Title: Pure Hearted Love

Author: DnKS – giRLs

Rating: PG13

Pairing: SuzaLulu

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Warning: Crack, very much so. OOC moments ensued for this chapter and the chapters ahead, ruination of characters, impossibly AU, and idiotic. Yaoi factors should also be of consideration. Now, doesn't that make this fic look like a total crap!?


Chapter 1

It was in the year 2010 a.t.b., as being recorded in the world's history, when a power struggle between the three largest factions existed in the world seemed to arise. The Holy Empire of Britannia, The European Union, and The Chinese Federation were all trying to expand their dominations over the world. Many of the lesser small countries that previously did not belong to any of the three factions soon found themselves being annexed to one or the other among the three, either willingly or not. And as the storm of war swept through the world, there was no doubt that it should also affect one certain country called Japan.

The storm that swept Japan was very much connected to a certain source of power that had attracted the attention of the entire world. That power source called Sakuradite was in high demand now that Knightmare Frames being in trend and all that. The Holy Empire of Britannia in particular sought after the Sakuradite to a great extent considering it being the nation that initially created the Knightmare Frames. And since Japan possessed the world's greatest Sakuradite mine, it was natural that The Holy Empire of Britannia saw an alliance with Japan as a profitable one. Yet the matter arose when The Chinese Federation also showed their interest in having an alliance with Japan. The current tide showed that The Chinese Federation had a greater chance at winning the struggle. But The Holy Empire of Britannia would not stand idle at that.

Or, to be more precise, the 98th Emperor of The Holy Empire of Britannia, Charles di Britannia, would not stand idle at that.


It was certainly not a dark and stormy night when Emperor Charles di Britannia conducted a conversation with Japan's Prime Minister, Kururugi Genbu. The conversation between the two nation leaders was of course somehow or another related to the cold war that swept the world, the recently opened Sakuradite mine, the newest batch of Knightmare Frames, and the winning team of the latest soccer game aired the previous night.

"This is ridiculous," Genbu said as he put his glass of wine back to the table.

"Pardon me?" Charles said, blinking the slight drunkenness from his eyes that caused by the two and a half bottle of Chateau Lafitte he had drunk with Genbu. "Are we talking about the war, the Sakuradite, the Knightmare Frames, or the soccer game?"

"All of them are ridiculous," Genbu said, flailing his hand a little. It seemed Charles was not the only one in the dire threat of getting drunk any time soon. "I hate that soccer team, their uniform looks stupid. And the new Sakuradite mine, whoever had the idea to build it in Mount Fuji? It just ruins her beauty. And your new Knightmare Frames looked like crab with too many legs. And… what's the other one?"

"The war, my friend, the war," Charles explained.

"Ah, right, the war!" Genbu exclaimed. He raised his glass to his lips and sipped some more wine before he continued. "This stupid war and now every country's representatives are trying to subjugate me into annexing Japan with their country."

"Well, you have the Sakuradite," Charles said. Refilling his glass he then said. "It's like having a very beautiful daughter and now that the entire world sees her beauty, they all are trying to court her and win her hand."

Genbu frowned, "I always believe that I only have a son."

"It's figurative," Charles said, waving his hand.

"Ah, right," Genbu said. "So, are you also trying to win my daughter…? I mean my Sakuradite?"

"As a matter of fact, I do," Charles said and a look of seriousness passed on his face. "Britannia is facing a great peril, my friend. Seeing the current event of the world affair, I can say that there is a high possibility that either The Chinese Federation or The European Union would soon launch a declaration of war to Britannia. And I do think that an alliance with Japan will help Britannia greatly in the upcoming war, though I hope there will be no war whatsoever."

It might look amazing that a half drunken man like him could deliver such eloquent speech like that. But Charles di Britannia had been Emperor of The Holy Empire of Britannia for decades so he could do things normal people found arduous, like doing diplomatic speech in the middle of drunkenness or dressing his hair in rolls 24/7.

Genbu regarded Charles with a sharp look before he smirked, "And you will have a steady supply of Sakuradite for your Knightmare Frame projects, am I right?"

