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At the hospital Trace, his band, the Gray brothers and their family, and lastly Taylor were all waiting in the waiting room for word on Miley. Taylor was sitting on a chair with her knees pulled up to her chest, and hugging herself. She hadn't spoken to anybody, since she had retold the police what happened up until the point when they ran into the Gray Brothers. She had let the rest of the story be finished by them, and had taken a sit away from everybody, silently staring at the wall without moving or talking to anybody.

Everybody in the waiting room was worried about her, but the doctor had said that it was best to leave her alone; this was her way of coping with what had happen. The doctor had tried to give her a sedative so that she could fall asleep but every time somebody unknown to her got to close she would start to hyperventilate until they moved away.

Paul and Denise Gray had gone to the airport to meet Miley's and Taylor's parent, Trace was sitting next to his band members and the Gray brothers were sitting next to Taylor. Kevin was trying to comfort his little brother who had yet to speak a word since they had finished recounting the details of what had happen after the girls ran into them. Joe on the other hand was extremely worried about Taylor and was trying anything to get her to speak to him, or hell to just look at him. However everything he tried was in vain, he didn't even think that she knew he was next to her.

It was at the précis moment that Paul and Denise came in with their families that the doctor in charge of Miley's case came into the room.

"Anybody here for Miley Cyrus?"

"We're her parents" Billy Ray Stewart said pointing to himself and Tish Stewart

"Well sir, your daughter's injuries are not as bad as we first thought when she first came in. After removing the blood we determined that there were more than five slashes across her arms, although they were not life threatening she did loose a lot of blood. We have given her a transfusion, and we determined she passed out because of the amount of blood she lost combined with her Hypoglycemic. We will keep her a few more days for observation but she is awake and asking for her cousin-Taylor Cyrus" the doctor said the last part looking around at the circle gathered around him.

"That's me, can I see her now" Taylor said stepping towards the doctor

"Yes, but first I'll have one of the nurses take you to change into scrubs and clean up. I really don't think Miley should see you in this state, she was really worried about you and we had to give her a mild sedative, seeing you like this might agitate her and she must be as calm as possible!" The doctor signaled a nurse, and Taylor followed her to a room to change, the doctor turned towards Billy and continued.

"For now I think it would be best to leave the two of them alone, this is the first time that Taylor has spoken since arriving at the hospital and Miley was really frighten, she wouldn't speak until we mentioned the young lady that had arrived with her. For now I think it's best that they both stay together, we will have doctors checking in on them all night long." After being thanked by both the girls parents the Doctor took his leave.

"How did this happen?" Tish asked Trace

"I don't know, it happen while I was on stage, I didn't know anything was happening until I heard Demi screaming for help. I saw all the security running towards the dressing room they were in and I took off running behind them." He said with his head in his hands.

Billy sat down next to his son and pulled him into a hug, he then looked at the rest of the people asking them what happen. Kevin stepped up and told him what Taylor had told the cops and then they filled in the rest. Both girls parents hug them and thanked them for saving their daughters life, they told them they would forever be in their debt and if there was anything they ever needed to not hesitate in asking.


It was a few days later when Miley finally left the hospital, her and Taylor had been spending all their time together and they would both be leaving straight to the airport to retreat to Miley's farm. The media had broken the story hours after the concert was over and they had been waiting outside for days, for when the time came, for the tween queens of pop and country to leave the hospital. Of course a statement had been released by both girls publicist, about what had occurred and the media had gone wild when they had found out who saved them.

Miley and Taylor's parent were very worried about them; they both kept on waking up several times through the night, screaming their heads off. They however refused to get any help, or admit that they had a problem. They refused to see any of their friends that had come to visit them at the hospital and they hardly talked, they only stared into space and once in a while talked to each other. They mostly just sat quietly next to each other and watched TV, they didn't acknowledge anybodies presence and this was seriously distressing their families.

Both families had gotten together with the doctors and discussed possible solutions, to this situation. In the end they all decided that transferring them to the farm in Tennessee was the best thing for them, because it would make them feel safe and secure. The hospital was going to supply two nurses to monitor their progress, and he suggested that they get them to do things they are familiar with.

The Gray brothers had been coming to the hospital everyday since the incident, actually they were the only people that Miley and Taylor did not object to seeing although they also did not consent. What happen was, whenever one of their other friends came to see them and they were informed they immediately shook their heads when asked if they could come in. However when asked if the Gray brothers could come in, they didn't agree or disagree.

So the days past with all five kids spending their time in the hospital bedroom doing nothing but sitting their, so far they had been the only ones to get a word out of both of them. The doctors thought it was because they had been their, and they felt secure with them since they did save them.

