"So, what can I do for you at this fine hour of the morning?" Elizabeth asked, playful but with a tone of seriousness to it. She was still half asleep and it showed, as she kept feeling the need to blink and finding it difficult to focus for more than a few seconds."Oh, you know, just checking that you're in bed and not overworking yourself, that kinda thing. We've had a busy week and all, I was just a little concerned..." John replied. This was bad. This was a really, really bad idea. He shouldn't have come, he knew that much now. His own words sounded nonsensical to John as they were probably conjured up by some redundant part of his brain. The rest of his brain seemed to have shut down upon seeing the groggy love of his life.

God she was beautiful, bed hair and all! Trying to avoid eye contact as he had obviously screwed up, John looked around her room. He'd only ever seen it when they were checking out all the living quarters. She'd certainly changed the place."Oh really?" She took a step towards John, part of her smiling, the other part glowering. He realised she was about to go into a full blown lecture on the privacy of others, mainly because she hadn't appreciated the intrusion of her sleep. "John, I really don't think you need to be checking up on me. First of all that is an invasion of my privacy. Who knows what I could have been doing in here?" A grin broke onto John's face and it took a moment for Elizabeth to register what she had just said. She rolled her eyes at his childish behaviour but couldn't help but smile slightly. She coughed and got back to what she was saying.

"As I was saying, I'm fine. I was awoken this very hour by my military leader, who was concerned as to whether I was getting enough rest. Usually, I would admire the gesture. But how do you expect me to sleep if I get woken up at this ungodly hour of the morning? Now I would really appreciate it if you–" she never managed to finish what she was saying, as John had closed the space between them and kissed her. It was only a brush against her lips, but his lingered there for a few more moments before they broke apart."You were saying?" John breathed quietly, his brown eyes locked with her green. Elizabeth held his gaze for a moment before placing both of her hands on his cheeks and kissing him again, this time more intense than their instinctively placed his hands on her waist, one of them travelling to the small of her back and resting there whilst the other moved up to her hair. He started playing about with it, twisting it between his fingers before letting his hand travel back down to her waist. Elizabeth moved one hand to his neck, holding on to him as her other hand found his unruly hair. Her fingers brushed through it, scratching at his scalp.

She deepened the kiss, letting slip a small moan of pleasure. She felt John smile against her lips as he broke apart from her and began kissing down her neck. More moans and gasps escaped her. Before John knew what was going on she threw him backwards and onto the bed, immediately kissing him again, this time more passionate. By this time she was demanding entry to his mouth, and it was granted almost instantly. She delved her tongue into his mouth, exploring him so that she knew every part of him, so that she knew his taste, his feel. Elizabeth pulled them apart, taking off his shirt and trailing kisses all over his torso. John let out a small moan before flipping her over onto her back and beginning to kiss her again. Elizabeth closed her eyes, hardly believing how lucky she was to be with this man. The rest of the night passed in intimate ecstasy, their love for each other expressed through their eyes and actions. Their lovemaking was beyond rapture, and Elizabeth felt like the happiest woman alive.


Elizabeth woke up with strong arms around her. She was still naked, as was John. They had fallen asleep in each other's arms, but during the night they had obviously shifted positions so he was now spooning her from behind. The covers were pulled up above them, exposing only their feet and upper bodies poking out the ends. Elizabeth slowly rolled over, careful not to wake him. She was facing him now, watching him sleep. He looked so peaceful. She closed her eyes again, snuggling into his chest and breathing in his scent. She smiled to herself. No remained like this for a long time before propping up gently onto one of her shoulders. She studied John's face, taking a mental picture that she would always remember. Eventually she saw John open one of his eyes sleepily; he took in his surroundings before focusing on Elizabeth, a smile creeping onto his face. She smiled warmly back at him."Morning sleepy," she said quietly, taking in his features. She leant forward and gave him a gentle kiss on the lips before pulling back and looking at him again. Elizabeth smiled to herself, her eyes drifting over his face before settling on his hair. It hadn't seemed to have changed much during the night; if possible it was slightly messier. That fact in itself was one of the things she loved about John Sheppard – his untameable hair.