It seemed that the ability of doing diplomatic speech in the middle of drunkenness was a trait that every world leader possessed, while the ability to dress one's hair in rolls 24/7 was probably exclusive only to Charles. In that moment, those two men really looked like two nation leaders in diplomatic conversation and not merely two old geezers cursing general abomination of the world.

"That also," Charles agreed. It would be a very perceptible lie if he told Genbu he did not think about the sakuradite. "But you will also get your benefit from this. If you join force with Britannia, we can help you in dealing with those Chinese men. I am sure you also view them to be nastier than us."

"I have to agree," Genbu scrunched his face. "They have no fashion sense. Do you have any idea how hard is it trying to do diplomatic talk with someone who could maybe pass as a male wearing excessive amount of white face powder and orange lipstick that was not even applied expertly?"

"Terrible indeed," Charles sighed. "Considering that, you can say that my proposal is much more beneficial for you. We have enough military power but we need the Sakuradite. You have a great amount of Sakuradite in your country but you do not have enough military force to defend it. And Britannia does have fashion sense."

Genbu gave a scrutinizing look at Charles that rested on his rolls of hair a second longer than necessary, "I will need a lot of persuasion to believe that."

"Oh, at least I wear no lipstick," Charles said. "So what is your answer, my friend?"

Genbu had a look of deep contemplation on his face for a moment. Distractedly, he touched the rim of his wine glass. If he were to consider the current situation, he knew that an alliance with The Holy Empire of Britannia was a very good thing. But it was also an alliance with the greatest risk. Britannia only needed his Sakuradite and it had military power far surpassing that of Japan. Even though Charles now came up to him with a proposal of friendly diplomatic relationship, in the future, Britannia could always breach the treaty and try to conquer Japan into full submission. That was the cunning person Charles di Britannia could be and Genbu had known it after years he was being friends with him.

"Charles, my friend," he began. "I know how much of a cunning man you are, so please allow me to feel a bit suspicious here. You ask for an alliance with Japan but how can you assure me that in the future you will not try to betray our treaty and declare war to conquer my country?"

Charles frowned. It was reasonable that Genbu felt hesitant about the alliance he just proposed. But during that time, he really needed the alliance with Japan to be formed before those lipstick wearing men, a.k.a. the representatives of The Chinese Federation, beat him.

"So what do you propose?" he asked.

"I need an assurance that is stronger than a mere contract paper with our sigils on it," Genbu said. "I propose a union of blood between Britannia and Japan."

Hearing that, Charles had a look of surprise on his face. "Are you proposing a political marriage between our nations?"

"Indeed," Genbu said. "I have a son, my only son, while you have so many children. Surely among them you could find one worthy to be the bride of my son? Surely, Charles, you can give one of your children to be married with my son? This way we will become family, not merely accomplices, and thus I will give you all the power I have to support Britannia."

If he did not have that much self control in him, Charles must have surely found himself biting his lower lip while he was thinking hard about Genbu's proposal. True, he needed the alliance. But he also did not want to agree so easily to what Genbu had proposed. A marriage between their two nations would cause a long lasting effect. Should there be any children born from the wedlock, it would only make matters worse. For as long as he could remember, there was never any marriage happened between the royal family with people not of the pure royal blood of Britannia. Of course it was to ensure that only those of pure Britannian blood could inherit the throne of The Holy Empire of Britannia. But if a political marriage happened between Japan and Britannia and suppose a child was born from it, there would be a possibility of someone not of pure Britannian blood inheriting the throne.

Now that Genbu proposed his notion, Charles found himself in peril. Should he reject the proposal, it would surely be taken as an insult and the possibility of having an alliance with Japan would surely diminish. Should he agree to the proposal, it would mean staking his throne. It was a difficult choice. But suddenly he realized of a thing.

Genbu had said one of his children not one of his daughters.

He smirked. Now he had a solution.

"Though I seldom resorted to marriage as a binding contract between two nations, I have to agree that it would surely form a strong bond between us," he said. "And we have been friends for so long. I believe you are worthy enough to be my in-law. Tell me, my friend, how old is your son?"

