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alternate ending

November 11, 2552

location: Sol system, Earth, Sydney- UNSC Navy hospital

"You won't forget me" said Kyle as he placed Kelly's hand on her abdomen "I will always be with you, through our child. He or she is going to need a mother. You can't live in the past, please promise me you'll move on, have a good life... both of you".

"I will" she said as she removed her helmet and kissed him one last time.

"I'll be here when your time comes" Kyle said. "Make sure you live a good, full life, don't rush to be here with me again".

"Kyle" Kelly muttered as she found herself back in the hospital room, the hallucination was over. She was frozen in place with her finger just inches from the green button that would release Kyle. This shouldn't be her choice, there had to be a way to save him. But even she knew his injuries were too extensive, no amount of surgery could save him. She glanced over at him, lying on the bed in a coma, tubes hooked throughout him. Kelly whispered "please forgive me". Swallowing her courage and mustering ever ounce of strength she had, Kelly pushed the button. A flashback of events appeared before her eyes, all the time she spent with Kyle, the good and bad times. But this was drowned away by the whine from the vital monitors, Kyle had died. Kelly turned to face his body and dropped to her knees in front of the bed. She removed her helmet and lay her face against the side of his hand, taking in what warmth was left, that's when she finally started to cry. She'd effectively killed the man she'd loved, the father of her unborn child. She looked up at his face, his eyes remained shut, he no longer took in air, the color in his face was starting to fade. Kelly felt truly alone for the first time in years.

"Kelly, we should just let him be" said Fred as he set a hand on her.

Kelly didn't move and Fred had to pull Kelly upright. He placed an arm around Kelly and led her out of the room just as the doctor puled the sheet over Kyle's face. Linda collected her helmet and followed with Will and Doctor Halsey. They walked back to the waiting area where everyone else was still gathered. They all saw Kelly's look and assumed the worst.

"I am sorry for the loss of your mate, Spartan" said The Arbiter, "he was a brave warrior."

Kelly was showered by more sympathetic apologies from Shane, Tom and everyone else. Eventually she just lost her composure and broke down in tears again. Fred and Halsey took her to a private room to have her lie down. When they arrived Kelly collapsed on the floor, still crying. Kelly had practically lost the will to live. When Fred leaned down to see if she was alright, she shoved him into the wall, grabbing his sidearm from his thighplate. Pressing the gun to her temple, she prepared to take her own life. But suddenly froze up, not knowing what was causing it, until a sharp lance of pain lashed through her abdomen and she keeled over. Fred and Halsey were at her side in seconds, Kelly was being emptied of all feeling as Fred was yelling at her to tell him where the pain was. She didn't know how she managed it but was able to identify the spot. Fred began tearing her armor off while Halsey called for med techs. Fred stopped as he reached her undersuit, and his gauntlets came away with blood. Kelly realized where she was bleeding from, the fear gripped her heart as she screamed, then lost consciousness.


Kelly came to a few hours later, she was in hospital dress and had a couple IVs in her arm. Her abdomen felt sore so she lifted up her dress and found a fresh bandage over her abdomen.

"You nearly lost the baby" said Fred who was standing near the window, still at a loss for words. "Halsey said it was probably caused by all the stress you were putting yourself through."

Kelly still couldn't say anything to him, it had taken nearly loosing the one thing that she realized was her only reason to live. She remembered how she promised Kyle in the dream not to end her own life and to raise their child, how could she ever forgive herself.

"I want to see him" Kelly said.

Fred nodded sympathetically and ordered a wheelchair be brought down. Kelly managed to work her way onto it and Fred wheeled her downstairs to the morgue. A black body bag sat on a gurney in the morgue, waiting to be shipped out. Fred took Kelly over to it and set her chair by it, then left her alone.

