"Hakkai, what are you doing? Stop it. I said stop Hakkai!" He threw his head back, moaning. What was this man doing? He'd already rejected him once but now his body burned with pleasure. It flooded his veins and set his body on fire. The soft touch of his fingers and the velvet feel of his lips against his exposed skin. Every thing felt like he'd been sent to heaven. But this wasn't right. No. It couldn't be but another loud moan escaped through his parted lips.

"Sanzo, come on." The voice whispered like a breeze in his ear. Soft and gentle. Like the petal of a rose. Sanzo was going to succumb to this man, he just knew it. But he had to resist... Had... to... resist.

One last moan before he screamed, "Hakkai, I'm coming!"


Sanzo's eyes popped open. His body was sticky with sweat, and his heart pounded in his ears. His side ached. Looking he saw that someone had stitched it closed. That's probably why it hurts. He rubbed his temples. And what the hell was that dream? I already said no. Nothing is going to change.

Turning slightly to look out the window he sighed. It was already dark out. When a noise came from the corner he grabbed his gun from under the covers and aimed it where he'd heard it. Slowly he let out an annoyed sigh. "It's just Hakkai." He muttered, setting the gun down again. "Hey Hakkai, do we have any water?" Preparing to throw the sheets back, the same hand he'd seen in his dream stopped him. The skin felt just like he'd imagined. Soft as a rose petal. The thought made his skin crawl.

"You have stay in bed. I don't want your side ripping open again. You've been out for two days now. Sanzo you need to be more careful." Hakkai pulled the sheet back over Sanzo and handed him the canteen he'd made sure to keep cold for the blond. "We're probably going to head out in the morning. We've already spent five days here. It's getting us behind schedule."

"Schedule?" Sanzo asked, gulping the water down like he'd been in the dessert for days. "Since when were we on a schedule? With the damn monkey screaming 'I'm hungry' all the time we shouldn't even think about schedules, let alone keeping one." He threw the canteen to the end of the bed. "Speaking of which where are the other two?"

Hakkai shrugged and sat on the floor, leaning against the bed frame for support. "They decided to go into town for the night. I can guess why but I didn't want to say anything." A half hearted laugh escaped him. "I don't suppose Goku will ever forgive me for saying such rude things."

Sanzo grunted. "Whatever. Where are my cigarette's?"

"They're empty." Hakkai replied.

"You didn't bother to buy any more?"

"Was I supposed to know you were going to wake up any time soon? You were as good as dead, anyway. You were hardly breathing." Hakkai said, his throat tight. Why does he have to worry about cigarette's right now? His life was just saved.

Sanzo was silent. "Oh." He finally muttered. The two of them sat silent, lost in thought when Sanzo suddenly muttered, "You know Hakkai, I'm sorry about what I said. I didn't mean it. I don't think."

Hakkai sighed. "I've already forgiven you, Sanzo. Don't worry about it any more." Hakkai felt an ice cold hand on his shoulder. "Sanzo?" The hand moved slowly from his shoulder to under his chin, and he face was lifted upwards, meeting the pair of lips waiting for him. His breath caught in his throat. When their lips parted, Hakkai asked, "Sanzo are your delusional or something? Do you know what you're doing?"

"I'm well aware of what I'm doing, Hakkai." He replied, his hand moving slowly down Hakkai's chest. Slowly Hakkai turned to look into the pools of amethyst. They were more sincere then he'd seen in awhile. He felt a tug at the buttons of his shirt, and he quickly helped to undo them. He went in for another kiss and was yet again surprised when Sanzo met them halfway. He opened his mouth slightly, feeling Sanzo's hot breath. It tasted of cigarette's and alcohol.

Porcelain white hands traced the muscles on his stomach and he shivered. What an odd sensation. He thought, closing his eyes. Sanzo slipped his tongue into Hakkai's mouth, his eyes closing as well.

What am I doing? This isn't right. I should stop. But I can't. Not now. It feels.... Truthfully he didn't know how to explain in words what he was feeling right now. He just knew that it made his body burn in pleasure. Hopefully, he wouldn't regret doing this tomorrow.

He felt Hakkai's tongue twine with his own and his entire body twitched. It was so hot and slippery.... And soft. So incredibly soft. Slowly Hakkai had to turn his entire body around to get more comfortable. Sanzo took the chance to tear Hakkai's shirt completely off. It reveled the well worked muscles, however small they were. After they broke apart to breathe Hakkai murmured, although he'd thought against it, "Sanzo, are you sure you should do this? We don't want your wounds ripping open again."

"If you'd stitched them anymore I would've shot you." Sanzo muttered back, leaning over to kiss the younger man on the neck. "And I obviously don't think I should be doing this, but tell me when I've ever really listened to my head." Hakkai laughed and reached up to run a hand through the golden strands that lay atop Sanzo's head. It felt extremely soft. Like silk. A sigh escaped his lips as Sanzo made a professional tail down his neck with kisses.

