouth shut just fine. People definitely underestimate me. I have no clue what was going on in the other room. I know that Esme and Carlisle were trying to do what was best for me; though I do not know what they think is best for me.

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