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Star Trek Voyager

Old Friends

Chapter 5

Monster Under The Bed

"What is Ensign?" Janeway asked stepping on the bridge. She approached his console and leaned against it.

"Sensors have picked up a disturbance of some sort," Harry said typing a few things on his console. He shook his head and continued, "I am not sure exactly what it is," Harry paused and looked confused, "It is almost as if sensors picked up an ionization trail of some sort."

"So are you saying it could be a ship?" Janeway asked looking at Harry.

Harry shook his head again. "It could be," He said exhaling, "But I can't be certain. I will have to study it further, but there is a distinct possibility."

Janeway stepped away from the console and ordered, "Harry I want you to go to engineering and continue scanning for this disturbance with B'Elanna."

"Yes mam," Harry said as he walked off the bridge.

Janeway turned and stared out of the view screen as she approached the front part of the bridge. She wished Chakotay were here to help her out. She always enjoyed his presence and sometimes found it soothing. Not to mention, Chakotay always seemed to help her out when problems arose. Janeway looked at Tuvok briefly watching him at his console. Tuvok looked up at her and at that moment, Janeway turned and sat in her chair. She crossed one leg over another and closed her eyes waiting for answers.


Harry leaned forward and looked at the computer as the targeting scanner slowly etched its way through the grid marks of open space in search for what ever was out there. He began typing in the computer next to it and the screen changed to an image of a bubble of some sort. It was more triangular in shape and resembled a cloud. Harry shook his head and looked up at B'Elanna who just uttered a Klingon curse. She looked angry and Harry knew not to even get involved. When his computer beeped, Harry returned his gaze to it. The triangular bubble like cloud was now gone. "Damn it," Harry cursed exhaling loudly.

"Also having trouble?" B'Elanna asked approaching Harry.

Harry looked at her and gave her a strained smile. "Yeah, in fact I am," He said, "I thought I found something, but as soon as I did it disappeared."

"Sounds like a cloaked ship," Ensign Carry said as he approached B'Elanna with a padd in his hand. He handed it to her and continued, "I was studying the phenomenon too and found it is in fact an ionization, which shows there is a ship out there." He paused and looked at Harry who was staring at Carry, "Next I matched the ionization to the Vidian ship near the nebula."

"What are you saying?" B'Elanna asked taking a step toward Carry. She crossed her arms over her chest and then asked, "Are you saying that the Vidians are able to cloak themselves?"

"I am not sure," Carry said shaking his head, "I know am jumping to conclusions too quickly, but I think it is in fact a Vidian ship out there."

"I don't know, this is all too strange," Harry said shaking his head in disbelief. "If there is a Vidian ship out there, how could they have cloaking capabilities?"

"I don't know," B'Elanna said pressing her com-badge, "Captain this is engineering, I think we may have found something."


Maje Culluh stepped up to Seska and looked at her as she poured herself some Kanar. "I don't see how you can drink that stuff," He said with smirk watching her drink, "It is such a dissatisfying beverage."

"I enjoy it" She said with a smile as she took another sip. "So what is it?"

"I have organized seven ships to attack the Vidian ship," Culluh said reaching for the bottle of Kanar. He looked at the bottle briefly and shook his head, "But that is when Janeway is ready to get her people back."

"I will talk with Janeway later and manipulate her in getting her people back now," Seska said setting her glass on the table.

Culluh watched Seska pace around the room and look out the window at Voyager flying next to them. "There is one more thing," He said, "How will we keep Voyager from detecting them when they are closer in range?"

"I will work on that," Seska said turning to face him. She gave him a wicked smile, "I think I have a few Maquis tricks up my sleeve."


Cindy bit her lower lip as she tried to loosed the binds that kept her constricted to the bed. She heard people talking and knew they were Vidians, but she didn't know where she was exactly. She did know that Chakotay was also brought here, from what he had told her about wherever she was before.

One of the aliens approached the bed and scanned her. Cindy squinted trying to get a clearer image of the Vidian bent over her. "Why are you doing this?" She asked an uneasy feeling growing inside her. She took a deep breath and then continued, "You wont get away with this."

Another alien stepped up to the bed and injected something into her neck. Cindy felt a wave of dizziness pass through her and then everything went black. The two Vidians began to unbind Cindy. They lifted her up and dragged her back to the darkened room.

