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Hitsugaya was busy signing some documents that needed his attention. For once he was happy that his Lieutenant actually did her job. Maybe that was because Captain Kyoraku asked her to join him and some others for free sake all around. Hitsugaya declined the invite, as he had to do his work. However he had never seen Matsumoto finish her three weeks of paperwork under an hour and leave the office without him knowing. After thinking of it, it wasn't surprising to him at all.

Suddenly, a knock came upon his door. He looked to his left to see Karin at the door with two files in her hands.

It had been two years since she came. After drifting into a coma while saving a kid's life from a car crash, Urahara came to see her visit. While in soul form and her chain of fate still attached to her body, Isshin and Urahara told Karin it was highly unlikely that she would wake up. And even if she did, she would never know how long. Then Urahara sprang a surprise question on her, which after a week of consideration, she accepted. She broke her chain of fate and became what Ichigo was, a Shinigami. Isshin was a bit hesistant at first but he knew that this was what Karin wanted and because Shinigami blood ran through his children's veins. It was not unnatural for them to grow a desire to become one. Even for Yuzu.

Now, under the command of the Tenth Squad Captain, Karin had finally grown accustomed to the ways of being a shinigami. Over the years, she had proven to be very much like Ichigo and she was quick to gain shikai. She also proved to others that she was fit to be a third seat officer.

No more the body of a kid, Karin had finally grown into a fine young lady with lovely curves, as what Captain Kyoraku had said. Her black hair was slightly longer and she definitely grew two bumps on her chest. Not just physical appearance had changed; she had become somewhat a bit feminine as well but still retained her tough nature.

"Toushirou, these files contain copies of testimonials from you and Matsumoto-san concerning Aizen and the war. Captain Soi Fon told me to give this to you for keeping," Karin said as she entered in and handed them to Hitsugaya.

After flipping through them, Hitsugaya opened his drawer and placed the files in them.

"Arigato," He monotonously thanked.

"And for the hundredth time, it is Hitsugaya Taicho, not Toushirou," He replied coldly.

Hitsugaya had also a sort of growth spurt. He had definitely become taller and he looked more like a young mature adult, which matched his serious personality. It did grab him some fan letters from the girls in the Sereitei academy.

Matsumoto used to make fun of him being shorter than Karin but now, he definitely was taller than her. Karin however, despite her athletic interest, was not exactly tall or muscle built. Her body structure was almost like Rukia except the bumps on her chest was more prominent.

"Have any girls asked you to the Sereitei ball yet?" Karin asked as she leaned over Hitsugaya's desk. Hitsugaya kept his eyes on his work.

"Nope." He answered.

"Anyone you're hoping for?" Karin questioned in hope to hear an answer. Hitsugaya still kept his eyes on his paperwork. "Nope."

"Will you look up at me?"


Karin frowned, "am I just only going to get one word answers?"

He flipped the paper, "yes."

Karin sighed, "when Matsumoto said you're a man of little words while doing work, she wasn't kidding." Karin spun around. She jumped over the couch and landed with a Plop.

"That's because I'm trying to concentrate baka," Hitsugaya shot back. He dipped his brush into his ink dish and continued to sign his papers. Karin laid her head back and placed her feet on the coffee table. Hitsugaya looked up and frowned, "oi, no feet on the coffee table."

Karin closed her eyes and pretended to not have heard what he said. "What are balls like?"

Hitsugaya arranged the papers and raised his teacup to his lips, "boring."

Again with the one word answers, Karin thought.

The ball was to be a celebration of the end of the war.

Karin tilted her head and sighed with a heavy heart. She glanced back at the white hair captain. Karin smiled.

For a long time, she had a deep crush for Hitsugaya but she daren't say it to anyone. She didn't want anyone to know especially Hitsugaya. Now that the ball was being set up, people were going around asking each other to be dates. Two guys have had already asked her but she kindly turned them down. She wanted to save the spot for Hitsugaya.

He made her feel like she was in bliss when he was around and whenever he smirked, she would melt inside. Two years she harbored the feeling but never made any advances. It sometimes hurt because she did not know if he felt the same way. In her eyes, he was utterly good looking. Matsumoto just said he was an old scrooge.

"Why are you smiling stupidly?" Hitsugaya suddenly burst into her thoughts. Karin snapped her head up to see Hitsugaya give her a blank stare. Emotionless more like it.

Karin felt her cheeks flush. Immediately, she scowled at him. "I'm not staring at you baka!"

Hitsugaya's eyes widened at her response. He felt her gaze on him earlier and he felt slightly uncomfortable. Why? He didn't know. But deep down, he felt sort of happy. He liked her company although he doesn't say it. She was someone different to him. She wasn't like Hinamori or Matsumoto. For one, she doesn't get drunk by overload of sake.

Karin was someone close to him despite the distance that he portrayed on the surface. He doesn't tell her everything that's on his mind but she was someone that he could sit and stare at the sky with. They did that sometimes. Little words but it was enjoyed.

Ukitake would, at times, tease him about his friendship with Karin as something more. Hitsugaya would deny it all the time but it made him feel slightly sad. Why? He wasn't sure.

"Then what are you staring at dumb dumb?" Hitsugaya snorted. Karin scowled at his remark of her and picked up a pillow. She threw it and it hit Hitsugaya square in the face.

"You're the dumb dumb, idiot," Karin stated.


The pillow returned to Karin the same way she delivered it.

"I'm your captain, you're my officer, whose the idiot now?" Hitsugaya pushed. Karin crossed her arms and turned away from him. Karin had always been and would always be the same.