A/N: Okay just to make a few things clear, in this story Miley is Miley Stewart, Taylor is Taylor Cyrus, and the Jonas Brothers are the Gray Brothers. Miley and Taylor are cousins and Miley has one brother- Trace Stewart who belongs to the band Metro. I'm sorry I haven't updated my other story, but I had to write several papers for school and they gave me severe writers block. I will update tomorrow and this two-shot is sort of a gift for the long wait. Also I just wanted to tell the person reporting the stories (ie-SkyeGavin) this fic is LEGAL! so i'll update this and Everything Will Be Alright tommorrow. PROMISE

Miley and Taylor were backstage in their shared dressing room at a charity concert that benefits children with cancer, talking and joking around. They had both finished their performance for the night and were waiting for Miley's brother Trace to finish his performance so that they could go home. Both of their families were away on vacation and the three children had decided to stay behind and retreat to Miley's farm in Nashville for their week off, they planned on leaving right after this concert which was their last concert for the time being. Usually both girls would be watching trace's band Metro perform but they didn't want to run the risk of encountering the Gray Brothers.

"Can you believe that Joe has not stopped trying to call me all week? Uhngg…he probably wants to yell at me for telling all his precious fans what an arse he really is!" Taylor exclaimed at Miley who rolled her eyes skywards.

"I don't know what he's so worried about, it's not like anybody would believe that the precious Gray Brothers would ever do anything so bad. God people are so dumb to think they are perfect little saints. But you know what they say, the truth always comes back to bite you in the arse!" Miley said to Taylor who nodded to everything Miley said.

"So true, anyway I just ignored his calls after I picked up and told him to never call me again."

"Man well he's persistent, any who you'll never guess what! Nick called me. Can you believe him after all this time he finally calls me? I just blocked his number, because I'm finally moving on and he's not going to come and ruin this for me!"

"Wow, so you don't love him anymore?" Taylor asked surprised since she thought Miley still loved Nick.

"No, unfortunately I still love him! To tell you the truth, I think I will always love him but that doesn't mean I want him back as a boyfriend or a friend." Miley finished sadly.

Taylor looked at her sympathetically, she knew how much Nick had hurt Miley and while she knows that they both made mistakes, Miley received the entire backlash from the relationship when everybody found out, and Nick never once set the record straight. Most people thought it was all Miley's fault but really it was Nick's and he chose to stand by and let Miley take all the blame. Everyone thought she was mean for saying the things she did in the Seventeen interview, but really she was being nice! Nick and his brothers knew that, even if they didn't want to admit it.

"I mean, I assume he called to renew our friendship since my dad told me that they're dad called him to ask about a possible crossover between Hannah Montana and they're new show. He said the boys were really sorry and they wanted to start rebuilding our relationship. That same night HE called but I didn't answer and the next day I called the phone company to block his number. They might want to rebuild our friendship but as far as I'm concern they can go rebuild a friendship with someone else." Miley said

Taylor knew how much the Gray Brothers had hurt Miley, and she also knew how much she still loved them, since it had been Miley who encouraged her to date Joe even though they were best friends. When she dated Joe the boys often tried to ask about Miley, but she had made it clear from the beginning that she was off limits. When the rumors about Justin and Miley started, Taylor had enjoyed making nick think they were true, even though she was one of the few people that knew Justin was gay.

"So are you going to go on their show?"

"Yes, but I told my dad to make sure that they knew I was only doing it because they had been on my show and I was just returning the favor. I told him to tell them, I didn't want to renew any time of friendship with them, and that this was the one and only time I would appear."

"Harsh, but they deserve it. I mean seriously they go around hurting people, and then think that because they are who they are, all they have to do is say sorry and everybody will fall into line behind them."

Taylor and Miley continued their conversation, changing the topics from time to time. They knew that the charity concert was almost over and they would soon have to take their places next to all the other performances for the grand finally. Both girls were really engrossed into the conversation that they did not notice a large figure move out of the shadows towards them, knife in hand poised to strike at the girl with her back turned to him.