"My son, Kururugi Suzaku, will be ten years old this summer," Genbu said.

"Ah," Charles said while he was trying to search in his mind among his many sons who might be of the same or at least similar age to that. Yes, it was surely a very brilliant solution. No child would be born from a marriage between two men. Thus he would get the much needed alliance without having to worry over the successor of his throne. And of course he could tweak the law a bit so it would allow same sex marriage in his country. Being an emperor had its benefit and he sure would use it the best he could. He felt so proud of himself.

"Can I take this as your agreement of my proposal?" Genbu asked.

"I do believe your proposal is excellent and, yes, I accept it," Charles said. "Though I have yet to decide on which among my children to be a perfect match to your son…"

Charles stopped his words as an image of a certain boy entered his mind. He could practically see in his mind how the boy smiled, how that silky black hair framed his elegant face, how those amethyst eyes shone with intelligence. He smiled. Yes, his Lelouch would be a perfect bride for Genbu's son. Lelouch was the eleventh prince of Britannia; it meant his chance of inheriting the throne was small already. And Lelouch was intelligent; he could surely hold his ground in the marriage.

"No, I think I know a perfect someone to be the bride of your son," Charles said. "One of my children is of same age with yours and I assure you there is no better choice among my children than this one."

"Excellent!" Genbu exclaimed. "Well, then, I shall expect a formal marriage proposal from your empire to arrive within near future."

"Very well," Charles said with a smile. "By the way, do you happen to know a good place to buy some very high quality sake?"

"Actually I might recommend some, pray tell why?" Genbu asked.

"Ah, I only wanted to bring some for my wife. I remember she enjoys it so much," Charles explained. She knew it would take more than a bottle of very good sake to appeal his dear Marianne, mother of Lelouch, into accepting this marriage proposal. But it was worth trying. And he figured it would be better to come to her with a gift than empty handed. For one thing, Marianne was fully capable in applying grievous bodily harm to people and the fact that she had not done it during the recent years did not mean she had already forgotten how to do it. And surely it would be plain stupid if he, the emperor of The Holy Empire of Britannia, found his regicide in the hands of his own wife just because he could not make her accept the fact that their little son would be married to some unknown Japanese boy. Usually gifts could make the talk go smoother. Or so he hoped.

Considering those things in mind, Charles di Britannia found himself three days after his conversation with Genbu standing on the porch of Aries Imperial Villa. In his hands were a bottle of Genbu's recommended brand of sake and a bouquet of red roses. And in his head he recited the speech that he had so carefully prepared to give to Marianne.

Yet reciting the speech in his head was far easier than reciting it in front of the actual person herself. So it stood to reason that one hour after that, he still did not manage to say it. And Marianne, his dear wife, seemed to know that he had something in his mind for she stared at him expectantly across the low marble table. He had given her the sake, he had given her the roses, he had given her the sweet talk as what was supposed from a husband after leaving his wife for six months, and he had even given her a new Knightmare Frame should she wanted to recall her jolly old days when she used to raid the town with terror in that giant mechanical structure.

The only remaining thing to be said was the most important one. And also the hardest one.

Charles sipped his tea. He regarded the sound of children playing outside. After greeting their father, Lelouch and Nunnally, his and Marianne's two children, rushed out to play under the sun. He could see them clearly from the grand French window of the room he currently occupied with his dear Marianne as they were having tea.

"Lelouch is growing to a fine young boy," he began. "He will reach his tenth birthday this winter, if I am not mistaken."

"Yes," Marianne said. "Charles, is there something that matters? I know you are not someone to suddenly appear without reason."

"You made it sound like I am an irresponsible husband who neglects his family most of the time and only comes around if there is something he wants," Charles said and then he frowned. "Well, maybe that sounds a bit like me."

Marianne gave him a darting look and Charles cleared his throat.

