Author Note: First, a general disclaimer. I don't own Pokemon. If I did, this wouldn't be here. It would be on a storyboard making it's way to being a movie.

Second, the original idea for this story was created by Terminatress, and the first two chapters where made by him/her. The story was never finished, so I decided to make my own ending for it. All I did to Pt 1 and 2 were give part one a name and spell check them. There is also a small plot change in the second part. The rest is mine. Hope you enjoy it!

Part One – Sad Farewells and Eerie Encounters

"Are you sure that you guys have to leave?" asked a black haired boy to his old friends.

"You know we have to," said Misty. Ash's face faulted.

"Every Pokemon gym is in trouble with the lack of interest in the Gym Challenge lately. You'll be fine if you keep going on like you have been, Ash. You just call me if you ever need cooking instructions for Pikachu ok?" said Brock to Ash.

"I will. I doubt I'll need to phone you though; I have been cooking for us for the last three months and I had a good teacher," said Ash.

"Well, y'know we'll always be in touch. See ya Ketchum!" shouted Misty over her shoulder as she walked over to catch her train.

"I've got to go too Ash," said Brock heading in another direction. He was boarding his train for home too.

"Guess it's just me and you Pikachu," Ash said to the electric mouse Pokemon on his official Pokemon League hat.

"Pika!" was the Pokemon's reply. Then the lone Pokemon trainer and Pokemon left the train station headed for the next town for the next badge.

'It won't last that long,' Ash thought optimistically as he headed down the dirt road. 'Their gyms will pick up popularity in no time with those two home. In a while they'll return with me on my adventures.'


"I never realized how lonely it could get out here Pikachu," said Ash to his electric Pokemon. It was too silent for Ash's comfort. It seemed to him that Team Rocket had given up on trying to capture Ash's Pikachu for the last little while. He hadn't seen Jessie, James or Meowth for quite some time now.

"Pikachu?" said Pikachu all of a sudden. Ash's trail of thought was broken when he looked up to see an Eevee. It wasn't any normal Eevee. It was black as midnight and had emerald green eyes. It was staring at nothing and was lying there on the road. When Ash took a closer look, he could see that the Pokemon was in terrible condition.

"Eevee!" it cried as Ash picked up the limp Pokemon. Ash had taken off his jacket and put the small Eevee in a bundle.

"Don't worry. I'll get you to a Pokemon Center as fast as I can." At the mere mention of a Pokemon Center the Eevee began to struggle.

"Pikachu! Pika!" Pikachu ordered the Pokemon to lie still. "Pika CHU!" Or else. With that threat in mind, the Eevee stopped struggling and began to shiver in Ash's arms.

"Eevee!" it begged. Ash looked down at the Pokemon he was carrying and wondered why it would be so afraid of a Pokemon Center. Ash took out his upgraded Dexter.

"Which way is the nearest Pokemon Center?" Ash demanded of his encyclopedia.

"Two miles ahead," was Dexter's answer.

"Come on Pikachu, we can be there before nightfall," said Ash.

"Pika," said Pikachu happily.

"Eevee! Eevee eve ve ev-ve!" shrieked the strange black Eevee before it finally collapsed. Along the road, Pikachu was paranoid of something following them. He looked over his shoulder, yet he saw nothing. Still, he had the feeling that they were being followed.

"We're here!" Ash panted. It had taken him two hours of solid running to reach the Pokemon Center. "Nurse Joy!" Ash yelled as he ran through the doors.

"What? May I help you young man?" said a strangely blue haired Nurse Joy. After recovering from the initial shock of seeing a unique Nurse Joy, Ash remembered about the Eevee.

"It's this Pokemon. I found it on the middle of the road beaten up pretty badly. I think its trainer abandoned it or something," Ash showed the Nurse Joy the pitch-black Eevee. To his surprise, the Nurse leapt back in horror.

"It's one of the escaped Pokemon!" Nurse Joy suddenly shrieked. She took the bundle from Ash's hands and went into the ER Ash was immediately forgotten about for the moment and stood there dumbly.

"Pika!" Ash snapped out of his trance. He then looked down at his Pikachu.

"What does she mean 'one of the escaped Pokemon'?" Ash asked himself. He then proceeded to sit down outside of the emergency room and waited.

"Pika pika-chu?" asked the little yellow mouse.

"Don't worry about me. I'm fine, but I can't help but wonder what's going on? Why did Nurse Joy act like that?" It didn't make any sense to Ash. In all his travels, not once did a Nurse Joy seem to lose it like that. It was almost as if she was afraid of the Pokemon.



The doors flew open to reveal a very panicked Nurse Joy.

"Nurse Joy?" Ash asked. "Did everything go ok? What's wrong?" Before he could get out another question, Nurse Joy had rushed past him anime style.

