So this is my new story. It kinda came to me after thinking about it and having a dream it kinda made me wanna make just a fun campy cliché story. I think its gonna be funny so I hope you do to.

A little info: Jacob and Bella are the same age.
Everyone is human, no vampires or wolfs.


Another thing, all the chapter titles will be songs. Look at the bottom for what it is.

Here we were. Back in Forks after so many years, I hadn't been here since I was eight years old but everything still seemed so familiar. My family moved away because my dad wanted to see the world, traveling all over the place and finally settling in New Mexico but a year ago he and my mother got into a car accident. She died and he's pertinently crippled and stuck in a wheel chair. After that my family almost fell apart. Dad went into a really deep, dark depression where he would just get into a drunken stupor everyday, trying to drown his pain in beer. My sister, Rebecca, couldn't take it anymore and ran off with some surfer guy to Hawaii to get married.

I was only a freshman at the time; needless to say it hit me the hardest. My mother was the parent I could go to for anything and everything. I had many late night talks with her about school, friends, and pretty much anything you could think of. She was the first person I came out to. She told me she loved me no matter what. My dad prefers not to talk about it. When she died, I pretty much tried to give up on life. I stopped going to school, stopped talking to all my friends, and gave up on eating. I just didn't feel up to any of it. My sister, Rachel, Rebecca's twin, was the one who snapped me out of it. She had become the family rock since Mom died. One day she grabbed me by the hair, threw me out of bed, tossed me into the shower and turned the freezing cold water on me, and told me to snap out of it.

Dad didn't feel at home anymore living in the desert, so he moved us back to Forks where he and my mother had met when they were teenagers. So here we are. This little brown two-story house from my childhood; it was my grandparents', then my father's but we hadn't lived there since we moved. It was right next to the Chief of Police. He and my father had been friends since they were younger. His daughter, Bella, lived there; we had been best friends since birth but we talked very little since my family moved. We pulled into the asphalt driveway and I looked up at the old house. It brought back a lot of memories from my youth.

We got out of the car as Rachel pulled up in the moving van. "Home sweet home." Dad said as he opened the door, pulling his wheelchair out of the seat next to him and getting out of the car. I muffled out a 'yeah' under my breath.

"Billy," came a familiar voice from the yard next to us. It was Charlie Swan and his daughter. Charlie and my dad shook hands and greeted each other hello.

"Hey Rachel, hey Jake." He said turning his attention from my father to us. "Jake you remember my daughter Bella, right? You two used to be great friends." The girl with soft curly brown hair and equally kind eyes stepped out from behind her father to greet me.

"Hey Jacob. It's been a really long time." She gave me a soft smile. I smiled back to her. "Yeah way too long."

Charlie spoke up again. "Well, seeing as how you're one of my oldest friends Billy, Bella and I decided to give you hand with all the moving."

"Well that's a wonderful welcome back gift. Let's' get started."

It took hours upon hours to unload everything. The daylight dwindled into twilight then into the dark of the nighttime. Bella and I had all my stuff into my room. It was now filled with boxes up the ceiling; the mattress to my bed was sitting on the floor. I would have to set that up later. I was too tired to do anything plus I had to get ready for school tomorrow.

I sat down on the mattress; Bella took a seat next to me. "So how have you been since like eight years ago? You spike your hair now, that's cute." That much was right. When she knew me my hair was very short, but I usually just let it lay there, now at least I do it.

"Yeah, I see yours grew pretty long too." I remember her having somewhat of a little bob cut when she was younger.

"Oh, what's this?" Bella reached down towards my feet. My pants had ridden up reveling my rainbow anklet. "That's totally cute," She said, as she looked it over, rolling it in her hand. The seven different colors of hemp bound tightly together. "Oh thanks… It was the last thing my mom made me before she died." Bella's face fell from a happy smile to more of a serious tone and I knew why. "Don't worry about it. I'm fine to talk about it."

"I'm so sorry Jake." She slid closer to me and put an arm around my shoulder. "So since its rainbow does that mean…?"

I just started to laugh at her uncomfortable tone. "Yes… I'm gay. Don't worry, I'm fine to talk about that too."

"Too bad, all the cute ones around here are gay."

I was about to ask exactly what she meant by that but Charlie yelled from downstairs, interrupting my thoughts. "Bella, its time to go honey, you have school tomorrow." Bella got up from the bed but as she went to leave, turned back to me.

"Hey, I see that you really don't have a car. Would you want a ride to school tomorrow?" She was right. My motorcycle was getting shipped to us, so until then I was stuck without a car. "Yeah that would be great."

That night I listened to the rain falling as I slept. It was a noise that I hadn't heard in years. It was comforting. I remember when I was six, my mom would let me lay on her during a rainy night; we'd watch a movie and she would lightly scratch my back.


