He Did Not Have To Be

Chapter 30

Everyone Has Their Own Agenda

The young Malfoy family spent the weekend at the townhouse. Ginny and Draco had planned for it to be all family time, but Lily tried to convince her parents that they needed a night out alone, without the children. She even offered to babysit! Ginny and Draco insisted that the weekend was about being a family. However, both Ginny and Draco noticed the smile play on Lily's face each time they did anything that showed they were still in love. This told Ginny that Lily was still very worried that her mother might take off with Harry yet.

The night before Lily was going to return to Hogwarts, both Ginny and Draco sat down with her. "Lily, your mother and I want you to know that no matter what happens, we love you and will support you," Draco began.

"But Lily, I think you need to give Harry another chance," Ginny finished.

Lily got a hard look on her face. "Why?"

Ginny shot Draco a look. "Lily, whether you like it or not, he is someone who you share a connection with. He is your father."

"No he's not! Daddy is!" Lily cried.

Ginny caught Draco smirking at Lily's reaction. "Lily, nothing, and no one, can change what Draco is to you. Just like nothing can change what Harry is. Don't you want to understand why he was not part of your life?"

"I don't care about him!" Lily was being very stubborn.

"He doesn't even know you but he wants to. He cares," Ginny continued.

"Your mother's right," Draco added.

"He's messing everything up! Everything was fine until he showed up. He didn't care about me for years, so why should he care now?" Lily complained.

"Because he didn't know," Ginny pointed out. "That was my choice. Your dad found him right before we got married. I chose not to go and tell him about you."

Lily gazed at Ginny. "Why?"

Ginny smiled at Draco, then looked back at Lily. "Because I was happy and didn't want him to come in and mess things up. I knew at the time had I gone to tell him about you, he would return, and because of who he is, he would want to get back together with me. That was not something I wanted to deal with because I was so happy with your dad."

"You were scared he would come between you?"

Ginny looked at Draco as she answered. "Yes, but not for the reasons you're thinking. I was scared if Harry returned and made waves that Draco would walk away, thinking that that was what I wanted. I was scared of losing you." She nodded towards her husband.

Draco gave his wife a big grin, but spoke to Lily. "We know deep down you do have questions for him. Why don't you send him an owl with those questions; then the next time you meet with him you and he will both know what you're looking to find out."

Later that night in their bedroom, Draco asked, "Ginny, how well do you know me?"

She looked at him from across the room. "Why?"

"Did you really think I would just walk away and let Potter win?" he asked as he removed his shirt.

"Of course not. I was scared you would walk away so that he could never say he beat you," she replied as she closed her book.

"Have I ever let him win without giving it my all?" He was now in only his boxers and made his way to the bed.

"No, but Draco, at the time I was still amazed you really wanted me. I was scared that if you had a reason to walk, you would."

"And let him have the sexiest woman I have ever known?" He advanced on her until he had her pinned on the bed. Then he almost growled at her. "Malfoys only get the best." He flipped her and himself over and she moved so she was sitting on him. "And I never settle for less; the best clothing," he pulled her little nightie up, "The most beautiful, smart, sexy wives," he said as he finished removing her nightie, then pulled her upper body down to kiss her. It was a slow, deep, long kiss. Once he broke away, he added, "And the best sex!"

She smiled at her husband. "Then I guess it's good my name is Malfoy, too, because I only want the best as well!" She claimed his mouth this time and slid her tongue in as she kissed him passionately. When she broke away, she looked him in the eyes. "Now fuck me already!"

One week later, Harry received an owl from Lily. The letter attached to the bird's leg read:

Mr. Harry Potter;

My dad, Draco, suggested I write you a letter and ask the questions I have for you. After some thought, I decided it was a good idea. So here are my questions:

Why did you have to come back?

What gives you the right to walk in here and mess everything up?

Why do you think I want anything to do with you?

Do you not understand Mum and I are just fine without you in our lives?

How do you think you could ever come close to being what Draco is to me? Or that I would want you to?

If I'm so important to you, where have you been for the last fourteen years?

Why wasn't Mum good enough for you?

I honestly look forward to your answers.

Lily Malfoy

As Harry read the letter, he wondered if Draco told Lily what to ask. The way the questions were worded, it sounded so much like Malfoy. Harry pondered how to answer these questions.

That same day, Ginny received an owl as well:


I decided that Dad had a good idea, but I also have some questions for you.

Did you really love Harry Potter?

If so, how could you love him and then Dad? They're so different!

How do you know you love Dad?

You do really love him, right?


Ginny felt better knowing what Lily worries were.

