Here's a new poem I whipped up. It's about the character of Viper from Full House. He was played by David Lipper (who also starred as Jace in the movie She Fought Alone, and he did a fabulous job). I dedicate this to my friend Justin (aka Justin4mmm).

Disclaimer: Genius Jeff Franklin owns Full House. I own the stories and poems I make up.


Viper is a cool guy.

There are so many poems about him I can make.

He's wild, almost like my Uncle Jesse.

On his arm is a tattoo of a snake.

He plays the guitar really well.

He plays with his heart and soul.

He loves some really cool songs.

He knows how to play rock and roll.

I will always remember him.

I'm sure he will remember me.

I didn't know if I could love again.

But now I know, because I tell it's in front of me.

A smile spread over DJ's face as she looked over the poem about Viper. From her view it looked really good.

She hoped Viper would think so too.