A/N: This happens in Season 4. The events of This Year's Girl and Who Are You are pretty much the same. In this story the Council apprehended Faith after she went to Angel in Sanctuary and she went with them willingly to start her rehabilitation. Buffy didn't go to Los Angeles however to see if Angel was ok. And Dawn will never exist.

Disclaimer: The characters of BTVS and Angel belong to Joss Whedon.

"This so cannot be happening."

"I'm afraid it is true Buffy. The Council has pinpointed the source of her problems and have decided that this is the best way to rehabilitate her."

"But this is insane Giles, we are talking about erasing somebody's life here."

"Not erasing Buffy, the Council sees it more as rewriting."

"Screw the Council, we don't even work for them anymore why should we have any part in this?"

"You know as well as I do Buffy that a normal family wouldn't know how to handle a girl with abilities such as hers, which is why they had to send her to you."

"Giles, considering our history I would have thought we should be the last people she should be sent to."

""Who better to teach her how to control her powers then the only other living person who has them?"

"This is a huge responsibility to put on my shoulders and what about my mother, surely she should have some say in this I mean it would be her house and all."

"She is fully aware and was quick in agreeing that she should live with you."

"She was?"

"Yes she was."

"What about the others do they know what's going on?"

"I thought it would be wise for them to hear it from you first."

"Well I haven't actually agreed yet."

"Buffy she is already on her way; I know you know this is the right thing to do."

"Do I? Because it seems to me that I really don't have much of a say in the matter."

"If you really do feel that way then she can live with me but you will have to accept the fact that she will be a part of your life."

"What about her life? Did anyone even think to ask her what she wanted? I'm sure this is not what she thought she signed up for when she hoped on the redemption train."

"To be honest she wasn't at first, but Angel was there and he helped her decide."

"Angel was there."


"And he helped her."



"He believes this is the right thing to do."




"You're agreeing to this?"


That was the phone call that changed everything.