I woke up early to the load buzzing of my alarm clock. I shut it off and sluggishly got out of bed and climbed into a nice, warm shower. The water felt great on my skin and muscles. I was still sore from moving all the heavy boxes. I got out, toweled myself off, and changed into a pair of dark jeans, a pair of black converse and a tight blue polo. I checked myself out in the mirror. I was smoking for my first day of school. I tossed my hair into its usual spiky self and it only increased the hottest I was radiating.

Down in the kitchen, Rachel had made breakfast. "You have to be able to stay awake in class. Now eat." I sat at the table and began to eat some of the scrambled eggs she had prepared. "But don't get used to this. You know I go to school in two weeks." She had applied and been accepted to the University of Washington in Seattle. It was three and half-hours away, which wasn't that bad but it was still just going to be Dad and I till she got back. Bella came into our kitchen while I was stuffing my face.

"Hey Bella, would you like some breakfast?" Rachel greeted her.

"Oh no thanks, I ate before I left but maybe a little piece of toast for the road wouldn't hurt." She snatched up a piece of toast and quickly buttered it while I ran upstairs to get my backpack. I dug my hand inside the pockets to make sure that I had everything. My hand ran over something cold inside. I pulled it out and in my hand was a shiny silver chain necklace. My mother bought it for me when I graduated from eighth grade. I wrapped it around my neck, grabbed a gray hoodie and headed back downstairs.

When we arrived at school, I looked around at the small high school. It seemed too bleak under the cloudy Washington sky. We stepped out into the chilly air that seemed to bite at any exposed skin. It may have been September but it was still cold as hell. As soon as I got out of the car, all eyes seemed to be on me. Bella and I walked up to the school with all eyes and whispers on us. "Bella, what the hell is going on?"

"You're the new kid in town… well newest. They do this with everyone that moves here, its like you're the hot new gossip."

"I feel like I'm in a circus"

"Don't worry about it. Let's just get your schedule so you can get to classes."

We walked into the office where the redheaded secretary was sitting. She was an older woman, busy typing away on her computer. Bella cleared her throat causing the older lady to look up at us. A small smile painted itself across her face as her gaze met mine. "How can I help you?"

Bella took control of the conversation. "My friend here needs his schedule, Mrs. Cope." She patted me on the shoulder. The woman typed some on her computer before asking me several questions.


"Jacob Black" I spoke up





After a couple clicks of her computer mouse, the printer started up and she grabbed the piece of paper for me and handed it to me. "Have a nice day Mr. Black, and if you need anything please don't hesitate to ask." She seemed to try and flirt with me. I just let out a small 'thank you' and left.

"Ok let's see what you got." Bella swiftly snatched the piece of paper out of my hand and began reading off my classes. "English, Biology, Gym, Lunch, Algebra, Art, and Study Hall. Wow you're pretty filled and we don't have any classes together except lunch and study hall and I hardly classify them as classes." The bell rang signifying that classes had begun. I gave Bella a hug before we went in opposite directions. English was so boring. I would have fallen asleep if I didn't doodle in my notebook.

I walk into the biology class. It had a slight smell of formaldehyde most likely from animals that had been dissected. I looked around, every seat seemed to be taken. The teacher entered greeting everyone and he took one look at me. He knew that I was new. "Class, this is a new student, Jacob Black." I felt my cheeks flush red. I could introduce myself. "Here I usually put my students in apathetical order so Alice," He said pointed his finger at a girl in the front row "You and everyone after you need to move one seat over."

I took the empty seat next to the girl named Alice. She had short, spiky, black hair and was sickly thin, quite short, and was so pale that it looked like she didn't get any sun. She seemed to look me over. I figure its because I was new and I looked so good. The whole time she seemed to just be looking me over and then write something down in her notebook like she was making a checklist.

Gym was nothing but playing basketball. BORING! If I wanted to do that, I could do it on my own time. Finally lunch hit and by that time I was starving. I got in line and got my food. Same thing as every other school I've been to; pizza. I looked around for Bella. She was sitting with a large group of people, waving me over. She pulled me down in the seat next to her.

"Guys, this is one of my oldest friends, Jacob. Jake this is Mike Newton," She pointed to a tall guy with blonde hair. "Jessica Stanley" was a girl that seemed to be a little snooty. "Angela Weber" a cute girl with dark hair and glasses. "Eric Yorkie" a guy who didn't seem to be able to shut up. "And Tyler Crowley."

They all chattered about what was going on. A couple of them ask some questions of why I was coming when classes started two weeks ago, where I moved from, if I had a girlfriend or not. I took a little longer to answer that last one, not knowing how they would react to it so I simply said no. Jessica seemed to perk up when I said that. Bella nudged me in ribs knowing what I should have said but at this point I don't want to be known as the gay kid.