"What I am trying to say is," he began. "I had a conversation with Japan's Prime Minister a few days ago. You do remember Kururugi Genbu, I believe. And during our talk, we somehow reached an agreement to build an alliance between Japan and Britannia. You need to understand, Marianne, that this alliance is highly important to us. By having Japan as our ally, we can ensure the supply of Sakuradite and it will also strengthen our military power in the Pacific. With The Chinese Federation advancing on us, having Japan support us is highly beneficial."

"I do know about politics, dear, so I can understand why you sought this alliance," Marianne smiled. "But that does not explain the sake and the roses."

"Yes, the sake and the roses," Charles said with a hidden halt in his voice. And he most certainly was not fidgeting, not at all. "I need to tell you something… personal, actually. While it's true that Genbu and I have both agreed to form alliance between our countries, he seemed to need something to ensure that I will not betray our treaty."

"Is he not a smart man," Marianne commented with a womanly scoff.

"So he proposed a political marriage to form a stronger bond between Japan and Britannia," Charles said. Taking a breath, he then said. "And I think Lelouch is a perfect candidate."

Marianne frowned and her next words came in a slower pace than before, "I thought Genbu only has a son."

"True," Charles said, gulping down.

"Are you saying, Charles, dear," Marianne said with her sharp eyes directed straightly at Charles. "That you are going to marry Lelouch off to this Japanese boy?"

"Marianne, please understand," Charles said, resisting the urge to squirm in his seat. "I cannot give him one of my daughters. What if a child is born from the marriage? What if the child happens to be a prince? What if the prince happens to be the first imperial prince of his generation? What if any other princes and princesses suddenly died? I will be forced to give the title of crown prince to him. Can you imagine the possibility of someone not of pure Britannian blood sit on the throne as the emperor of The Holy Empire of Britannia? It's unsettling!"

Her Royal Highness Empress Marianne kept her silence for a while before a sigh escaped her fair lips. "Well, you will have to change the law a little to allow this marriage to happen."

Charles blinked, "Does that mean you agree to this marriage proposal?"

"Charles, dear," Marianne said with a disapproving sigh. "You are my husband and my emperor. Of course I will have to agree to anything you say. And I do know politics to the point I can understand the reason behind your decision. You should have not expected a hard time trying to make me accept this idea. What you should worry about is our darling Lelouch. I believe it will be hard for him to accept that he will be a bride to some Japanese boy he has never met before."

"Right," Charles frowned. "Sure, if anything fails, we still can use Nunnally to implore him to accept this arrangement."

Marianne smiled approvingly at his husband cum emperor. "I knew there is some very good brain hidden beneath those unsightly rolls of yours."


PRIME MINISTER KURURUGI GENBU WAS NOT HUMORED. Just earlier that day he accepted the official envoy from The Holy Empire of Britannia bringing him the formal marriage proposal as signed by the 98th emperor Charles di Britannia. And it was then he realized the exact measure of shrewdness his friend Charles possessed. To think that Charles would orchestra such a move, Genbu thought in anger.

His eyes fell on the picture of a certain boy that the envoy brought along with the document. He did not deny that the boy was really attractive. But it was a boy! He wanted a girl to be a bride for his dear little Suzaku but Charles… oh that devil had to be really worried to stake his throne, Genbu thought angrily. Charles di Britannia had to be really scared that some children with mixed blood would inherit his throne that he forced such impossible thing like that. But Genbu knew it was also his fault.

"I did say one among his children that time, did I not?" Genbu shook his head. "Charles, you impossible jerk."

Kururugi Genbu was thinking so hard that he did not hear the soft sound of footsteps coming to his direction. When he finally looked up to see the newcomer, it was more because he sensed a presence, not because he saw one. His eyes caught the view of two fierce emerald orbs staring back at him and his expression softened.

"Are you still working, father?" the newcomer said.

"Apparently yes," Genbu said to his son, Suzaku. "What brought you here?"

Suzaku blinked, "My feet?"

