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Alternative Chapter 9


I opened the phone, but before I could speak I heard a sniffle.

"Bella, are you okay?"

"No, Edward, it's Alice. Something's happened."

My mind went to a million directions at once in a matter of seconds.

"What is it? Did something bad happen to Bella? Where is she?" I never even gave Alice a chance to answer my questions.

"Edward, we were on our way back from Port Angeles and we got sideswiped. Bella's was on the passenger side and took most of the hit." I couldn't breath. My Bella was hurt, possibly worse. Alice took me out of my shock. "They are taking her to Forks for a surgeon there. He is supposed to be the best." Just as she said it my dad knocked on the door.

"Edward, I just got a call. I have to head back, they say they really need me." He yelled through the door and before I could comprehend he was gone. It must be bad if they called him; he was their go to guy in worst-case scenarios.

"I'll be right there."

"No, how will you explain yourself?"

"I'm coming I don't care, if someone asks I'm just visiting my dad. He is a doctor there and I am pretty sure he's the one that they are taking her to." I was in my car by now and just about to pull out of the driveway.

"Ok, we're about there. So hurry." she hung up, and I pushed the car as fast as I could. I got there in about 3 minutes. Just as I was pulling in the ambulance was too. I looked in the back and saw Alice sitting next to Bella who was unconscious on the stretcher. She looked so beaten and bruised. Alice only had a few cuts on her head, but Bella was completely the opposite. I pulled up behind them and we stopped at the E.R. doors. I got out quickly just as they were getting her out.

"We have a female, 22 years old, multiple lacerations, head wound and possible concussion, and signs of internal bleeding." The paramedic said to the doctor who was waiting. I looked to Alice who had an expression that was sure to mirror my own, surprised and saddened. "The biggest concern is the loss of blood. She has a piece of windshield stuck in her right leg, it seems to be lodged in a major artery."

"Let's get her prepped for surgery, Dr. Cullen is waiting." The doctor shooed them.

I couldn't move. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't think. I just stood there with my heart in my hands.

"Edward?" Alice took me out of my thoughts. She put her hand on my shoulder, and I just fell kneeling on the ground. I was numb. Nothing, but Bella mattered, and now this was happening. As soon as I realized that I picked myself up off the ground and headed inside with Alice. Then her phone rang. "Rose?......Yeah we just got here…….No, I'll ask him." She turned to me. "Is it okay if Rose brings Emmett." I nodded weakly. "Yeah. Rose he says it's okay. He actually might need him anyways…..Is Jasper coming with you?.....Okay, bye."

Just as we were entering the hospital, we heard more sirens. We turned and saw Charlie pulling in under the canopy. He jumped out of his car and went straight to Alice. He pulled her into a tight embrace.

"Alice, where's my baby?" but before she could answer he went inside and asked the nurses. I had never seen him like this. The normal Charlie was calm and collected, this Charlie was hysterical.

We wondered over to the chairs in the waiting room and sat down. Alice and I didn't really know each other well, but she still held my hand to comfort me, and I to comfort her.

Charlie came back with a look that said everything. She was in bad shape and we didn't know what was going to happen. He sat down across from us and put his head in his hands. Alice gave my hand a reassuring squeeze, before getting up and going to Charlie's side. She put her arm over his shoulder and he quickly pulled her into a hug and started to cry. They stayed like that for a while before he stopped, and realized he still hadn't called Renee.

"Don't worry, you stay here and I will call her." Alice said while getting up. "I have her phone so I can get the number from it." She walked away as soon as she left six more people showed up. Two, I didn't know, one in a wheel chair and the other looked like a younger version of the man in the wheel chair, and Ms. Webber made their way over to Charlie as Rosalie and Emmett came to sit next to me. The other man followed Alice out the door. I noticed Rosalie's black eye that she must have gotten in the accident.

"Hey." Emmett said when he sat down. Rosalie whispered something to him and he nodded. "Hey, you wanna go get some coffee, Edward?" I shook my head no. He leaned in and whispered. "Come on, we need to talk." I slowly got up and I think it was the first time Charlie even realized I was there.

"Edward?" he asked, all his questions showing in his eyes.

"Hey, chief Edward's Emmett's cousin. He came for moral support." Rosalie jumped in to say. He just nodded and went back to his discussion with the others. I made my way to the cafeteria with Emmett, neither one of us saying anything while he got two cups of coffee. We sat down and I just stared into space trying not to think the worst.

"So….." he tried to start the conversation. "Rosie said you might need to talk about something, and that I was probably the only one you would want to tell." I nodded. "Edward, I know we are cousins but I always considered you more of a brother, so whatever's wrong please tell me, I want to help." He paused to let me speak but I couldn't find my voice. "Okay how about I ask you yes or no questions and you nod?" He must have understood my inability to speak. I nodded. "First, I just want to say that Bella is like a little sister to me, and I can see that she met someone over the summer that made her happy. I saw the same with you as well but didn't put it together til now. You and her are together?" I nodded. He sighed and put his coffee down. "Do you love her?" I nodded. "Are you doing okay?" I shook my head no. "Man, this isn't fair you know. She is one of the best people I know and this happens to her. It's not fair!" He shouted. I looked at him and saw the sadness there. "Is Uncle Carlisle here?" I finally found my voice.