"Pika-chu?" said Pikachu. It was just as confused as his trainer was. Then the duo looked at the open doors she had left open.

"Couldn't hurt to see Eevee now," Ash said to Pikachu. They both quietly entered the room.

On a bed slept the Eevee Ash had saved. There was something wrong with this otherwise normal picture. The Eevee was tied down in straps so it couldn't move.

"Pika!" Pikachu whispered. The Pokemon didn't like the idea of a fellow Pokemon being strapped down like that.

"I know Pikachu. I don't like this either."

Just then the Eevee had woken up and was trembling from head to toe. Seeing that there was something definitely wrong here, Ash decided to do something about it.

"PIKACHU!" The little Pikachu couldn't believe what it was seeing! Ash was undoing Nurse Joy's straps. "Pika pikachu-chu PIKA!" it begged, trying to stop Ash from untying the dark Pokemon.

"Stop it Pikachu. You wouldn't like it either if someone tied you up. It's my fault for bringing the Pokemon here so I'll be the one to untie Eevee."

"Eevee?" said the midnight black Pokemon as soon as it was free. It looked up at Ash with questioning eyes.

"I don't know what kind of trouble you're in but, we're going to try and help you. Do you understand?" Ash said to the Pokemon. The Eevee stared up at Ash with its emerald green eyes and began to cry.

"Pika?" asked Pikachu as it looked up at his trainer. It gave Ash a do-something look and began to push him toward the Pokemon.

"It's ok. Everything will be ok. Your safe now," Ash whispered as he picked up the shivering Pokemon.

"Eevee, eevee, eve ev ve eevee," it whispered to Ash. Then fell fast asleep in Ash's arms. Ash carried the Pokemon out of the emergency ward to find some answers from Nurse Joy.


"I'm telling you that the Pokemon is right here in my Pokemon Center!" shouted the Nurse Joy into the radio. There was a crackled response.

"Keep it under. We'll be right there to pick it up. Have you seen the rest of the group?" asked a familiar voice. Ash recognized it as Officer Jenny.

"No, thankfully there was this boy that brought the Eevee in. OH! I forgot all about the boy. He must have left while I was in the ER." Ash crept a little closer to hear the conversation when the lights went out.

"Pika!" whispered Pikachu. It was very dark and very eerie inside the Pokemon Center. Just then the young trainer and his Pokemon heard the door of the Pokemon Center open.

"No! They're here!" gasped a very scared Nurse Joy. She then proceeded to run to the ER to find that the Eevee was missing. Ash of course followed her to the ER to see what exactly was going on.

"Nurse Joy?" Ash asked. The nurse then proceeded to let out the most horrifying shriek he had heard in his entire lifetime. It was worse than Misty's I SAW A BUG scream.

"Who are you?!" she demanded after she realized Ash was human.

"I'm Ash. I was the one that brought in the Eevee. Remember?" Ash was carefully inspected in the dark to see if he was telling the truth.

"You had better leave right now! There's a dangerous Pokemon on the loose. The leader of an escaped band of mutated Pokemon got loose and I think the group is here for their leader."

This news shocked Ash to no end. "You mean Eevee?" Ash asked incredulously. "Eevee's been with me the whole time. See?" Ash held up the Pokemon for Nurse Joy to see.

"YOU UNTIED THAT MONSTER?!" she literally screamed. "You had better give that Pokemon to me right now! You obviously don't know what you're doing."

That got Ash mad. No one was going to call the Eevee he had rescued a monster or him an idiot.

"HEY! No Pokemon is a monster. Only bad trainers and cruel masters are monsters," retorted Ash. "This Pokemon is my friend. I only wanted to get it healed and ask if you knew who the previous trainer was, but by the way your acting toward it I don't think I want to know anymore." Ash was too angry to think. He had bolted down the hall.

"Where are you going?! Get back here! You have no idea what you just got yourself into!"

Ash had turned and ran out the front door to find nothing but the night to welcome him.


"You know Pikachu, I think we finally outlasted Team Rocket. Right about now is when they usually show up and make trouble," said Ash to his Pikachu friend. It had been another night camping out on the ground and his new Pokemon, Eevee, was silently following Ash. It turned out that Eevee had an extreme fear of being inside of a Pokeball.

"Pikachu!" agreed Pikachu. It was strange that they hadn't seen Team Rocket in a long time and it was a welcomed peace. Ash turned back to see Eevee lost in thought. It didn't look too happy so Ash decided to do something about it.

"So, Eevee. Do you have a nickname I can call you by or do you prefer to be called Eevee?" Ash suddenly asked.

That broke Eevee out of its thoughts. "Eevee," it said dejectedly.

"Pikachu?" asked Pikachu. He was tired of Eevee being so sad too. "Pika pikachu pika-chu pikachu pika?" asked Pikachu.

