Prompt: fantasy for femslash_today's Winter '08 Porn Battle

Disclaimer: I do not own Mean Girls or its characters. No profit made, no infringement intended.


There are reasons to fail Calculus other than a boy. It's possible to pay attention to your teacher, and still not learn anything about infinite limits. Particularly if you spend all class fantasizing about her.

Ms. Norbury, with her glasses, self-deprecating humor, and clinging, coffee soaked tank tops. You couldn't take your eyes off her if you tried.

Sometimes you imagine her confronting you about being a Plastic. You imagine her angry at you for dumbing your self down, for sacrificing your individuality for popularity. She'd be so close to you, with her worried face and angry, disappointed eyes.

It would be then that you'd kiss her. Your lips would cover hers while she was in the middle of telling you off. She'd be startled, but she'd kiss you back. She'd taste of peppermint lip balm and coffee, and her glasses would press against your cheek. You'd pull them off before the next kiss, a mischievous smile upon your lips.

Your fingers would tangle in her hair, and you'd sigh as her fingers traced the line of your jaw. Sometimes you imagine the sound of her gasping, but it makes you blush too much in class.

You find yourself smiling in class, lost in the sound of her voice, and then she'll call on you. You look back at her, dazed, wishing she was the same Ms. Norbury of your dreams and the classroom was empty. But then you stumble to answer the question.

After the bell rings you're back to being a Plastic, and pretending you like boys.