Hearing a small noises Taylor looked up in time to see a large man lunge at Miley, knife in hand slashing wildly. Screaming Taylor shouted for Miley to look out, pointing behind her. Miley seeing the terror on Taylor's face quickly turned around putting her hands up in time to protect her face as she saw the shiny silver blade slash at her.

Taylor saw the blood that trickled down Miley's arm, which had gone up in front of her in hopes of protecting herself from the attacker. She continued to yell loudly hoping somebody would hear her and come to their rescue, she saw Miley run away from the man after kicking him in the groin.

Going up to him Taylor kicked him hard in the head hoping to buy them enough time to escape. She quickly ran over to Miley and grabbed her hand, ignoring the loud gasp of pain that came from her white lips, and ran towards the door pulling her along.


The Gray brothers were backstage watching as Metro finished off the last performance of the night; they were just chilling and hanging out with their good friend Demi Sovato. They had been hoping to run into Miley and Taylor so that they could talk to them and hopefully started mending the fences they had brutally broken.

Joe needed to talk to Taylor, the past month since the break up had been hell. He realized he loved her very much, and had been utterly stupid in breaking up with her for a girl that wasn't worth it. On top of that he had been a real arse for not even having the guts to break up with her face to face, instead he broke up with her in a 27 second phone call. If that wasn't enough, he later wrote a MySpace message stating that she had hanged up on him…blah blah blah, he had wrote anything to make him look better. Lots of people had believed him as he knew they would, and they had turned their back on her, however more people had believed her and supported her, calling me and by brother's arses, who deserved to be alone. He had tried calling her but other than a quick stop calling me she had not picked up and kept ignoring his calls.

Nick sat next to Joe who looked to be in his own little world, probably thinking about Taylor. He on the other hand was thinking of a certain blue eyed brunet that had stolen his heart and cherished it, while he merciless trampled hers. Nick really didn't know why he had done the things he did, since he had never once stopped loving Miley, even though he had broken up with her and caused her great amounts of pain in the last few months. Nick had tried to call Miley several times in the past few weeks, only to have her block his number. He and his brothers had asked their dad to talk to her dad about a possible crossover, and when she had agreed they had been overjoyed until their dad had told them she had said she was only doing it, because she owed them for appearing on her show and it was time for her to pay up.

Kevin sat across from his brothers, watching as their eyes glazed over and they went off deep into their minds were he knew resided the most important girls in their life. He knew Joe was thinking about Taylor and how he could win her back; he hated how Joe looked so defeated all the time. The fans thought he was okay but he really had lost his spark, if they weren't in front of a camera he wouldn't smile or laugh and even worse he wouldn't joke around. He was almost as bad as Nick was when he broke up with Miley; Miley there was a name that he didn't want to think about. Why? Because thinking about her would mean he has to think about what an asshole he had been to her the pat few months. Wearing that stupid shirt, ignoring her calls in the beginning and everything else he had done since then. He had been excited when he had heard she had agreed to do their show, but finding out she was only doing it because she didn't want to be in their debt had really hurt. Hurt, wasn't that a curios word, in the past months he had hurt her many times and not cared? Now he could even look her in the face or keep from flinching when ever her name was mentioned. He and his brothers had really screwed Miley over a lot the past few months and it was time they made amends even if they could never go back.

It was at the precise moment when all three brothers were realizing that the past cannot be rewritten no matter how much they tried, that they heard the scream of the two girls that had caused this epiphany. Hearts plummeting to the floor they jumped up, running towards the terrifying screams, shouting to Demi to get help as they went.

Arriving in front of the door that led to the room were they could still here the yelling, they were shocked when the door suddenly opened and Taylor ran out pulling a bleeding Miley behind her.


