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Kaoru's 'Private' Diary.

September, 1st, 2009.

Kenshin and I broke up today.. His ex came back from Canada.
I miss him already.. I still remember what he had said to me the night before we broke up.

He said the way my blue eyes shined,
Put those Georiga Stars to shame that night.

He was probably just saying that.. But I'll never know, A lot of people said my eyes were.. Different,
in a good way of course. But still...

I said "Thats a lie."

I wouldn't consider him rich, But thats okay. I've never wanted a rich boyfriend. There always snobby and they think they can 'buy' my love. Well they think wrong. Kenshin was so much different then all those 'hot shots.' He didn't have a 'Dazzling' car to drive around in, he has a truck. and it isn't very reliable.

He's just a boy in a Chevy truck, that had a tendency of gettin' stuck,
On backroads at night.

I remember one night, He was driving me to the beach so we could have a picnic, when his car got stuck. He called a tow truck but they said they wouldn't be able to come until an hour or so, so we decided we were just going to have our picnic there. It was one of the best nights ever. It felt like we sat there the whole night, talking about past memories and then he did something very unexpected. He kissed me. Our very first kiss.

And I was Right there besides him All summer long.

We hung out almost every day together during this past summer.

And then the time we woke up to find that summer gone.

He broke up with me, the last day of summer. I couldn't stop crying. I'm not exactly sure why he broke up with me.. but I think I have a pretty good guess. Tomoe. His ex-girlfriend had moved back from Canada. Kenshin and her only broke up because she had to leave and her coming back was so unexpected.. I guess he still loved her.

Well, When you think Tim Mcgraw,
I hope you think my favorite song.

"Our Song." That was the first song we had danced to, together. All night long.. I'll never forget that.

The one we danced to all night long,
The moon like a spolight on the lake.

The scenery was so beautiful that night, The fireflies, The full moon, the stars, and the soft sounds of crickets singing.

When you think happiness,
I hope you think that little black dress.

Kenshin had looked so handsome in his button up shirt and tie that night. It made me feel like I was under dressed, I was just wearinng a Black dress that blended in with the night.

Think of my head on your chest,

When I danced with him I would always lay my head on his chest, It was so warm, just so, perfect. I felt like I didn't deserve him at all.

And my old faded blue jeans.

I don't have very much money, so I couldn't aford new clothing. I always had to wear old stuff, nothing new or fancy But Kenshin said I looked fine, and it didn't matter what I wore. Was that a lie?

When you think Tim Mcgraw,
I hope you think of me.

I wonder has he thought about me at all since he broke up with me? does he care about how much it hurt when he just threw me away like that? I wonder..

October, 3rd, 2009.

September saw a month of tears.

I found out that I was right. Tomoe was the reason that Kenshin left me. I feel like I should hate her, But I can't, its not her fault. I ran home and cryed my eyes out after seeing them in the market.

I'm thanking god that you weren't here,
To see me like that.

I don't think Kenshin has ever saw me cry so much before, like that I did after we broke up. Days after days. I just couldn't stop.
I glad he wasn't there. he would have probably laughed at me.. No, I'm wrong, Kenshin would never do that. hes not that type of person..

But in a box beneth my bed,
Is a letter that you never read.
Three summers back.

I write Kenshin a letter a while ago, admitting to him my feelings for him. But I could never summon up the courage to send it to him. I wish I did, But now, I can't.

It's hard not to find it all a little,
bitter sweet.

And lookin' back on all of that it's nice to believe.

I can't really believe that I had someone like him, and I practically just let him walk out of my life, without trying to stop him. I just want Kenshin to be happy thought, I hope he's noticed that.

Well, when you think Tim Mcgraw,
I hope you think my favorite song.
The one we danced to all night long The moon like a spolight on the lake.

When you think happiness I hope you think that little black dress Think of my head on you chest,
and my old faded blue jeans

When you think Tim McGraw,
I hope you think of me.

I'm leaving this small town, I can't stand to see him with her everyday. Good bye, Kenshin Himura.

September, 1st, 2016.

I'm back for the first time since then,

I haven't written here for a long time, but now, I'm back, a full grown woman, age 22!
I'm not that small girl I used to be anymore. I wonder if Himura-san even noticed that I had left..

I'm standin' on your street

I couldn't help myself, I had to see him, A full grown man. I wonder if he's still with Tomoe..

Theres a letter left on your door step.

I couldn't muster up the courage to knock on his door, So I left him a letter..

And the first thing that you'll read is:
When you think Tim McGraw,
I hope you think my favorite song.

Someday you'll turn your radio on,
I hope it takes you back to that place Where you think happiness.

I hope you think that little black dress Think of my head on your chest,
and my old faded blue jeans.

When you think Tim McGraw.
I hope you think of me.

Ooh, think of me...

He said the way my blue eyes shined, put those Georgia stars to shame that night,

I said "Thats a lie."

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