At the office Draco received a owl as well.


You said I should write down my questions for Harry Potter. Well, I have done the same thing for you and Mum.

What changed that you saw Mum as someone you wanted to be with?

How is it you are able to love me when it is well known you hate him?

Do you love me because of Mum?


Draco read the note and could see the questions that remained unasked, like questions about the different beliefs he was raised with compared to Ginny. But it really upset him to think she thought maybe he only loved her because of Ginny. His own father had been right when he told Draco Lily was now questioning everything.

Draco headed home to the Manor that night, but before finding Ginny, he went to his mother and asked her to watch the boys for the evening. He then headed to the playroom. That's where Ginny was most days at this time, and the second he opened the door he was assaulted by the twins.

"Daddy!" they both exclaimed happily as they tried to tackle him.

After a couple of minutes of horseplay with his sons, he calmed things down. "Orion and Nicholas, I need you to to do a favor for me."

"What, Daddy?" Nicholas asked.

"Well, I just spoke to your grandmother, and it seems she is feeling lonely with Grandfather away. I was wondering if you two would be willing to entertain her for the evening while your mother and I deal with a few matters."

The boys nodded willingly. Grandmother could always be counted on for an extra sweet or helping of dessert. "Sure, Daddy."

"Your grandmother is down in the library." Draco hardly finished his sentence and the boys were out the playroom door.

Ginny had been nursing Severus and smiled to herself; she enjoyed watching Draco get the boys to spend time with their grandmother, but not be made to feel unimportant. "Lily wrote to you, too?"

Draco nodded and pulled out his note from Lily. "Shall we compare notes?"

"Mine is on the mantle," Ginny explained.

Draco stopped to take hers, then handed her his. Each read over the letters. "He has sure stirred up the shit."

"Yes he has, but Draco, we both knew at some point she would ask all of these questions."

"I don't like how she is questioning everything. There are more question that go with each of these."

Ginny repositioned her son and began burping him. "We start by making sure she knows that we love each other and her. We spend more time with her."

"How? She's off at school. Neither of us had to deal with missing out on time at school."

Ginny smiled. "And here you claim to have been so infatuated with me in your seventh year, clearly you missed the fact that I wasn't there after Easter."

He perched on the corner of the ottoman in front of his wife and reached out to touch her face. "Ginny, that was a very crazy time. I was dealing with a lot."

She pressed her face into his hand. "I know. I only meant to point out I did miss a bunch of school."

He smiled at her. "I was quite relieved that you didn't return. I feared for you; you were too reckless. I didn't want to see you have any more detentions."

"Okay, I love you too! But back to Lily; you're right, it's not fair to pull her from school all the time. We will just have to show her whenever we can. Maybe go out a bit more; I know she reads the Prophet, so it couldn't hurt to be seen out more often."

For Harry, other than the Weasleys and Malfoys, the Wizarding world of England was welcoming him back with open arms. However, he was still focusing on his daughter, and her mother. What he said to Ginny was true, but now having met Lily, who seemed to have no use for him, it was very disappointing. He read over Lily's questions once more. He hoped this meant she was willing to speak to him again, and soon. He decided that, once more, he needed to talk with Ginny. So he sent off an owl:


I received an owl from Lily today and she has some questions for me. I really have no idea what I'm doing as far as she goes. I was hoping to speak with you again before I meet with her. Please owl me.


While waiting for a reply from Ginny, Harry received an owl from Hermione:


I really must apologize for Ron's behavior towards you the other day, but at the same time, what did you expect? You can't even begin to understand how hurt the whole family was when you left; Ron more than anyone. And the fact that Ginny ended up with Draco only made this worse. For Ron to have to admit that Draco wasn't the son of the devil himself was very hard. You of all people know how protective Ron has been about Ginny, and he still is. Look, I would love to meet with you in person, but I don't want to upset Ron any more right now.

I know you're wondering how we could have allowed Draco to adopt Lily, but Harry, you haven't seen them together. He does love her as a father should. I have no doubt in my mind about his love for her. Or Ginny. They are one very happy family, and everyone on both sides of their family really tries to make this work for them.

I know it's hard to picture, but I can't count the number of times I have been in the Manor and Lucius himself has been perfectly pleasant to me. I know that while he never went to Azkaban for his crimes, he is in no way innocent and that deep down he still holds onto many of his beliefs. But he loves his family, and does make an effort for them. Look, it is probably hard to believe because you haven't been here to see it all, but it is as perfect as can be. Don't go looking for problems, because there aren't any.

I hope Ron calms down soon so that I can see you face to face. I have missed you.

Hermione Weasley

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