Taylor was so intent on getting them both out of their alive and as fast as she could, that she did not realize who had come to their rescue until she ran full pelt into one of them. Of course with the luck she had been having lately it had to be, the one who had broken her heart.

The boys were shocked as Taylor flew into Joe knocking him down, before they could help her up and ask what was wrong; she quickly scrambled up going over to Miley who had also fallen.

That was when the boys noticed the bloody handprints on Joe clothing, they quickly looked at Taylors hands that were tightly holding on to Miley's hands. The boy's realized that it wasn't Taylor that was hurt but Miley; she was trying to stop the bleeding by adding pressure to the wounds with her hands. At that moment Taylor looked up scared "What do we do, she's bleeding out!"

Snapping out of their shocked silence Kevin, Joe, and Nick quickly ran over to Taylor who was sitting down next to a very pale Miley.

"Shit" Taylor exclaimed as she heard movement from inside the dressing room, the Gray brothers looked towards the source of the noise, to see a large overweight man standing in the doorway with a sinister smile plastered on his face. The man was holding a knife in front of him, shinning with red, bright blood.

They're faces paled as they realized whose blood it was on the knife, Kevin quickly got up as the man lunged at Miley again ready to kill her. Using everything he had ever learned in the lessons he had taken as a kid, he rammed into the guy knocking him down, quickly getting up he kicked the knife away from the guy's hands and aimed a powerful kick at his gut. The man tried and failed to get up as Kevin sent another well placed kick at his stomach.

Seeing the man lunge at Miley, Nick had quickly grabbed her and pulled her out of harms way, he had known Joe would take care of Taylor and he was right. Joe had lunged at Taylor, knocking her to the ground and out of the path of the man. Nick walked over to them, now carrying an unconscious Miley. He quickly set her down and looked at Joe not knowing what to do.

Joe took charge of the situation "Nick take off you shirt and you and Taylor rip it into pieces. Tie them around her hands and try to get the bleeding to stop."

Looking to see that they were doing as he told, he left them and went to help Kevin, who was struggling with the attacker.

Between both of them they managed to some how knock him out, of course that might have been thanks to the kicks they had both aimed at his head after he had tried to lung for the knife. Ironically as soon as he went down, Demi arrived with ten security guards and Miley's brother.

The security guards quickly handcuffed the guy, and radioed in for an ambulance, Kevin and Joe joined Nick, Taylor, and Trace at Miley's side. The rags tied around her hands seemed to have stopped some of the bleeding, but she still hadn't woken up and she looked so pale her, skin was almost transparent.

An ambulance quickly arrived and loaded Miley into a stretcher, Taylor refused to leave Miley's side so she went in the ambulance with her. Trace was driven to the hospital by his band members, and on the way he called his parents informing them of what was happening. They were catching the first flight, and would meet him at the hospital as soon as they could.

They Gray brothers were driven to the hospital by their parents, who had come to investigate all the commotion. They had grabbed Joe thinking he was hurt, when they had seen the blood on him, but he had brushed them away explaining that he was okay.

He had gone over to Taylor and tried to coax her away from Miley's side as they loaded her onto the stretcher, but she had just pushed him away, wiping away at the tears streaming down her face and leaving a trail of blood. He knew that now that everything was over she was going into shock, and he didn't know how to help her so he just helped her into the ambulance as they got ready to leave.

Going over to Kevin and Nick, he took his little brother into his arms letting him cry against his chest as the tears started streaming down his face. Looking up at Kevin for guidance he was shocked to see him crying too.

Their parents could only watch in shock at what was happening before their eyes! At first they had thought one of their children was hurt, but then they realized that it was Miley and they felt just as bad. They stood there for a while, watching as their second oldest took his little brother in his arms and then watched as their oldest took them both in his arms as if he could protect them from the world and it's evils.

Trace came up to them and looking over at the brothers he told them which hospital Miley was being taken too. They watched him leave, his bands members telling him everything would be alright, and then they went over to their children to take them to the hospital.