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Lockon told him to not bother. But with their strategist Sumeragi Lee Noriega in the enemy's grasp, they couldn't afford to slack around and wait for her instructions. Hallelujah told him –accompanied with that maniacal laughter- that one of Sumeragi's captors would be present near the national library.

That's why Setsuna continued to trail the feminine-looking mafia member, knowing that it was potentially dangerous, but thinking that it would also be potentially to their favor, if he managed to get more information about Sumeragi's capture.

"Why are you following me?" An irate voice—and it silenced all of Setsuna's curiosity whether he was a really flat woman, or just a very pretty man.

Setsuna kept quiet, hands placed on his belt, ready to draw his gun if needed. He was sure that he has been as inconspicuous as possible.

"You should ditch that awful scarf," The words were a suggestion, but the other man's tone made it seem like an order. Girly-man –at least, that's what he was in Setsuna's thoughts because he didn't have the chance to find out the other's name yet- moved deeper into the alley they were in. Setsuna followed, but he stopped in his tracks when the other whirled around to glare at him.

"You are not fit to stalk me."

Setsuna raised his gun, because, if Girly-man wouldn't allow him to continue his trailing, then he'd have to get to information now. "Where are you hiding Sumeragi Lee Noriega?"

Girly-man raised an elegant eyebrow. He then purposely stalked towards Setsuna and tore his scarf away to get a better look at Setsuna's collarbone. After a moment of inspection, Girly-man let out an unimpressed 'hmm', before moving away from Setsuna.

Hallelujah told him that seducing with the enemy is the perfect way to get information. So, without letting Girly-man move away from him again, Setsuna pulled the other's head down for a clumsy, feverish kiss.


"I apologize, for I have sinned," Setsuna said solemnly, and Hallelujah laughed that slightly-creepy laugh again, while Allelujah tried to do silence his twin.

Lockon nervously chuckled, "Oi, oi, this is not a confession booth…"

"But I gained valuable information," Setsuna continued, and the tone was a tad happier. "I now know where is Sumeragi-san being held—"

Lockon patted Setsuna awkwardly on the shoulder, while Allelujah repeatedly whacked Hallelujah while yelling 'this is all your fault!'. "You see, Setsuna, we already know—"

And the door to the meeting room opened, and Girly-man was there, wearing the same uniform as theirs. "What are you doing here—"

Haro simply chirped happily, "Tieria's back! Tieria's back!"

"Tieria Erde? The undercover mafia agent? But Hallelujah said…"

Setsuna suddenly looked like he might faint, face blank but pale, and Lockon gently led him to the couch.

"You really are unfit to stalk me," Tieria repeated, but this time, there was a slight smile on his face.

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