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Chapter One

It has been three years since Joey disappeared. No one knew what happened to him or where to begin to look.

Seto had argued with Joey about something stupid and Joey ran off and just seemed to vanish off Domino, never to be heard from again, that is until today.

It was a dark and dismal day, it has been raining for the last two days and it seemed that it wouldn't stop. A hooded figure walks down the street of Domino heading for the Game Shop.

As this figure walked into the door of the Game Shop, Yami went on alert, he pushed Yugi behind him, and he said, "Whom ever you are show yourself or find yourself in the shadows." Yami's forehead began to glow and then he heard, "It's me, Yami it's me."

Both Yami and Yugi did a double take when the person took off the hood and there stood someone that they thought had been dead, it was Joey.

Yugi ran to him and threw his arms around Joey and through his tears he said, "We thought you were dead." Then he doubled up his fist and hit Joey in the stomach.

Joey yelled, "I deserved that."

Yami then said, "Where in the name of Ra have you been?"

Joey closed his eyes and he said, "That's a very long story." He walked over to look at some of the cards on the wall.

From behind him he heard, "We don't have anywhere to go, so please tell us what's happened."

They all went into the other room and as they sat down Joey said, "Three years ago, Seto and I had a horrible argument and because of something's he said, I ran off and left Domino."

Yami stood up and asked, "What did he say to you?"

Joey then said, "That doesn't matter now, I've decided that if I were to get my life back I'd have to ignore what some stuck up son-of-a-bitch said to me, so I came home."

Yugi wanted to go beat the hell out of Seto, and Yami knew it and he said, "Yugi just stay there, this is between Seto and Joey, it doesn't concern either of us."

Joey looked at Yugi and he said, "Yami's right, I have to face these demons if I'm ever going to have any kind of life, so tomorrow I'm going to the Manor and speak to Seto."

Yugi went over to his friend and he said, "Can I let the others know that you're back?"

Yami then said, "Maybe we'd better wait until after Joey talks to Kaiba, then if he wants we can tell the others."

Joey then said, "Yami's right, I don't want Kaiba to know that I'm back, I want it to be a surprise and I promise that he'll be good and surprised."

Yugi then said, "Alright, but you're staying here until tomorrow, so let's call for some pizza and we'll eat supper and then you need to get some sleep before you face Seto."

They all ate pizza, talked most of the night away and then Joey yawned, and Yami laughed and said, "Looks like someone is tired, so we'd better all get some sleep."

Yugi showed Joey to the guest room and after Joey closed the door, Yugi went back downstairs and as he sat down next to Yami he said, "How do we make sure that Kaiba doesn't hurt Joey?"

Yami smiled down at him and he said, "From the way Joey's built I don't think that you have to worry about that, hell he's been working out. I'd be more worried about Kaiba if I were you."

The next morning after they had breakfast, Joey said, "I'm on my way to see Kaiba, I'll be back before dinner, by the way, what's for dinner?"

Yugi and Yami both laughed and then Yugi said, "How about if I cook one of grandpa's favorite recipe's."

Joey laughed and then he said, "On second thought, why don't we just call and have something delivered."

Yami laughed till he had tears running down his face as he looked at Yugi and he said, "Joey remembers what happened the last time you tried to cook one of grandpa's recipe's, you nearly burnt down the shop."

Joey left the Shop still laughing as he walked towards the Manor and his meeting with Kaiba.

When Joey got to the gates of the Manor, he said, "Tell Kaiba that he has a visitor from his past, he'll want to see me."

The guard related to Seto what the man said, and Seto said, "Let him in."

Seto was in the den and he wondered who it was, this person who thought that he needed to speak to him. Then there was a banging at the front door and when Victor answered it, Joey said, "I'm here to speak to Kaiba."

Victor said, "Follow me." Then he took Joey to the den and he knocked on the door and said, Mr. Kaiba sir, there's someone here to speak to you."

Seto said, "Send him in please."

The door opened and in walked Joey, Seto did not recognize him right away; until Joey spoke and then Seto said, "What the hell, I thought that you ran away, why you are backing?"

Joey walked over to the desk and as he stood there looking down at the man who tried to ruin his life he said, "I'm back to tell you that if you ever try anything ever again I'll make your life a living hell." Then he turned and walked out the door and left.

Joey walked to the park and as he park and sat down on a bench and him as he sat down; he wanted to tear something up. He took a deep breath then he let it out and he looked up at the sky, he knew that he would be hearing from Kaiba soon.

Joey walked back to the Game Shop and he went to the door, knocked and as Yami opened it, Joey said, "It's done, now all I have to do is wait until he contacts me and see what's going to happen."

Yami closed the door and he said, "Until then, you're welcome here. Yugi's upstairs, he's really scared that Kaiba will do something to make you leave again."

Joey nodded and as he climbed him stairs, he knocked on the door and when Yugi said, "Come in." Joey went inside and as he sat down on the floor next to Yugi he said, "Yug, don't worry, I'm through running, I'm here to stay so don't worry so much."

Yugi grabbed hold of Joey and he said, "I was so afraid that you were dead, you didn't call or write."

Joey smiled at him and he said, "Well never again, I'm through leaving my home. There isn't anything that Kaiba can do or say that will make me leave here again."

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