Whatever Pikachu asked was quite a shock to Eevee. It looked at Ash and then back to Pikachu with whirling green eyes.

"Eevee?" it asked. Pikachu nodded to the confused Pokemon. With that, Eevee leapt into Ash's arms and began to cry.

"Whoa! What did you say to it Pikachu?" asked Ash.

"Pika." Pikachu smiled and cocked its head to the right. It surprised the Pokemon as well as the trainer. Obviously Pikachu had said something that was important to Eevee.

"Eevee eve ev ve eve!" was all his Eevee would say. Ash carried the pitch-black Pokemon for the next length of the journey. Soon Ash had set up camp.

"I don't know what Eevee's like to eat. I'm going to phone Brock at the next Pokemon Center so you'll just have to choke down some of Pikachu's mix. That alright?" Eevee looked up at Ash while it's mouth was dripping drool in the anime way. A sweat drop formed behind Ash's head.

"Pikachu!" Pikachu objected. There was no way he was going to share his meals with anyone!

"Don't worry Pikachu, I'll make plenty for you and... I just realized, we still need to give you a nickname. We forgot to give you one earlier," Ash said happily.

"Eevee?" The Eevee was quite confused. Why did it need a new name? It was alright with just Eevee.

"Let's see. A new name for a Pokemon starting over…" Ash began to dash around furiously over the fire thinking of a new name. "I know! I'll list off names and when I say one you like you can interrupt me."

"Eevee!" said the black Pokemon.

"Midnight? Emerald? Night? Inferno? Happy? Mysterious? Unique?" Eevee stuck out his tongue at all the names.

"How about Lucky? It was lucky I found you when I did and even luckier that we're together now."


"Lucky it is then. Welcome to the group. I only have a few Pokemon with me right now but you can meet them. Come on out guys! Foods on!" With that all of Ash's Pokemon were released.




"Eevee?" Lucky was staring at the Pokemon he saw before him. He only had a few Pokemon with him? Where were the rest of them?

"Eevee, you already knew Pikachu. Meet Squirtle, Cyndaquil and Chikorita. All my other Pokemon are at Professor Oak's."

"Pikachu!" Pikachu got out his feeding bowl and nudged Ash.

"Oh! Right! Let's eat!" Ash said before he began to pig out on his sandwiches and trail mix. Pikachu and the rest of the Pokemon began to eat in their own group like normal.

"Pika!" said Pikachu to Eevee. Pikachu welcomed him to the group and began to pat the ground beside Eevee, who, not too sure of the food in front of him, moved the bowl to Pikachu's side and asked Pikachu a question.


Begin Translation

"What is Ash?" Lucky asked Pikachu. Pikachu choked on a bite of pokefood.

"What do you mean 'what is Ash?' He's a Pokemon trainer! Don't you know what a Pokemon trainer is?" Pikachu said incredulously. Pikachu couldn't believe that there was a Pokemon out there that wouldn't know what a Pokemon trainer is.

"Of course I know what a Pokemon trainer is! I'm not brain-dead you know! I wanted to know what kind of trainer he is," snapped Lucky.

"He's one of the best," interrupted Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil lifted an eyebrow. "The question should be are you worthy to be one of his Pokemon or not?"

"What do you mean by that?" Lucky growled.

"What he means is are you strong enough to be one of his Pokemon. Things are going to be a little more tough with Brock and Misty gone," interrupted Squirtle.

"Who are Brock and Misty?" Lucky asked to Pikachu.

"They were the humans that Ash traveled with but now he's on his own. Squirtle is right when he says that things are going to be a little bit tougher around here," said Pikachu through gulps of his pokechow.

"Especially if Team Rocket comes back," said Chikorita. That got Lucky's attention.

"WHAT?! Team Rocket!" Lucky did a back flip and landed three feet from where he was previously.

"Calm down. Those idiots are more a nuisance than trouble anyway," said Pikachu.

"What ties do you have with Team Rocket?!" demanded Lucky.

"None. Other than them trying to steal Pikachu all the time since he's a rare Pokemon," said Cyndaquil.

"Oh stop! Your embarrassing me," said Pikachu. "I'm really not that rare."

"Is that true? If I stay with Ash I might be able to kick some Rocket butt?" asked Lucky to them all. When they all nodded Lucky did another back flip and gave a whoop of joy. Before Lucky touched the ground a pair of hands grabbed him in mid air.

"Calm down. Boy! You think you would have just won the Orange League with me." Ash put Lucky back down in front of his new bowl. "Eat up. You'll need it for tomorrow. I don't plan on carrying you the whole way to the next town," Ash then put his attention back to his meal. Lucky stared at him with big green eyes.

