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Cole was, at the moment, a very eager pure bred-and-born Panthera. Currently, he was wildly pacing a common park in his brilliant panther form. His slit pupils dilated as he lifted his nose to once again catch the scent of his soon-to-be-master. For as long as could remember, Cole had been searching for a worthy creature wealthy and strong enough to not only take care of him, but pamper him as he deserved to be pampered. As a child he had seen his mother under the care of some lazy pureblood that refused to treat her as she deserved to be treated. The bastard had simply used his mother as a plaything in human form and locked her in a cage for the duration of her life. The wizard of course, had gotten his mother pregnant, and the wizard only let the boy stay until he was old enough to fend for his own, than disposed of him. His mother was, of course, outraged, but could do nothing to hurt her master. Cole would not make the same mistake. He would pick a GOOD wizard to call his master. Some one that smelled of sympathy for magical beings and great respect for a kind like his.

Cole knew that a Panthera, especially a BORN Panthera, was a rare breed. He deserved a good master, a good, pure, beautifully handsome master to love and respect him. He wanted a worthy master to protect and serve, a master he would have no problem bowing and giving his life to. He had been searching for a master like this his entire life, ever since he had been disposed of. Panthera can sense the magic of witches and wizards to determine their strength and personality. Not a single wizard had met his expectations by scent, except one. The day Cole had sensed that lucky-wizard was the best day of Coles' life. He smelled unbelievably powerful, though young, loving, caring, honest, and most of all, loyal.

Cole remembered the first day he wondered hidden across muggle London, and smelled him. The smell of this boy, aged 11, the same age as him, was intoxicating. He could barely control himself and bolted to reach him in his human form. Oh, he smelled so lovely. Alas, he barely caught a glimpse of the boy as he rounded a corner and followed a half-giant into The Leaky Cauldron. Not wanting to be seen by other fowl-smelling wizards before belonging with his newly-chosen master, he fell back and waited for the hours it took for the boy to re-emerge. He saw him then, beautiful, just like his smell, but polluted with the stench of neglect. He felt sympathy for the other boy, in clothes several sizes too large for him and a look of longing on his face. At first, the young Panthera was afraid the boy could not afford the pampering he required towards a master, but after smelling him some more; he discovered the boy was wealthy, but his wealth had been hidden from him until recently and his caretakers neglected him beyond reason. Yes, the boy would be his master, the decision was made.

Unfortunately, he discovered that a creature as dark as him could approach his living quarters due to some type of wards around the so-called-home. He would not be able to near the place, he sensed, unless the boy was close to death or gravely injured. Cole would have approached him outside of the wards, but he only ever went there flanked by hidden spies. Aurors, his senses told him. These people were supposed to protect the boy, yet they allowed his master to be abused day after day for years. Cole could not approach his master, for these beings would never allow a creature such as him to bond with the boy. How was he to ask his master to have him if he could not even approach him? Cole was not stupid. He knew that these beings could easily feel the magic dripping off of him even if he hid his ears and tail in his human form. He would have followed the boy to school from a distance, but the train and castle held the same type of wards that didn't allow a creature such as him near them until his master took him into his care. The only thing Cole could do was watch his master grow through the years, becoming even more beautiful, beaten, and neglected. This summer, Cole smelled grief from his sweet master. Some one very close to the boy was no longer with him, deceased. Cole yearned to comfort his master, but didn't know how. All he did know was that his caretakers had upped the beatings on his precious master. They were now so severe, the boy stopped coming to the park, which never happened.

This led Cole to his current position. The park was where the wards kept him as long as his master wasn't critically injured, but they were weakening now by the minute. Soon, they would fall to allow a creature with his healing ability to enter his residence. He felt happy and tormented at the same time. He would finally meet his master, but to what cost? He only hoped to heal his master in time. He snarled as the wards finally fell and fled down the various streets and houses to follow the scent of his precious master. Soon, he stopped, and found the residence, the living quarters of his chosen, number 4 Privet Drive. He stopped for a moment to feel triumph before thudding at the door with his tail. A fat ugly man opened the door and shrieked at the very angry-looking panther with glowing yellow eyes. The lard tried to slam the door in his face, but he pounced on him before he got the chance.

He glanced down for a moment at his prey. Oh, how he longed to devour the man who hurt his beloved master, but there was no time. He leaped off the man instead and bounded up the stairs and found the door to his masters' room. He easily broke through the door with his body-weight and fearsome claws and raced to the gruesome sight before him. His dear master was on the floor, beaten, bruised, and bleeding everywhere. Open cuts littered his angelic body. He raced to his masters' side and quickly began lapping the cuts with his tongue, healing them. He first healed the gashes on his neck and face, except for the one on his forehead, and then shifted to his more human form to remove his already torn and blood-soaked clothes to heal the ones on his chest, arms, and legs. Then he turned his master around to heal the cuts on his back. He not only healed open wounds, but also many broken bones, including his ribs, and internal bleeding. After his work was done, he sighed contently and savored the lingering taste of his masters' blood on his tongue. The blood he consumed created a bond between him and his master, allowing him to vanish his tail and change his ears to human ones. He smiled at the change and shifted to his panther form once again to chase the idiot humans from his masters' residence. There were three. He would have killed them, but his main concern was to watch his master until he awoke. He shifted back to his now completely-human form and cuddled his master dearly and watched his sleeping form. After a time, he left to prepare his master a meal.