"I failed you" Kelly said. "I almost let you down. I'm not sure if I have the strength to go on because you were always there for me. When I had a problem you were the first I turned to for help. You were also the first man I ever truly loved". She put a hand on the bag and took a deep breath, "when you kissed me the first time I never wanted to do anything else but be with you, nothing else mattered, not the war, not everyone else, all that mattered was you and me. When we had that night together in the shield world..." she chuckled a bit. "It was the greatest thing that ever happened to me, even the pregnancy. You were right you know, about putting our feelings aside when it matters most, especially now. I can't grieve forever, I know that". She sniffled a bit, "and it pains me that... our child will never know its own father. But if you taught me anything its that we can't live in the past, we decide our own fates, our own destines. You don't let hardship stop you from doing what you know is right. You don't give up..." she set her free hand over her abdomen. "...when a reason to live stares at you right in the face. You taught me to be determined until the end. You sacrificed yourself so I wouldn't get hit by that beam, so that our baby could live. You did something no one could ask of you, and you gave me a debt I can only repay by fulfilling my promise. Fred, Will, Linda, Halsey, Kalmiya, they all love you. Your child loves you and I love you. I love you with all my heart, Kyle. I always have... and I always will."

She turned and wheeled herself out of the morgue, not looking back.

November 12, 2552

location: Sol system, Earth, North America- pelican dropship over grid 17 by 56 (area formally known as Alexandria, VA)

It wasn't his home, Kelly knew that. But it was the most fitting spot as she stood at the open ramp of the dropship, wearing her MJOLNIR armor, carrying a small, metal cylinder. In the dropship was Kelly, Blue team and doctor Halsey. Riding inside Kelly's armor however was Kalmiya, who reluctantly agreed to accompanying them as Kelly went to spread his ashes. Kelly had requested his body be cremated, she didn't want a grave marker to serve as a permanent reminder to her. The pelican entered a holding pattern and Kelly looked out down below. Alexandria had been destroyed in this universe during world war III and the local area had reverted back to the forested region it once was.

"A fitting place" Kalmiya said. "Its time".

"That it is" Kelly said as she unscrewed the top and held the cylinder out over the side. A steady stream of gray ash floated out in a trail behind the pelican until there was no more. She even let the cylinder and the cap for it fall out the back, wanting zero reminders of him.

"You know we'll always be here for you" Linda said as Kelly sat back down.

"We won't let you go this alone" said Fred.

Thanks Kelly muttered happily. She took some small comfort in the fact she was surrounded by friends. The remaining Spartans had been assigned to a base on Earth, Kelly included. She remained isolated from everyone else and stayed in her MJOLNIR armor until her pregnancy prevented it. Shortly after Will's death, she gave birth to a girl whom she named Rebbecca. The name was actually Kelly's mother's, Halsey was kind enough to allow Kelly to view the files on her parents, but was also saddened to learn they were dead and she had no blood relatives alive. However, she took comfort in the fact she had someone to care for now.

25 years later...

July 28, 2577

location: Sol system, Earth, Sydney- UNSC Navy hospital

"You're clear to proceed" said the MP as he handed the ID back to the woman driving a warthog. She was allowed to pass and the warthog drove up to one of the lots near the front of building. The occupant, a young woman got out, entered the hospital and went to the receptionist's desk.

"You need to wait here" said the receptionist. "Doctor Williams is on his way."

The woman need only wait a few minutes before an middle aged doctor walked up to her.

"Rebbecca Stevens?" He asked.

"Yes" the woman replied. "How's my mother?"

"Follow me" said Williams as he took Rebbecca down the hall. "Your mother was burned mostly on her back by the explosion but she's doing fine. The skin grafts held but her kidneys needed to be replaced. She's on dialysis until we can grow them."

Rebbecca let out a sigh of relief as they reached her room. "Can I see her?"

"Of course, she might be sleeping" said Williams. "You can stay for a few hours but we'll be doing the transplant later tonight."

Rebbecca nodded and entered the room. Lying on a bed was her mother, Kelly-087. Even though she was 67, she didn't look it. Her skin was nearly as smooth as Rebbecca's and her hair had only a few gray streaks. She had a couple of IVs in her arm and some tubes that went into her back, connected to a machine at her bedside. Rebbecca sat down in a chair against the window, her eyes wandered to the beautiful day outside.