"Is that true? Did he really win eight badges and win a league competition?" Lucky asked all the Pokemon present.

When everyone nodded their head Lucky couldn't believe his ears.

"Remember Charizard?" asked Squirtle. Pikachu rolled his eyes.

"Like we could ever forget that brute," said Pikachu.

"I wonder if Ash will ever meet up with him again? He was stubborn," laughed Squirtle.

"What do you mean?" asked Lucky. All the Pokemon looked at him and smiled. Pikachu was voted to tell the story since he was the starter Pokemon.

"At the very beginning of his journeys Ash met up with a Charmander. After a long time, Ash helped Charmander to evolve into a Charmeleon and then a Charizard. By the time he was a Charizard, he wouldn't listen to Ash anymore. A while passed before Charizard would listen to orders. We were passing through a place called Charizard Valley and Charizard wanted to stay. Ash released him and we went on with our journey ." That got Lucky's attention again.

"You mean he would release me if I wanted to go?" asked Lucky.

"Yes. He doesn't force Pokemon to stay with him. That's why he's such a great trainer. He cares for his Pokemon. You were really quite lucky to find him you know," said Cyndaquil.

'Why didn't I find him earlier?' thought Lucky bitterly. With that thought in mind, the Eevee took a big bite of Pokechow unconsciously.

"Whoa! I really should have found him sooner. This stuff is great!" said Lucky after he had wolfed down his food.

"The way you eat makes me think Snorlax was a polite dinner companion," laughed Pikachu. All the Pokemon laughed at that statement of the obvious, including Lucky. That got Squirtle wondering something.

"Hey Lucky. What were you doing before you met Ash? You were pretty beat up or so I'm told." With the question asked, Lucky went silent.

"I-I I can't tell you that," said Lucky sadly.

"Why not?" asked Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Squirtle together. Before Lucky could say why, Pikachu interrupted.

"He'll tell us when he's ready. Don't worry about it," Pikachu said defiantly.

"Heh! Don't sweat it. But I bet you were abandoned like me. I don't really remember who my trainer was before Ash, but I do remember that he was not a very good Pokemon trainer," said Squirtle.

"Naaa. I bet he just got attacked by some wild Pokemon and collapsed on the road trying to get back to his den. Ash just got lucky again," said Cyndaquil.

"Just because he caught you out from the wild doesn't mean that's how he gets all his Pokemon," Squirtle retorted. A bit of an Oh yeah?! Yeah! argument broke out between the fire and water Pokemon. You know how that goes.

"It's nothing like that at all," Lucky mumbled. "I wasn't so lucky to be abandoned or caught in the wild." Lucky was on the verge of tears when he heard a familiar voice calling to him.

"Lucky, Pikachu, Squirtle, Cyndaquil, Chikorita! Come here!" Ash called to his Pokemon. The Pokemon then proceeded to pick up their bowls and ran toward their trainer's voice. Lucky saw what the Pokemon were doing and followed suite.

'No I wasn't lucky at all,' thought Lucky suddenly. Then a flood of images invaded the Eevee's mind. The pain, the torture, the suffering and the loneliness came back all to fast for Lucky. When he reached Ash the Eevee literally threw himself into Ash's arms and gave Ash a big hug. 'Don't ever leave me,' Lucky thought.

End Translation


"What was that for?" Ash asked as soon as their embrace was broken. The Eevee just smiled and yawned.

*Yawn* "Hey, don't do that. Don't you know yawns are contagious?" Ash joked. Then he looked at the sky.

"Pikachu," Pikachu said and pointed to Ash's pack. Ash knew it was time for bed.

"Alright Pikachu. I'll set up camp while you see to the fire." With that all the Pokemon there went into different directions looking for firewood. Lucky just stood there, not knowing what to do.

"Eevee?" Lucky asked and looked up at Ash. Ash smiled. He had a few things to teach Lucky about the routine that the group had.

"Go follow Pikachu and he'll give you some sticks to bring back to me. We usually have a fire at night before we go to sleep," Ash said and then gave Lucky a little push in Pikachu's direction.

"Eevee." Lucky had found Pikachu and explained what Ash had ordered it to do. Unknown to the pair they were being watched from the bushes. That would have been the normal thing happening if Team Rocket was around, but this time it wasn't Team Rocket and they weren't watching the Pikachu.

"Pika." Pikachu had given Lucky a big bundle of sticks and was looking for more. Pikachu then ordered Lucky to go back to camp with the sticks he already had. Along the way the watchers from the nearby bushes saw their chance and stepped out from the bushes in front of Lucky. Lucky couldn't see where it was going and crashed into the Pokemon with a 'thud!' When Lucky looked up to see what he had bumped into, he was greeted by a familiar fist in the face and was thrown to the base of a nearby tree.

End of Part One