Chapter 1

A New Transfer Student

I stood up in front of my new peers as my teacher introduced me to the class. "This is Melanie Smith, she is from America," The whole classed owed and awed as the stared at my strange pale brown skin, and curly dark brown hair. "She might not be very good at Japanese," he said, "but help her out if she needs anything, okay?"

"Okay!" the class responded.

"Um, writeo your nameu on the blackboardo," he tried to say in English.

"Um, I know both English and Japanese," I said, "I can also write in Japanese. " I wrote my name on the blackboard in Japanese, then in English beside it. "My name is Melanie Smith!" I said happily, "Nice to meet you all!"

"Now," Sensei said, "Anna move over one."

"Buto Sasazuka-" The young girl named Anna started.

"Sasazuka go stand in the corner!" Sensei told him, "Now Melanie sit between Matsuri, and Anna."

One girl stood up and said, "Hey! She speaks English! She can speak to Anna!" The rest of the class agreed with her.

"Perfect!" Sensei said, "Now Anna will have a new friend."

"I looked at the pretty English girl next to me, "Hello Anna!" I said. She just ignored me so I talked to the girl next to me, "You are Matsuri-san correct?' I asked her.

"Y-y-yes!" she stammered. Apparently she is a very shy girl. She just looked down and blushed. "Um… Ha-ha-haro," she tried speaking English.

I just looked at her and said, "It's okay you can speak to me in Japanese."

"Um… okay," she said softly. Then she looked away again and blushed. Her white hair with brown tips look was quite odd.

"Do you mind if I hang out with you after school?" I asked her. My parents would have completely questioned me if I came home on time. That is because they REALLY want me to make new friends here.

"Um, okay" she said. There was a slight smile on her face.

After school I ended up meeting up with Matsuri-san's friends. "Oh my god!" said a girl with light brown pigtail, "A foreigner!" With that she tried to pick a fight with me, but I ended up kicking her in the stomach, which made her fly back. "Urgh, she's tough," the strange girl said while getting up.

"Miu!" yelled a girl with short black hair. Her hairstyle was also quite odd. She had most of her hair down, but some of it was in a pigtail to the side. "Sorry about Miu,"

She said, "My name is Chika Ito by the way." Her smiled soon turned into a frown when she saw Miu-san attempt a high kick. I just grabbed her leg and twisted it.

Matsuri-san looked at me in awe. "Wow…" she whispered.

"Um lets go home," Chika-chan said with a sigh.

When we got to Chika-san's house Chika-san confronted her big sister. "Isn't she too young to be smoking?" I asked Matsuri-san.

Matsuri nodded her head yes. "She is only sixteen," Matsuri-san told me.

Chika-san big sister got out of her chair and knocked me over with a big hug.

"Oh my god! You are just too adorable!" she said, "You are almost cuter than Anna!"

"Nobue!" Chika-san yelled, "Get off of Melanie!" Chika-san tried to pull of Nobue-sempai, but she pushed Chika-san away. "Ouch!" she yelled.

"Let me hug her for just a couple of more minutes Chika!" Nobue-sempai asked her. "She is just to cute. You know I've never seen a black girl before."

"I'm half black," I gasped, "and please get off of me you're gonna crush me!"

With that Miu-san jumped on Nobue-sempai. "Ha-ha-ha-ha!!" Miu-san yelled, "This is revenge for earlier!"

Dammit Miu," Chika-san said as she pushed her off of Nobue-sempai.

Nobue-sempai finally got off of me, "Sorry," she said, "I was drunk." Nobue-sempai hit Miu-san in the back of the head.

As Miu-san was rolling around in pain I though, "A sixteen-year-old girl who smokes and drinks, a crazy violent idiot, and a shy fraidy cat. Where have I possibly have turned wrong"