Harry pushed himself off of the floor, surprised when he felt no pain for the first time in months to move. He looked at his arms and found them absent of open wounds and scars. Confusion filled his mind. He clearly remembered his uncle coming into his room to beat him. This time, Harry thought, he had finally gone too far. After his uncle slashed, punched, and kicked his body for hours, he left the boy bleeding to death. For all intents and purposes, Harry should be dead. Yet here he was, completely healed in his room at the Dursleys. The floor was stained with blood, proving the beating wasn't a dream. He looked down at his chest to find it absent of injuries as well. This was when he realized he was completely naked. Harry blushed fiercely, wondering how that happened. Suddenly, he heard someone at the door and tensed up. Was it his uncle? If so, he would be furious to come back and find Harry lying there perfectly fine and absent of his injuries. Uncle Vernon would kill him for sure.

Instead of his uncle, a boy his age walked through the door, carrying a plate of bacon and eggs with him. Harry gaped at him with his mouth hanging open. The boy had silky black hair curled around and perfectly framed his bright golden eyes, the pupils slit like a cats'. He was pretty short for a boy, about 5'4, a few inches shorter then Harry. His form, Harry noticed, was beautiful. His body had elegant curves and Harry could see well defined muscles through his tight black shirt on his small form. He walked over to him gracefully, like a cat, and bent down to smile at Harry with adoring eyes. Harry stared at the boy as he handed him the plate of bacon and eggs with a fork and knife.

"Hello Master. I'm glad to see you are awake." The boy smiled at him, his eyes shining. "I made you something to eat."

Harry took the plate and stared at him. "Wh-who are you?"

The boy blushed, embarrassed. "Oh dear, I forgot to introduce myself. I am so sorry master. Please forgive me. My name is Cole."

"Wh-what are you doing here? Where's the Dursleys?" Harry already figured they were no longer in the house. If they were, the boy would probably not even be there.

Coles' eyes darkened and he growled. Harry scooted back from him in fear. Seeing the fearful look on Harry's face, he stopped growling and offered Harry a reassuring smile. "Those disgusting care takers? I chased them away. I would have killed them, eaten them, but I was more worried about you Master."

Harry's eyes widened. "K-kill? Eat? How did you get them out anyway?"

Cole smacked his forehead. "Oh, I forgot you didn't know. Stupid me, I should have sensed it. I'm a Panthera."

"A what?"

Cole sniffed the air, an odd thing to do, and seemed to realize something. "You don't know what that is… Hmmm, Well Master, I'm a magical creature of a sort. I have healing powers amongst other powers, as you can see I healed you, and I'm half panther. I can change into a panther at will. " Cole smiled at Harry and sat next to him.

"Oh…" Harry figured he would have to ask Hermione to get more information about it. "Why are you calling me Master?"

"I would very much like you to be my Master, if you'd let me." Cole gave him a hopeful look. "Please?"

Harry looked at him, confused. "Why can't you just be, you know, free?"

"Pantheras need Masters, they take care of us. I would like for you to take care of me Master." Cole tried to convince Harry to take him. "It's a great honor to have a Panthera as a pet. Really it is. You see Master; we are a very rare breed, especially us born ones. I can also protect you. I promise to stay by your side and be very loyal. I won't let anyone hurt you. All I ask for in return is for you to take care of me, provide me with food, shelter, and hopefully a place to sleep, preferably your bed. If I can't sleep in your bed, at least provide me something nice to sleep in, definitely not a cage."

Harry looked shocked. "Um… I guess so."

Cole squealed with happiness and threw himself into Harry's arms. "THANKYOU MASTER! I promise you won't regret it." Cole turned his hug into a cuddle and Harry was shocked to find that when Cole hugged him, he didn't flinch as he would have done with anything else. He did feel a little awkward though. Especially when Cole stared cuddling him like a teddy bear purring. After a minute, he withdrew from Harry's arms. "Now, I gave you food for a reason, eat."

Harry realized that Cole had given him food before and started eating gratefully. "Thank you very much Cole, It's delicious." Cole beamed at him and crawled behind him to wrap his arms around Harry's waste and rest his head on his shoulder while Harry ate, causing him to feel very awkward. After he finished eating, Cole got him a glass of orange juice. Harry drank it gratefully.

"Now, with your hideous caretakers out of the way, let's leave this place. No one will stop you now with me by your side."

"Are you sure about that?" Harry asked.

"Yes of course, do you have a place in mind?"

"Well, I can check Gringots to find out if I inherited any estates from my parents. I'm sure they must have left something. I just never got to look into it before; I've always had to stay here."

"Alright then, let's go, those Auror people won't get in your way. I don't think they are even here at the moment. They didn't react to my entrance."

"Aurors have been watching me house?"

"Yes, they follow you whenever you leave, invisible to you. I've seen them follow you to the park. That's why I couldn't approach you before now."

"Okay fine, let's get out of this hellhole."

Harry got up and wrote a quick letter to Hermione, telling him he was leaving and telling her he had a Panthera, asking her exactly what that meant. He tied the letter to Hedwig's foot, telling her he wouldn't be back, and sent her off. He got his things from under the loose floorboard in his room, grabbed Hedwig's cage, broke into the cupboard under the stairs, gathering his trunk, which Cole insisted on carrying for him, and left for The Leaky Cauldron on the knight bus.