It was amazing how a power of love between father and son could do. Take the example of Kururugi Genbu and his one and only son, Kururugi Suzaku. At the age of ten, many people who saw Kururugi Suzaku for a first time would undoubtedly think that he was not very bright. But Genbu would just shove those people off as being envious and preferred to call his son merely 'naïve'. Just like how he told those people who said that his Suzaku was a bit slow that no, Suzaku was not slow at all, as a matter of fact he could outrun a healthy adult anytime.

It surely seemed that Kururugi Suzaku inherited his trait of 'naïveté' from his father.

So of course, upon receiving such seemingly stupid answer, Genbu only rectified his question. "I mean, what is your reason of coming here?"

"I just want to see you, father," Suzaku grinned at him. "I'm worried because it's late and you are still working."

Genbu smiled at that. His Suzaku was always so adorable in his eyes. That was why he would never settle for anything other than the best for his Suzaku. Including the matter of his future bride. Especially the matter of his future bride!

Genbu recalled with unsuppressed anger his conversation via phone with Charles a moment before. How could he not be furious upon realizing that Charles intended to marry their sons off? What kind of idiot would propose such impossible thing like marry his son with another boy? Well, apparently Charles was one of those idiots, Genbu thought.

With a sigh, he pressed his knuckles to his forehead. He knew it was partially his fault. He did ask for the hand of one of Charles' children so it was perfectly reasonable, considering his friend's cunning mind, to give him the hand of one of his sons. It also did not breach their agreement since a political marriage was just that: a political marriage. Should there be no love in the marriage then so be it. Should the two parties involved be of same gender, so be it. A political marriage only meant as a bond between two countries. Genbu knew that but he could not accept that, because from the very first he did not seek this marriage simply for Japan's sake but also for Suzaku's sake.

Therefore, in that matter, Genbu had told straightforward to Charles that the final decision of whether or not Japan would accept the proposal was in Suzaku's shoulders. His son was the one with the power to decide. Genbu just could not wager his son's happiness with a mere thing like an alliance of power between his country and Britannia. Should Suzaku accept the proposal, the alliance would be formed. Should Suzaku reject it, the hell with the alliance! Sure it would mean that he had to lose such great chance of forming an alliance with one of the three largest nations in the world. And that would also mean he had to defend his country from those lipstick-wearing men alone.

Genbu looked at his son who stared back at him with those amazingly bright emerald eyes. Then his eyes fell on the face of the boy inside the photograph Charles had sent him. The description said that the name of the boy was Lelouch vi Britannia, the eleventh prince of The Holy Empire of Britannia and the seventeenth successor to the throne. Even though he was a boy, even Genbu had to admit the exceptional beauty the Britannian young prince possessed. He was enchanted by those sparkling amethyst eyes that spoke of intelligence, that serene half smile on his face that spoke of cordiality, that porcelain fair complexion, that smooth black hair that reminded him so much of Suzaku's mother…

"Father," Suzaku's voice stopped him from enumerating yet more excellent criteria of Lelouch vi Britannia. "Who is he?"

Hearing that, Genbu realized that Suzaku was also examining the photograph with interest.

"He is a prince from Britannia," Genbu said. "His name is Lelouch vi Britannia."

"Umm…" Suzaku said with a smile. "He is so cute, father. I like him."

Genbu could feel a wave of relief sweeping through his body as he heard Suzaku's words. Maybe the situation was not so bad considering that Suzaku did show his interest to the one supposed to be his fiancé. With a smile, he patted his son's head and cheerfully he told him.

"I'm glad you think so because he is the one you are going to marry one day."

Kururugi Suzaku, aged ten, who had yet to understand the differences between males and females and the exact definition of marriage, looked up at his father with a great joy in his face. With an expression that showed nothing but blissful surprise as if he could not believe such amazing thing could happen to him, he exclaimed, "What?"

It should be noted that across some continents away from Japan, one Lelouch vi Britannia also exclaimed one very same word to his father. The word might be same, but the tones in which the word was spoken were surely not. While Suzaku said that in excitement and happiness, Lelouch said that with resentment and anger. But still, the fact that the two boys managed to say the very exact same word in the very exact same time surely meant there was some deep connection of destiny between them.

…Or so both of their fathers hoped.

-end chapter 1 –

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