Nine months and two days…that's how long he would have to stay. He had begged his father to reconsider leaving them with this guy, and have them live with their good friend Bobby. But each time he brought up the subject, the old man would shoot him down and threaten to take away the impala from his ownership. So…he let it go.

"I wonder what Caleb is like. Compared to all of Dad's other friends. It begins to make you think. What do you think Dean? Will he be anything like Pastor Jim, or Bobby?" Sam asked from the passenger seat while Dean was driving the vehicle that was now his.

"Don't ask me that Sam," Dean replied.

"Why? Do you know something I don't?" the younger sibling asked curiously. Sam was 15 and even now that he was far from the very talkative 9 year old he used to be, the boy was still

annoying whenever he asked the few questions he did.

"Fine! Sam he is nothing like Bobby! In fact I wish were staying with Bobby! Now just drop the god damn subject and remain quiet in your seat, or I swear you won't see the light of day ever again," Dean replied angrily.

The tone in his voice was enough to scare Sam; making him shut up for the whole ride, as they followed the black truck down the main road and turned down the driveway to a three story house, that had red paint peeling on the outside, a lawn that had overgrown to normal expectancy, and also had lost it's once luscious green color. There was a tool shed just off to the right of the driveway and was barely hidden in trees and vines, which, had tried to swallow the metal thing whole and not succeeding one bit.

"Whoa," Sam said in awe at the scenery before him.

"Not that amazing Sammy…maybe you'll get lucky and mow the lawn for him. You need to build more muscle," Dean said with a sneer.

"Ha, ha. Very funny Dean," Sam said rolling his eyes and looking forward just as they came to a stop next to their father's car. The two got out and headed to the trunk to gather their luggage, along with a bag full of arsenal. John had gone ahead and went up to the house's front door, where a very unpleasant looking Caleb was waiting.

"Hey Caleb," John said.

"John," the hunter acknowledged.

"Listen, thanks again for watching over my boys for me while I'm off. I'll be back to get them June 2nd when school is over," John said as Dean and Sam were walking up the stairs to join their dad.

"Well if it isn't Dean the trouble maker. You're lucky John that you saved my ass a while back and that I said I would do anything to pay him back, because seriously after this, I won't be making that mistake again," Caleb said with a glare.

John nodded and turned to face his sons; giving them a final look and heading for his truck, getting in and driving back down the road he had come.

"You must be Samuel. I'm Caleb. Whatever Dean here has told you about me…you best believe it. I won't take any shit from anyone including John's boys. Dinner is always at eight, although if you refuse to eat the food I provide, then I suggest you don't eat at all while you're here. Do you understand?" Caleb asked Sam. Caleb was no fool; for he knew that the elder one of the brothers understood the rules, but, failed to follow them.

"Yes sir," Sam responded immediately.

"Good. Now…unpack your crap upstairs in the guest bedrooms and come back down. You, boys, have chores to do," Caleb said; looking at Dean with an evil grin.


Changing the oil in the cars, scrubbing the bathroom floor, washing dishes, mowing and watering the lawn, repainting the outside of the house…the day was a living hell for the Winchesters.

"I swear if I have to see another paint brush ever again, I am going to gauge my own eyes out!" Sam exclaimed tiredly; sitting down on the patio's top step.

"Same here Sammy," Dean said as he sat down next to him. If it weren't for the fact that Sam was tired out of his mind, he would have said something on the Sammy comment his older brother made.

"You boys done already?" Caleb asked sarcastically; coming out of the house.

"Wow…and right on time too. Dinner's ready," he finished; heading back inside. The two siblings groaned in protest to their aching muscles as they followed after.


When morning came, it was a bitch to have to get up and go to school. Sam and Dean were fighting for the bathroom, just to get out of the house in a hurry. Not wanting to have to eat anymore of Caleb's so called food.

Volcan High School was nothing but, interesting. The two hunters looked at the building in disgust, as left and right, students walked towards it half heartedly, and not even trying to run away from it like it were a plague.

"Ready to start a new school year?" Dean asked with a grimace.

"No," Sam replied. They exited the car with their back packs and entered the place that they would have to be in for months and months to come.

In a way, things were starting to look up…well, for Dean at least. The school was crawling with way more girls than he would be able to find at a bar. He veered off, leaving his brother behind, where he was then bombarded by a group of jocks.

"Hey new kid! You got a name there sasquatch?" the leader of the pack asked. Joey Mandell was the head quarterback and had asked the question to the Winchester.

"Sam," Sam replied.

"Do you play football?" Joey asked.

"Not really. But I'm a fast learner," Sam replied; wondering just where this guy was going.

"Great. Then how would you like to be on the team? We are desperate and since your new…you just acquired a higher ranking in this school as jock. By the way. I'm Joey; this is Zach, Nick, Sid, and Hunter. The others aren't important right now. What do you say we show you around the school? Chicks will be throwing themselves at ya once they get a look at you," Joey said; placing his arm around Sam's shoulders and dragging him along, through the school hallway.

Meanwhile, Dean wasn't having as good of luck as his younger brother was. Everyone ignored him wherever he stepped and in a way he didn't like it. Normally when he went to a new school, all eyes were on him; mostly the ladies eyes. The bell rang and he knew he was late for class when the halls were empty. Dean ran as to not be seen, to his first class and when he entered, it was then he got the attention he thought he would have gotten earlier.

"Excuse me, but, class started when the bell rang. You are?" the teacher asked in an annoyed tone.

"Winchester. Dean. Winchester," he said with a grin; as he noticed that all the girls in the room were gazing up at him with longing looks.

"Ahh…the new kid. Please have a seat by…Ms. Singer," the teacher said; gesturing towards the desk by his fellow classmate. Dean walked over to the spot and sat down just as the teacher went back to teaching the class again.

"I'm Dean," he whispered to the girl he was assigned to sit by.

"And, I'm, not interested," she replied; never taking her attention away from the front of the room.

"Why? Oh I know, you're playing hard to get," Dean said with a grin.

"Actually, asshole. I have a boyfriend. An actual relationship. Something a guy like you probably wouldn't have a clue on what that is. So if you don't want a concussion, I suggest you turn back in your seat and never speak to me again. Okay?" she said with a cocky smile as she looked at him, with a look saying, 'Dead serious.'

"Sure…but, to let you know. I never give up," he replied still grinning as he shifted in his seat to face the front.

Taryn was stunned by the chosen words from his mouth. The air about him made her feel different; something inside her held a tinge of hope that he would keep trying to win her, no matter the consequences, and no matter what he suffered to succeed in doing so.

'I think I'm going to actually look forward to this school year,' she thought.