"You've been with many partners." Hakkai said, more statement then question.

He felt Sanzo shake his head slightly. "Nope. You're the first." He pulled Hakkai up off the floor and pulled him on top, still landing expert kisses near his neck and collarbone.

"Must you be an expert at everything you do, show-off?" Hakkai teased, shifting to get more comfortable. In doing so he felt himself brush every so slightly against Sanzo's cock, sending intense shivers down both their bodies. "Well, perhaps even you aren't perfect," Hakkai snickered, correcting himself.

Sanzo had paused in his movements. "So," he started slowly, "this really is your first time with... another..." He couldn't bring himself to finish the sentence. Sighing Hakkai leaned forward and pressed his forehead to Sanzo's, and nodded ever so slightly.

"'Fraid so. Does it disappoint you that you're not the only one?" Sanzo rolled his eyes.

"I'm not a girl Hakkai, whatever you may or may not think." Then to Hakkai's utter surprise Sanzo reached behind him and grabbed his butt cheek, pulling him down on top, intentionally bringing the slowly hardening cock's together. In a split-second Hakkai felt the air rush out of his lungs, leaving him nearly hyperventilating. There was just the faintest blush along Sanzo's cheek bones. He hadn't expected his to be so hard. Especially since it was his first time... Or maybe it was because it was his first time that he'd hardened so quickly. To be truthful, he was still a virgin. Right to his very core.

Refusing to look like a girl Sanzo started to kiss Hakkai again, planting tiny kisses up his cheek until planted his lips squarely on Hakkai's. Taken by surprise he had to adjust. They brushed together again but Hakkai pretended to take no notice. Instead he reached up and began to stroke the silken hair. When they broke apart to breathe, Sanzo was smiling. Actually, truly smiling. He'd never done that before. Ever.

Before Hakkai could say anything though Sanzo recaptured his lips. As payback, Hakkai reached down and began playing with the pink nipple that tempted him so. This time it was Sanzo who backed away, taken by surprise. Did it hurt? Was in invigorating? What was going on? All he knew was that single, small moans escaped his lips. Genuinely surprised Hakkai began doing what Sanzo had earlier, leading small kisses from the neck down. The hand that wasn't already busy went about its business undoing Sanzo's jeans, starting first with the belt, then the button and finally the zipper. Slowly it creeped underneath the hem of Sanzo's boxers and all he could do was moan as the cold hand began to stroke his hardened cock.

Hakkai was surprised at the length and width of Sanzo's cock. He himself had never compared to anybody. Anyway, he continued, listening to each hastened breath Sanzo took and relished in it. Who would have ever thought that Sanzo could make such a face? The amethyst eyes were squeezed closed and the pale lips just slightly parted. His chest heaved in and out with every breath. After a few more strokes, Hakkai was so hard he could hardly stand it. Quickly he undid his own pants and started to pump in unison with the hand that pumped Sanzo's. It was hard to do both and soon he found himself going harder on his own then Sanzo's and Sanzo wasn't moaning as much any more. When he noticed Hakkai's attempt at his own, he took it into his own hands to help. He slapped Hakkai's hand away and began to pump harder and faster then Hakkai had been doing himself. It left the younger man to complete the other job at hand, although both were groaning in sheer pleasure.

A moment later Hakkai felt himself bite his lip to keep from screaming as he released. Sanzo was still hard. What was he going to do? For a moment he stopped. But then he got an idea. An idea that would probably get him in trouble with Sanzo. Slowly, he inched his way down Sanzo's body until his lips rested gently against the older mans navel. Little butterfly kisses made their way with precision down the rest of his body to the very tip of the hardened cock. Sanzo took a quick, sharp breath. It quickened more as he felt Hakkai's tongue making circles around the crown. "Hak-kai, what the hell do you think y-you're doing?" He asked, his head hitting the pillow as he bucked slightly into Hakkai.

He didn't reply as he continued on with what he was doing. After a moment he let his mouth slide over the entire cock, listening as Sanzo let out a moan so loud it damn near shook the walls. Hakkai closed his eyes and began to pump hard and fast, keeping his mind elsewhere as he showed such and offense act. He only kept his mind enough the hear Sanzo's moans and grunts of pleasure. The soft skin felt odd in his mouth. It was so odd and such an exotic feeling it made his mind reel and made him wonder again and again why am I doing this? It didn't take long for his reply as Sanzo's body arched upwards hard and fast and his entire body twitched while he moaned. Then a rush of hot, white flooded his mouth as Sanzo came. Surprised, Hakkai swallowed, wincing as some went down the wrong tube. Coughing he looked up to see Sanzo breathing rapidly, a long muscled arms held over his face.

Swallowing Hakkai said hesitantly, "Sanzo?"

"Hnn?" he responded, not looking at him.

Sliding off the bed onto the floor he muttered quietly, "I'm sorry."


The room went silent and Hakkai leaned into his legs and cried, for the manyth time in the last few days.