If Dean thought that Caleb's place was better than school, he was way wrong.

"Dean! Wanna explain to me why all my clothes are tie-dyed?!" Caleb yelled once the two brothers stepping inside the house.

"No, not really. I'm a little tired. In fact, go to someone else, and whine to him or her about your problems. Like Sammy for instance," Dean replied with a smirk before heading up the stairs to his bedroom. Caleb however, was faster and grabbed the back of Dean's shirt and pulled him back down and dragged him out into the backyard.

"So not cool! I do not like being man handled!" Dean said angrily just as Caleb let go; causing Dean to fall backwards onto the grass.

"Ever heard the term crime and punishment? You did the crime and now you get to do my idea of a punishment," Caleb said.

"I hope it has nothing to do with cooking in a frilly pink dress with heels, pearls and stupid blond wig," Dean muttered silently, but, sad to say that Caleb heard these words making him grin devilishly.

"Actually it is exactly that. You have to wear it for a whole week to pay off your deed," Caleb said and turned back towards the house; leaving a very stunned, very horrified, and very angered Dean behind.


"Dinner's ready! Now came and get your damn food!" Dean yelled from the kitchen. Sam and Caleb rushed down the stairs at the words and when Sam entered the kitchen

first…skidding to a stop at the sight of his brother he began to burst out in a high pitched laugh. Caleb grinned, folding his arms in front of him; thinking that what Dean was wearing had made his day…actually his week considering that was the order he gave him.

"Shut the hell up Sam cause you're cleaning up after dinner this week wearing something I picked out for you. It's hanging in your closet and I made it sure it was the right size,"

Dean said with an evil smile. Sam stopped laughing and immediately looked grim.

"You're cruel you know that right?" Sam asked as he took a seat at the table.

"Yep," Dean replied, going over to the stove and picking up the pan, serving the food onto all three plates.


The rest of the night however was funny as hell to Dean, seeing his younger brother in the very short maid's dress with shoes. It wasn't his fault that Sam was freakishly tall, even now that he was past his own height. Just as he was about to go upstairs to clean his weapons for the third time the doorbell rang. Thankfully he had changed after dinner so then whoever it was wouldn't see him in the humiliating outfit.

Dean went to open the door, but little did he know that Caleb was watching from the upstairs curiously. When Dean opened the door, there stood Taryn from school earlier that day.

"What are you doing here? Oh, I know. Thought your boyfriend an ass, and wanted me instead," Dean said with a grin.

"Are you always this cocky and hot headed?" Taryn scoffed, pushing past Dean to enter the house.

"So…last name Singer. I feel like I know the name," Dean said pulling his eyebrows together.

"Well, it's a very common one. Not like Winchester. Common? I think not. And to answer your question from earlier…I am here because I wanted to see if you were okay. My boyfriend can be a little too obsessed with keeping me safe. Although, I am technically his arm candy, which, I hate," she said rolling her eyes before sitting down on the couch.

"Then why date him? If he treats you no better than who you are just dump his ass. I could always knock some sense into him if you want. Trained and all," Dean said with a proud look at the words. To Taryn it seemed that there was something about him that seemed familiar too. Her uncle knew some people by the name Winchester and she just had to ask.

"Do you know a person by the name Bobby Singer?" she asked with a wince. Her uncle was going to kill her for telling a complete stranger his name. He was the cautious type and didn't want to take any chances by letting anyone know who he was.

"Yeah! Wait…you're not his daughter are you? Bobby would most likely tan my hide if I made a move on his own flesh in blood," Dean said.

"Well then, I made the wrong move in coming here didn't I? No. I am not his daughter. I'm his niece," she replied.