Omake Chapter #1

Kikiomi: this time Melanie will tell us what type of boy she attracts!

Melanie: The guy to fall in love with me is the guy that stares at me all day in science class, loves just to talk to me and wishes I would notice him. He'd love to ask me out but he hasn't found a good time yet. I should give him time. He'll do it eventually. The cute, quiet and shy guy!

Kikiomi: Wow! And I was being honest! Maybe that means bleep will ask me out in real life!

Melanie: Do you mean Logan-kun Kikiomi?

Kikiomi: Shush!

Melanie: Kikiomi loves Logan!

Kikiomi: My REAL name is Melanie too you know…


Kikiomi: Yes. She also loves Evan.

Melanie: Jeez. How many guys do you like?

Kikiomi: Lets see, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Five!

Melanie: Who are you top two?

Kikiomi: Logan, and Evan.

Melanie: Jeez girl….

Kikiomi: Now here comes Rika with here yaoi report!

Rika: Hola! Now some of you may be wondering what yaoi is. Well it is the most awesome form of anime and manga! It is gay anime porn!

Kikiomi: Well, you sure are, um, special Rika.

Rika: Thank you! Now I read the yaoi with the bleep and bleep in it. I love to write yaoi stories too. They have bleep, bleep, and bleep.

Kikiomi: twitch Well, Rika, thank you for, telling us about the "wonderful" world of yaoi.

Melanie: (to Kikiomi) Why did you give her the yaoi report?

Kikiomi: To shut her up. Now it is time for a question from the fans!

Melanie: What fans?

Kikiomi: Now lets see, "What is Melanie's bra size?" Let's skip that one. "Does Rika wear a bikini?" What the hell? What kind of perverted questions are these? They're both from Irish! Get out here Irish!

Irish: Yo!

Kikiomi: slaps Irish Idiot.

Irish: Jeez Kiki-nee-chan.

Kikiomi: This is Irish, the person Rika is based off of. She is my best friend.

Irish: You forgot about the bleep in the yaoi report! Now little children, go talk to strangers! Play with big sticks, but most importantly watch yaoi!

Kikiomi: slaps Irish. Don't tell them that!

Irish: Why not?

Kikiomi: Why don't we just call out a Lexi? Cause more trouble!

Lexi: You called.

Kikiomi: Bangs head on table. Come on! Do you want to ruin my day?

Lexi & Irish: Yes.

Charlie: Hello my sweet dear. Walks up to Kikiomi.

Kikiomi: Help?

Irish: Nope.

Lexi: Not touching that one.

Kikiomi: Some friends you are. Mikio-chi!

Mikio: Runs in, and kicks Charlie in the face. Are you okay Kiki-chan?

Kikiomi: Hugs Mikio I love you!

Mikio: (to herself) Stupid pervert! (To Kikiomi) I love you to Kiki-chan! No boy is going to steal you away unless he has my approval!

Kikiomi: Approve Evan. Please.

Mikio: (evilly) I'll have to question him first!! Plus Taku-chan will have to approve! I don't think he will though! (To Takumi) Will you?

Takumi: What?

Mikio: Do you approve of Kiki-chan having a boyfriend?

Takumi: She's a big girl. She can take care of herself.

Mikio: Fine.

Kikiomi: Well we've run out of time. Bye-bye!

Everyone: Bye! Everyone exits, except Rika and Melanie

Rika: What do we do? We aren't alive outside this story?

Melanie: I have no clue.

Lights shut off.

Rika: Melanie, are you still there?

Melanie: Yes.

Charlie: (to Melanie) You are just like the real you, but younger, but I still like.

Melanie: Feeling something slimy on her neck. Gross! Slaps Charlie across the face.

Charlie: I get it. I'll go seduce Nene then.

Door shuts.

Melanie: Rika? Rika are you there. Runs to door, it's locked. Crap.

Charlie: I'm still here. Puts hand on Melanie's shoulder.

Melanie: Crap! No! Let me out! Help! Come on!

The End of Omake 1.