"I thought you'd show up" said Kelly as she woke up.

"Hey, mom" said Rebbecca. "I herd you had quite the accident up on the station."

"You could say that" Kelly replied. "They shouldn't play around with the plasma feed like that. Even though the new weapon systems would render our current ones obsolete, it still wasn't worth the risk."

"Be grateful you only got away with a couple of burns" said Rebbecca. "The MP who came by the base and told me you were in the hospital nearly gave me a heart attack."

"At your age?" Kelly chuckled. "You're 25, you have your whole life ahead of you". Kelly sighed and Rebbecca noticed it.

"Is something wrong?" Rebbecca asked.

"This is hard for me" Kelly started. "It always has."

"What has?"

"Going on with my life, ever since I lost your father" said Kelly. She knew it was time her daughter learned the truth, the truth she'd kept hidden for years. Kelly remembered the first time Rebbecca asked about her father, she was four and wanted to know why she didn't have a daddy. Kelly calmly told her it was because her daddy died before she was born. Rebbecca never brought it up again, but Kelly knew it was the time.

"I never told you how I lost your father" Kelly started. "He died saving me from a piece of debris that was going to hit me. He took it for me, the doctors tried to save him, but they couldn't. He was on life support and would only live for a few hours. I... let him go, I released him from this world."

"Mom..." Rebbecca muttered. She also noticed a few tears in her mother's eyes, she wasn't joking about this.

"I had this hallucination right before I did it, your father appeared to me and told me it was ok to let him go. He said I shouldn't rush to be with him on the other side, to raise you and make sure you had a life. After I pulled the plug, I was so grief stricken... I tried to kill myself. I nearly had a miscarriage at the same time, that's what stopped me."

"I nearly... died?" Rebbecca asked.

"It was thanks to a skilled doctor I know, she saved you. I never forgave myself for almost killing myself and you" said Kelly who was starting to cry a little more. "I remembered what I promised your father in that dream and I took comfort in it. I moved on, gave birth to you, raised you into the beautiful young woman you are."

"Thanks, mom" said Rebbecca.

"Which makes this all the more painful for me" Kelly said.

"I don't get it, mom. What does?"

"What I have to ask you, Rebbecca" said Kelly. "What I need you to do for me."

"Mom, you're scaring me here" said Rebbecca.

"Rebbecca, honey, I want you to let me go" said Kelly.

"You're delirious, mom!" said Rebbecca. "How could you even be thinking something like that! I mean, you're not that old. You just need a kidney transplant, that's all. It's not like you have cancer or something."

"Rebbecca, listen to me" Kelly started. "This is not some kind of delusion brought on by the meds, nor is it some head injury. I've done what I promised your dad, now it's time for me to join him."

"Then why don't you?" Rebbecca asked. "You don't need me to die."

"Because if I committed suicide, then you would have thought I was sick, and you'd beat yourself up over it for not realizing it sooner. I didn't want to hurt you."

"You're hurting me right now!" Rebbecca yelled. "What kind of mother asks her daughter to kill her based solely on some bogus promise she made to someone who was in a coma at the time!?"

"Rebbecca, please" Kelly said. "I've fulfilled my promise, I just want to be with him on the other side."

"And what about me? Don't you think I still need you?"

"Rebbecca, you're strong, you get that from your father. You don't need me in order to succeed in the world. I've been in pain ever since he died, ever since you were born. I've cried sometimes when I wake up at night at he isn't there helping me raise you, and sometimes I think it's my fault. Please help me, please release me from my pain."

"Mom...." Rebbecca muttered. She was on the bring of tears, and slowly turned away from Kelly to wipe her eyes clean before meeting her gaze. Rebbecca sniffled and said, "what do you need me to do?"

"The dialysis machine, over there" Kelly said. "Switch it off, without kidneys, toxins will slowly build up in my bloodstream."

"Mom, won't you be in pain?"