"Right after Alice called me and told me, the hospital called him and said they needed him. I assumed it was for her, and you know what that means." He nodded understanding that Carlisle would be called in if the situation were urgent, and bad. "I don't know what I'm gonna do if I lose her." I finally lost all composure and started sobbing. He made his way over to me and pulled me into an Emmet sized hug. I don't know how long I cried, but before I knew it I heard my name.

"Edward?" Alice shouted while running down the stairs into the hospital cafeteria with the man from before right behind her. "She's out of surgery." I ran to Carlisle's office. I knew he would sugar coat it for them so I wanted to talk to him alone. Emmett was right behind me, as was Alice. We stood there and waited for what seemed like forever. He finally came in with the long hours showing on his face.

"Edward, what are you doing here?" He looked at the faces of the people with me. He noticed Emmett and raised his eyebrows in question.

"Uncle Carlisle, Bella, I mean Isabella Swan, is a good friend and we wanted to know what happened. Please we want the truth. Don't hold back."

"Well, like I told Chief Swan, we are going to keep her in a drug induced coma, because she has a lot of healing to do. The surgery went as well as could be expected with someone whose injuries were as severe as hers." He replied while making his way to his desk. "But I also must say, if you want the truth, that I can't say for sure if she'll make it. It isn't certain yet if she is out of the woods. The baby is fine though. As long as we keep her under we can expect the baby to be fine. If she were to move around to much it would harm the baby." I felt my world fall. The baby? What?

"Baby?" I choked out.

"Yeah, I am assuming by all your faces, you didn't know. But when we did the ultrasound to see the extent of her injuries we found that she is about twelve weeks." He looked around the room, but stopped at my face. "Edward, if you don't mind me, I know she is a teacher but why are you here?" I faintly heard Emmett defend my presence as moral support like Rosalie, but I didn't completely register his response.

I couldn't think or even focus on his words. I just kept thinking 'Bella isn't out of the woods, and she is pregnant' I couldn't process this. 'Is it mine?' I thought then mentally scolded myself for doubting if it was mine. She would never do that. But how, she was on the pill. I thought that made it okay to not use protection.

"How long?" Alice asked loudly breaking me from my thoughts.

"We will take off the drugs once we see her progress. But I can't say for sure when she'll wake up after that. All we can really do right now is wait." He started to put on his coat. "I'm going home, but ill be back in a few hours to check on her, I'll call with updates as often as I can, alright?" we said a collective yes and made our way back to the waiting room.

I didn't even realize we had been there all night, but then I saw the sun rising. When we got back the waiting room it was full of people. Some I could recognize, Forks was small and if you didn't know their name at least you knew their face. Mr. Newton and Ms. Stanley were in the corner, and some other teacher's were consoling some of the students that were there for her, my angel. I looked around and realized that even though she had only been there a week she had already made such an impact. Some other people were there and I assumed were some Quileutes from La Push, because of their dark russet skin color. I saw Charlie still in the same chair and Alice holding his hand while he just looked into nothing in particular. All these people were here for her.

She was so caring and sweet and touched so many people's lives that they were all here for her. I wanted to see her just to look at her face again. I felt like a lifetime ago that she smiled at me, or a blush fanned her beautiful face. I couldn't take anymore so I ran. I don't know why I just ran. I didn't know where I was going or why but I couldn't think about it. If I allowed myself to the pain in my chest would surely kill me. I made my way down the hall and turned, I registered the calls of my name behind me but didn't acknowledge them.

I don't know why but I felt a pull. Something was drawing me to it, and I ran towards it. I stopped in front of where the pull was greatest and found it to be a room. I heard the heart monitor and the steady beat of a heart behind the curtain, I also heard the noise of a breathing machine, and then I heard it. Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh, I was quiet, but fast. I walked over and pulled back the curtain and saw her. She was so beautiful, even though she was so broken and fragile she was still so beautiful. She had a tube down her throat to help her breath. Many other things to make sure her body was functioning properly and then I looked down and she had a strange device strapped to her stomach. I followed the cord to the machine beside her bed and saw it. It was a monitor to keep track of the baby's heart beat. I didn't know what else to do but listen. I fell to my knees. And began to whisper to myself

"Why? Why her? She is my soul, my life. I need her. Please don't let this happen. Please let her get well. She doesn't deserve this. Let her be. Take me instead. Please." The tears fell down my face and to the floor. As I was making my declaration I suddenly heard someone behind me. I jumped to my feet and turned to Carlisle.

"Edward, what's going on?"


Now you see why? Geez, this would have been even more depressing than what i actually decided to go with.

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