"Oh my God! Here he comes." Jessica said looking at the doors. In walk five of the most beautiful people I had ever seen. One was a really big guy with short black hair who looks like he could tear me apart with his bare hands. He was walking with an amazingly gorgeous girl with long blonde hair. They walked hand in hand. Behind them was the girl Alice from my Bio class. She was walking next to a guy with blonde honey hair… and behind them was the best looking one of them all. His skin was pale but seemed to be made out of white marble; his hair seemed to untamed and blazed like liquid bronze. The five of them sat down at a table and all eyes seemed to be on them.

"Oh, so you noticed them." Bella said whispering into my ear as both our eyes gazed at them. "Those are the Cullens and the Hales. They moved here a couple of years ago and have ran this place since. Not in a bully kinda way but just a kinda 'don't mess with us' way. The really big guy is Emmett; he's a junior, looks like a bear if you ask me. The little girl with short hair is Alice; she's in our grade and I guess a total lesbian… I'm still not sure about that one yet. The blondes are Jasper and Rosalie; their twins and are juniors. Roaslie and Emmett has been a thing since I can remember and since both families moved here. Jasper just kinda hangs around with them probably because his sister does." That was all of them… all of them except one; the guy that looked almost to be a god.

"What about him?" I said. As if he could read my mind he looked in my direction. I think he noticed me starting at him so I turned away, my face blushing a bright red. "Him… that's Edward Cullen. Of course he's the most beautiful guy in this place…"

"But he doesn't date" Jessica jumped in. "Apparently no girl here is good enough for him… not that I care." I could tell as she stared down at her food that he must have hurt her.

Bella leaned in closer to me. "Its defiantly not the girl thing. He lives more of an alternative lifestyle if you know what I mean. She's just in denial." I looked back at him; he was still staring at me. "Has he been looking at me the whole time?"

"Oh yeah."

The little one, Alice, leaned into him, his eyes didn't move off of me. Soon she was saying something to the others and all their eyes were on me; talking in low voices so that no one could hear them.

I had never seen anything like him. There was just something about him; perhaps a sense of innocents. He was much younger then me but that never means anything, looks can be deceiving.

"His name is Jacob Black." Alice said leaning over to me. "I had him in Biology. He seemed like a nice guy… kinda quite."

"Mmm too bad. I would love to sink my teeth into some fresh meat." I bit my bottom lip… something I tend to do when I see something I really like.

"You know, you should really love me." Alice pulled out her notebook from her class. "I did my usual checklist. Number one, cute. Check of course, you can see that with your own eyes. Number two, good body, check, he took off his hoodie in Bio and that boy has got some muscle. Number three, clean complexion, check, his skin is very beautiful."

"Yeah but what about that last one?" I said never taking my eyes off this boy.

"I was getting to that." By this time the rest of my friends were now listening and looking at him. "Number four, does he swing your way? My answer would be yes. While sitting next to him I saw an anklet, which come on, is gay enough as it is, but it was also rainbow."

"So he does go my way. I think I might need to get to know this guy."

"Oh come on Ed." Emmett butted in. "He's like 14, I'm pretty sure you could go to jail for that."

A devilish grin came across my face. "You know me, I like to live dangerously."

"I know that for sure." A voice said coming from behind me. I turned to see him, the person I wish I wouldn't have to see. James. I stood up to face him. My friends and family start to stand but I wave them down. I don't need them to win this fight.

"I couldn't help but hear that you were checking out the new guy. He is quite the cutie." James got closer to me, inches away from my face. I balled my fist, wanting to slug him in the jaw. He saw this out of his peripheral vision. "Now now Edward, you know as well as I do violence solves nothing." He put his hand on my fist to push it down but I pulled away from his touch.

"What's the matter Ed, you used to love it when I would touch you." He tired slipping his hand onto my stomach but I grabbed his hand and tossed it away from me.

"I see how its gonna be. Well in that case I guess I'll just have to find me a new toy. Maybe something a little younger." His gaze landed on Jacob. "How about a bet? The first one who get that boys virginity wins."

The thought of that made my stomach churn. "Get out of my face man. You make me sick."

He simply shrugged and walked away. "You know where to find me if you change your mind about that."

I think this is where chapter one will end. How you liked it. Its gonna get so much more fun and teen movie is. I LOVE IT!

Song Title of Chapter = Circus By Britney Spears because i think Jacob feels like hes in a circus with everyone watching him.

I feel the adrenaline movin through my vains
Spot light on me
And im ready to break
Im like a performer
The dance floor is my stage
Better be ready
Hope that you feel the same

All eyes on me
In the center of the ring
Just like a circus
When i crack that whip
Everybody gon trip
Just like a circus