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A burgundy drink was placed on the bar. Burgundy eyes gazed sincerely into blue eyes as the wine was set down. Tension built. Her guest, Reno, had been coming to Seventh Heaven for close to a year, every day Cloud was gone. He looked sexier every time she saw him. Oh, she still loved Cloud, but Reno….He was here. It was ironic, actually, because the guy you'd think would stick (a certain blond) around had left, dropping off deliveries, and the guy you'd think would leave (a certain Turk), was here every night when Denzel and Marlene were safely tucked up in bed. She was constantly more worried about Denzel's condition of Geostigma. Marlene was a good girl, though, she helped him.

"Thanks." The cocky Turk's response echoed hollowly throughout the empty bar.

"You're Welcome." Was her response, after a short period. He took a sip of the wine, never breaking the eye contact with the beautiful barmaid.

"I know this is unexpected, but, Tifa…I think you have abstained for far, far too long. A person cannot deprive oneself from love for too long." The redhead said, serious at first, but with a smirk at the last phrase.

"If that's all you want, the door's that way." Tifa replied. Surely all of these months had been leading up to something other than sex. Although, knowing Reno, she should not be surprised. But, she had seen a different side of him lately, a thoughtful, caring side. He wasn't just the cold-blooded assassin she had always thought him.

"Tifa…it's more than that…more than one night…I...I love you Tifa." His emerald eyes were earnest, leaving her little room to doubt…and yet…he was so attractive, and he seemed so caring. She moved around the bar, so that she stood next to his lanky form. Oh, he was hot.

"I won't turn into Cloud, Tifa. I won't leave you."

He said, relentlessly keeping eye contact. She did not know what to think, but…it seemed so tempting. Her wine colored orbs looked into his pale blue, and he seemed to see her dilemma.

"If you don't believe me, I'll show you." And with that, he planted his lips on her own. At first surprised, then she kissed back. It was so fulfilling. Although she had kissed Cloud, this was different. It was more intense…more passionate…then her thoughts faded as Reno took her.

Reno woke up that morning tangled in sheets, but with Tifa in his arms. She was still asleep, her hair a bit frazzled. He felt in that moment as if nothing could be wrong. He had the woman he loved in his arms, after having spent a night of passionate lovemaking. He heard an excited young female voice. Marlene. He had to leave. Carefully, he shifted, sliding Tifa onto the bed. Her eyelids fluttered as she awoke.

"You're leaving?" she asked simply. Her eyes plead otherwise. Oh why did her eyes have to be so beautiful…so…so…mystical.

"I gotta work. Sorry, Kitten." Reno stated. She purred, in reaction to his new nickname, and mimicked clawing him with her tensed hand.

"I really wish I didn't have to go. I'll come back this evening." Stretching out the last word, he also gave Tifa a wink. She knew tonight meant more lovemaking.

It was the just after the midday rush. No one was in the bar, so she wiped down the bar. The phone rang upstairs, and as she rushed up them, she murmured "He's not here anymore." Then, she launched into the prepared speech. "Hello, this is Strife Delivery Service, you name it we deliv-." Then the voice on the other end sounded familiar, but she couldn't quite place it…it sounded smooth, lithe, nearly slippery… "May I ask who is calling?" It was Reno. Calling for Cloud. What followed astounded Tifa. The outcome led to Cloud becoming his old self, and nearly forgetting Aerith. Of course, in the process, he killed three silver-haired enemies, defeated Sephiroth, and even cured Geostigma. He nearly forgot Aerith as a love. Nearly.