Chakotay heard footsteps approaching. There was a sudden bright flash of light, which blinded him momentarily. He vision returned normal a few seconds later and he saw two Vidians dragging Cindy. Chakotay stood up and approached the two soldiers. "Stay back," One of them warned, a dangerous look in his eye.

Bot Vidians had weapons aimed at Chakotay. Chakotay looked at Cindy as they dropped her roughly on the ground. "What did you do to her?" He asked angrily reaching toward Cindy. He touched her face as he glanced at the two Vidians.

The two soldiers ignored Chakotay and turned to leave. Chakotay stood up quickly and reached for the closest soldier. The soldier grabbed Chakotay by the wrist twisting it. Chakotay grunted in pain and tried to punch the Vidian. The soldier spun around and with surprising speed, kicked Chakotay in the gut. The kick sent Chakotay flying into the wall. The last thing Chakotay saw was one of the soldiers turn and aim his weapon. He fired and shot Chakotay who crumpled to the floor.

The room was dark again when Chakotay woke up. He exhaled and tried to sit up. A sharp pain in his wrist and gut made Chakotay curse loudly. "Oh good you are finally awake," Cindy said relieved that she wasn't alone.

"How long have I been out?" Chakotay asked slowly sitting up. The pain wasn't as bad as before, but it still hurt pretty bad.

"I don't know exactly," Cindy said shaking her head. She searched for Chakotay's hand and when she found it, she held on to it tightly. She leaned against him and held him tightly. "But I sure as hell know it has been too long. Plus I wish we had some light."

"You don't know how many time I have wished that," Chakotay said finding himself strangely enjoying Cindy's closeness.

Cindy smiled and said, "This actually reminds me of the time you and I were caught by the Cardassians when we were trying to destroy one of their transport ships." Cindy paused briefly and then continued, "You and I were held in a very similar situation, except they tortured us day and night."

"Yeah it was terrible," Chakotay said through clenched teeth. Memories of that mission always brought back harsh feelings. " Five of my closest friends went on that mission and only you and I survived."

"My brother died on that mission," Cindy said sadly thinking of her brother. Her brother was someone she looked up to and was one of the better things in her life. When he died, she felt like she died too. "I never thought I would get through it, but out helped me get passed it."

Chakotay thought about how Seska barely got them out of the transport ship and how many resources it took to get them. If it weren't for the aid of fellow Maquis colonies, then might still be there. Chakotay turned his head and without realizing it, found himself kissing Cindy. When they broke apart, he was glad he couldn't see her reaction. He was about to apologize, when Cindy leaned forward and kissed him again. This kiss was much deeper and longer than the first one. When they broke aprat, Cindy whispered, "I know this might not be a good thing to say," She paused and took a nervous breath, "I love you Chakotay."

Chakotay was shocked to hear this from her. He never looked at her that way before. He always saw her as a close friend, maybe even as a sister. The next thing Chakotay knew, he was kissing her deeply again. Suddenly the ship rocked violently. He lights in the room turned on and Chakotay and Cindy looked at each other briefly. The ship shook again and the force field that held them in the room, shut off. Chakotay and Cindy were about to make a run for it when they felt themselves being transported off the ship. They found themselves seconds later in the sickbay on Voyager. "It is good to see you both in one piece," The Doctor said approaching both of them with a medical tricorder.


"We got them," Harry said holding on to his console tightly as Voyager shook again.

A panel in back of Tuvok exploded, sparks shooting all around him. He fired on the Vidian ship again, as Tom tried to move Voyager from the Vidian ship, without sustaining anymore damage. "Mr. Tuvok," Janeway said standing up. She turned to face him and said, "We got what we wanted, cease fire."

"Captain," Harry said looking up from his console. "There are seven Kazon ships coming in weapons range."

"What?!" Janeway asked looking concerned and angry at the same time. "How come we didn't detect them?"

"I am not sure," Harry said looking at his computer, "But they are targeting the Vidian ship."

"Put it on the view screen," Janeway said turning watch the Kazaon armada attacking the Vidian ship. Within seconds the Vidian ship was over powered and explosions rippled throughout the ship. A Kazon ship fired one last shot as the Vidian ship exploded.