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Yusei, Jack, and Crow are about eight here.

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Rating: K

Pairings: none -le gasp- YuseixJackxCrow friendship


Summary: It was the first snow any of them had ever seen.

First Snow

"Jack! Crow! Jack!"

The two immediately came running. Yusei never called for them unless something was seriously wrong, and even then only if his instincts forced him to. Their little brother hated being a burden.

Jack reached him first and grabbed his shoulders. "What happened? What's wrong?"

Yusei laughed and pointed up at the gray sky. "Look."

Jack looked up and immediately hissed as something cold hit him in the eye. And something cold landed on his nose. And on his cheek.

"What is it?" Crow wondered as he stopped next to him. He reached a hand up to catch one of the falling white flakes.

"It must be snow," Yusei said, grinning at them. "Like in the picture books Martha used to read us."

Crow's hand closed around a snowflake and he grinned in triumph. His face fell when he opened his hand and the snowflake was gone.

"How come it disappeared?" he whined. He reached up to try to catch another one.

"Snow's frozen water, Crow," Jack said, rolling his eyes, though he too was grabbing at the flakes. "It melts."

Yusei laughed when Crow frowned at his hand again.

"That's not fair," Crow complained. "How are we supposed to catch it, then?"

"We'll have to come back out later, when it's piled up some," Yusei said, grabbing his hand. "We could have a snowball fight! And I'll beat both of you!"

Crow laughed too and ruffled Yusei's hair. "Not if I beat you first!"

"You're kidding, right? Because we all know I'd be the winner of this snowball fight," Jack said. He was still grabbing at the snowflakes, a serious expression on his face.

"Nuh-uh, I would!" Crow said, glomping onto him. Jack staggered and they both fell to the ground. They both started laughing a second later.

Once they started calming down, Crow reached up and tugged on Yusei's hand. "Let's definitely do it. Once there's enough snow, we'll have a snowball fight. And then you'll both see what Crow the Bullet can really do!"

Jack snorted. "'Crow the Bullet'? What kind of a nickname is that?"

"A better one than yours, 'Prince,'" Crow said, poking him in the head. "Or are you a 'King' now?"

"Okay," Yusei said, interrupting Jack before he could answer. He sat down next to them, leaning against Crow shoulder. "Let's come back out later. But let's just watch it for right now."

"'Kay." Crow frowned down at him. "You're going to get cold wearing that. Here—"

They shifted so Crow and Jack were sitting on the ground with Yusei between them, half in their laps. Yusei frowned a little at his new position, but didn't complain. He was much warmer than before.

That was how Martha found them fifteen minutes later, cuddled together and fast asleep.