The Gray brothers were enjoying the time spent with the girls, since the attack they didn't want to leave the girls. So every morning they where at the hospital bright and early and didn't leave until night time, when the girls fell asleep. The doctors allowed them to be at the hospital from eight to eight since it seemed to calm and help both girls, the doctor along with the girls parents thought it might be good if the Gray brothers stayed with the girls at the farm. So together they had arranged for a "leak" to the media, that Taylor and Miley would be leaving the hospital on a certain day. To help their escape they had hospital staff "leaked" their "escape" route, so they coordinated a set up in which the girl's parents, brother and two decoys would leave the back way, while the girls along with the Gray brothers would walk out the front door.

Everything went without a hitch and the girls along with two nurses and the Gray brothers boarded a private plane bound for Tennessee, while the media followed the family to a plane bound for New York. Once the kids reached the farm the media would be unable to follow them their, and the Paul and Denise had arranged for a statement announcing the Gray brothers retreat to an unknown location to deal with recent events to be released to the media.


The boys had been at the Cyrus farm for a week an a half, and so far apart from the nightmares that plagued the girls every night they felt they were making progress. Everyday they all went horseback riding for a while, and the girls had even started smiling, once they even laughed at Joe and Kevin who were horsing around and had fallen off their horses. Hearing the tinkling of their laughter, the brothers had felt incredibly happy and had later called the girls parents to inform them of the new development.

They had actually made so much progress that the girls had agreed to let Ashlee Hinsdale, one of their close friends come stay with them. This was good for Kevin who had a crush on her and sometimes felt like the fifth wheel, the guys hoped that Ashlee's presences would also help the girl's nightmares stop. Every night they would wake up screaming even though they slept in the same bed. So the brothers each took turns throughout the night staying up and watching them, it seemed to help because they wouldn't wake again until morning. The nurses were pleased with their progress, Miley had regained her strength and Taylor had lost the haunted look in her eyes, both girls were slowly regaining their confidence and passion for life.

The girl's parents regularly called to check up on them and had been surprised when the girls had talked a few words to them, not much but it was still wonderful to hear. Today Kevin had gone to the airport to pick up Ashlee, he was wearing a disguise that the girls had had fun in creating and even though he thought he looked stupid the look on their faces was enough for him to not care.

Ashlee was waiting were they had agreed and she laughed when she saw Kevin "Wow what happen to you?"

Picking up her bags and hugging her hello he replied "Nobody is supposed to know, where we are so the girls made up this disguise for me, it made them happy so I went along with it."

"Ahhh... Kevin that is so nice!" she exclaimed

They both got in the car and were on their way, before Kevin spoke again.

"Look, when you get to the house you might be surprise! Miley and Taylor are still not themselves, up until a few days ago they didn't even talk or smile so don't expect too much."

Ashlee looked at him with sad eyes "How bad is it?"

"Well they still wake up at night screaming in terror, so my brothers and I have to take turns throughout the night watching them, it seems to make them feel safe and it's a small price to pay for them to get some sleep, so we switch off every three to four hours."

Ashlee looked at Kevin with tears in her eyes. "So how's it going with your brothers and them?" she asked with a knowing smile.

Chuckling Kevin answered "Honestly, I don't know! All Joe and Nick care about right now is to get them back to their old selves, even though they are getting the chance they never thought they would get, they would rather have lost them if it would have saved them the pain they went through and are going through. On the bright side when we go horse back riding Joe and Taylor go on one horse and the same for Nick and Miley. The nurses were afraid to let them on the horses alone until they got better, especially Miley what with her hands in bandages."

"Stronger??" Ashlee asked

"Oh yeah, well the first few days in the hospital, the hardly ate and it was tough getting their appetite back! But once they started eating more, there strength grew, although they still haven't regained their normal eating habits, they are getting there."

They continued talking until they reached the Cyrus farm, walking into the house they were greeted by silence. They found Nick and Joe sitting on the couch watching transformers.

"Hey where are the girls?" Kevin asked worried

"They fell asleep and we laid them on the bed in their room, you know they have trouble sleeping at night still!" Joe answered

"Hey Ash" Nick and Joe exclaimed once they remembered were Kevin had gone.

"Hey guys!" she said laughing and giving them each a hug

"So we ordered Chinese Food since its Miley and Taylors favorite, hopefully they will eat more!" Joe informed Kevin

"Oh Ash the girls made up a room for you, next to theirs." Nick said taking her bags and showing her.

After the settled Ashlee in her room they all returned to the living room waiting for the girls to wake up, meanwhile they all talked. The boys filled in Ashlee on everything that had happen and had been going on while she told them everything that was happening back home.

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