"Morphine, second drawer down" Kelly said pointing to the table on the other side of the room. Rebbecca went over and removed a syringe, followed by the bottle of medicine.

"Get another syringe, and load it with a 200 milligram dose" Kelly instructed.

"That's fatal" Rebbecca said.

"I know, but as soon as my heart rate goes into the red, the doctors are gonna be crashing through that door. I doubt you'll be able to hold them off. If I inject that dose into my femoral, it'll only take a few moments for my heart to stop."

Rebbecca shook her head for a moment before using the first dose on her mother, and keeping the second, fatal one in her pocket. She returned to her mother's bedside and held her hand as she slowly began to slip away. For over an hour, Kelly told Rebbecca stories about her father, eventually settling on his origins, where he really came from.

"It's nice to know I actually do have some family left, even if I can't reach them" Rebbecca muttered.

"Sweetie, it's getting harder to breathe" Kelly muttered. "They'll be coming."

Sure enough, the bio monitor began to flash a waring, followed by a whine. Rebbecca passed the syringe to her mother and stood up, unbuttoning her holster. A few moments later doctor Williams and a pair of nurses came through the door.

"What the hell did you do to her!?" Williams demanded.

"Only what she wants, now back off!" Rebbecca snapped.

"Ma'am you need to step away and let us through" Williams said as he prepared to push Rebbecca away. Rebbecca shoved him back with one hand and drew her gun with the other, pointing it squarely at Williams' chest. One of the nurses darted out of the room while Williams and the second nurse stood transfixed at the barrel of Rebbecca's sidearm. Kelly knew it would only be a matter of time before security arrived, so she removed the second syringe from underneath her bedsheets and jabbed I into her thigh. She depressed the button at the top and the lethal dose of morphine rushed into her veins. Rebbecca turned back to look at her mother and saw what she had done. Rebbecca lowered her weapon and went over to her mother.

"Mom, no!" Rebbecca screamed.

"Sweetheart, it's ok" Kelly said as she reached out and stroked her daughter's face, "it's what I want. You have to promise me something."

"Anything" Rebbecca said, tears slowly staining her eyes.

"Do not let this be the end of you, pick up the pieces and move on. Don't second guess what you helped me do."

"I promise mom, I promise" Rebbecca said.

"I love you" Kelly said as her hand slipped away from her face, too weak to hold it there. The security guards rushed the room and Kelly slowly felt herself slip away. The last thing she herd was Rebbecca's voice yelling at the guards, and then.... silence.

It was black, but suddenly Kelly felt something, on her skin. She opened her eyes and found the scenery had changed, instead of a hospital room, she was in the middle of a meadow overlooking a lake. The sky was a pale blue and dew was present on the long grasses, a sign it was early in the morning. The sun still had yet to rise. Kelly stood up and tried to get her bearings, and that's when she saw him.

On a rock, overlooking the lake, sat a man, but not just any man. Kelly slowly approached him, after all these years his face still looked the same.

"I was wondering when you'd show up" Kyle said to her.

Kelly didn't wast another second as she threw herself into Kyle's waiting arms. Their lips came together, Kelly being the forceful one. When they broke apart, each gasping for air, Kelly started to cry.

"I thought I'd never see you again" she said to him.

"I told you I'd be here when your time came, so here we are."

"I missed you" she said as their foreheads pressed together.

"I missed you too" Kyle replied. "So tell me, boy or girl?"

"Oh, it was a girl" Kelly replied. "I wish you could have been there."

"She'll be here eventually" Kyle said, "but not too soon."

Kelly stared out at the lake as the sun started to come up on the horizon.

"When the sun rises over those hills, this entire valley is slowly bathed in light, you should see when the sun's rays hit the surface of the lake, all the colors, it's almost heavenly. It reminds me of you."

"Kyle, how long will this last?"

"As long as we want it to" Kyle said, "because Spartans never die."

Kelly leaned her head against his shoulder and watched as the light from the sun hit the lake and slowly washed over them.

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