"My Own Worst Enemy"

A Crossover Adventure starring W.i.t.c.h.

By: A J

Standard Disclaimer applies, please don't sue.

Chapter 1

Hay Lin sat up straight, eyes aglow at the commercial teaser. 'As soon as the show's over … as soon as the show's over …' she promised herself, writing the web address on the edge of her hand by the light of the television. Setting her DVR to catch the news afterwards, she settled back to watch the all-new, exciting adventures of Edward and Henry.

Ten seconds (or less) after the credits were over, Hay was sitting in front of her new Lappy 512. Diving into the net, she typed in the address of her latest guilty pleasure and waited with held breath for the link to resolve.

"Welcome to A J Sun, your home for the Solar Energy Alternatives of the new millennium." The crisp British voice, feminine yet assertive, reminded Hay of the old Star Trek shows, and the voice of the computers. Then her Air-affinity awakened, and she smiled.

'Of course! The show's resident psych! Ooooh! Wait 'til I tell T! She's been practicing her 'Olde English' for the next Renaissance fair. She'll get a kick out of this site!' She read the next couple lines of text on the title page: 'Customer or Employee?'

With a grin, Hay clicked on 'Employee'. No doubt whoever set up the site for the show knew this was how everyone would go to get the inside scoop the trailer promised. She was further challenged with 'Support Staff or Field Consultant?' Her grin widened, and she clicked on 'Consultant'. Who wouldn't? She figured 'Support Staff' was for A/V nuts like Martin who liked to know how they did all those cool graphics and wicked stunts. She wanted to get to the real stuff.

Hay was then flummoxed by a new query. "ID and password?" the cool British voice once again spoke. She sat back for a second, confused, then perked right back up and scooted forward to the keyboard again. 'Of course! It's supposed to be a SPY site! This is probably so they can keep track of repeat hits and send back e-mails about upcoming episodes!' She mulled over the question for a minute, then with a snap of her fingers, typed in a sure-fire alternate ego. 'Agent Zephyr' signed in, using her middle name and birth date as a password. Expecting a screenful of sleek artwork and exciting show-related menus, Hay Lin got instead a blank black screen with a single line of yellow text in the top left corner.

'Welcome back, Agent Lin.'

'What in the name of Candracar?' Hay looked at that sentence, dumbfounded.