Strange as it sounded, it was a trait that only he had; his hair was unique, no one else she had ever met had hair like him. That just made him all the more special to her."What?" John gave her a puzzled look."What do you mean, what?" Elizabeth broke from her thoughts, meeting his confused gaze and raising an eyebrow in response."I mean, why do you keep looking at me like that? Is there something on my head?" he was grinning at her now, seemingly knowing why she was staring at him. Nevertheless, he ran his fingers through his hair, trying to tidy it up before giving her his best puppy dog pout, knowing he would get a response. "C'mon, you can tell me. Nothing to be embarrassed about." He gave her a wink, flashing another grin at her, before returning to his pout.

Elizabeth laughed, obviously finding the whole thing amusing. She ran her fingers through his hair before speaking."Well, I was just telling myself how sweet it is when you sleep; you really do snuggle up to anything close to you. And bed hair on you? It's the cutest thing." Elizabeth was teasing him now, John knew that. Still, he sat up feigning hurt."Cute? I most certainly am not anything even close to cute, fluffy or sweet when I sleep!" John shot back, his eyes lighting up into a smile."Ok, well would your male bravado prefer it if I told you that you snore like a pig? That really is not amusing." Elizabeth winked at him cheekily before sitting up in bed. John raised his hands in defeat, shifting into a sitting position against the back of his bed and letting Elizabeth snuggle up on his right side. John closed his eyes momentarily, letting the dark brown bob of hair cuddle into his side. She rested her head on his collarbone, wrapping her arms around his waist and sighing peacefully. John took in the smell of her hair. It was a flowery scent, like that of lavender. He registered this scent in his brain as the scent of Elizabeth, of their first night together. He would love that smell for all of eternity, that much he they lay there together, John thought about them. About what they had become.

On their journey they had started off as strangers, developed their relationship to friendship. That then progressed to an even closer bond, that of soulmates. And now they were lovers, forever in one another's hearts."Elizabeth?" John questioned, looking down at the beauty he had cradled in his arms."Hmmm?" she replied, rubbing her head against his chest."Elizabeth. For a long time now I've been having these... feelings, for you. I usually find it... hard... to talk about my feelings. But with you, I just feel like I can share anything with you. Despite things I may have said and done in the past, I realise that, well, I uh... I love you, Elizabeth. I love you with all my heart and without you, I honestly don't know what I would do with myself. So... thank you. Thank you for everything, and I just felt that you should know how I feel..." John finally stopped talking. Now that had been harder than he'd expected. So many things to say, yet he always failed to find the words to describe them to her.

This beautiful woman was breaking down his vocabulary, until only one word remained: had raised her head somewhere in his speech, listening intently. Of course she knew how he felt. She felt the exact same thing, she knew she had to say something, but she couldn't. Her eyes brimmed with tears at his declaration. She knew it had come straight from his heart; she saw it in his eyes. Elizabeth smiled, leaning forward and kissing him passionately. When they broke apart, Elizabeth looked deep into his eyes and took his hand.

"John, you know I love you. I think I've loved you for so long now that it felt like my heart would rip out if I didn't see you. It was hard for me, not being able to say how I felt. God, it was the hardest thing I've ever had to deal with, and I have gone through a lot. Thing is, I love you so damn much, that now we're at this stage of our relationship... I really don't know what can happen. But we'll have to deal with whatever comes our way, and together, I know we can make it through anything." She finished speaking, her gaze never leaving John' a few more moments of just lying there, looking at each other, John smiled.

"Together," he spoke softly, "Together, we can do this. We can do anything if we set our minds to it. Just you and me, Lizzy. Forever." With that, he trailed off, kissing her deeply and intently, before once more pulling her into his arms, never wanting to let go. This, John. He thought tenderly to himself. This is what love is.