Author's Note: Hey guys! I'm back, for my first multi-chaptered Kingdom Hearts fic FINALLY! Lol. AND IT HAS AXEL! YAY!! I've wanted to do a multi-chaptered story featuring him as a main character for aaaaaaaaaages XD -cough- Anyway. Just one thing though, I have... um... like... two or three other multi-chaptered stories operating at the same time as this one, so don't expect updates very often, okay? I'll try to update when I can but I can't promise anything.

So after Square Enix told us about Xion, I just had to do this. Hell I wasn't sure how but I was going to write a fic about these two. Then when I read that Xion ran away from the Organisation a lot and Axel was often sent to fetch her... well... yeah. I know her full story hasn't been unleashed yet and stuff, so uh... I really doubt this'll completely be canon, considering the sparse facts we have about her, but I'll try my hardest. Basically, this is my interpretation of her life with the Organisation, her relationship with everyone in it (not just Axel, though he'll be the main one) and her fate. But enough my babbling, I hope you enjoy the story ;)

One last thing - I DO NOT OWN KINGDOM HEARTS. I refuse to put further disclaimers in as it ruins the pace of the story.



You're not going to get away from me.

Amidst the callous streets that he called home, Axel looked from right to left. A splash of colour in the primarily monochrome world, though only the tiniest bit. Red amongst the black, bright amongst the dark, just seemingly whacked there without a definitive purpose. His jade eyes, though harsh and cold; glistened, reflecting the heart-shaped moon. They intently searched the area, quickly peeking down every alleyway and behind every structure.

Empty. Nothing. Nobody.

One of his fists clenched as he growled angrily. He used the other open hand to pull the ridiculous hood back over his head and cover his giveaway hair… though there were still some red locks peeking out from underneath. There was no one here, not a single… thing. And how, considering he was in a large, open space, he pondered where to go next. He could go down the lingering passages to his sides, he could continue forth and hope that his prize was still before him, or he could turn around and report his failure to Xemnas –

No no, not going to do that.

The threat of being turned into a lesser nobody, especially a Dusk, of all the Nobody types; was far too… um… what's the word… insulting. And frustrating. To have him, Number VIII, be demoted into a ridiculous, easy-to-kill creature…

He squinted for a moment, seeing some darting movements ahead of him. The corner of his thin lips raised, he took small, mouse-like steps forward, not daring to make a sound. Squinting further, he thought he could make out a cloaked form, who was almost as cautious as he was. The Flurry Of Dancing Flames lowered his head, hoping to hide his hair more so, and to make his prey further oblivious to its hunter.

Said prey began to move slightly faster, eventually breaking out into a dash. So, that was her plan… Get to the entrance to The World That Never Was, and then flee. Maybe jump worlds, Agrabah to Atlantica, or whatever; become a local and hide there until her dying days. Well, he'd be damned if that was going to happen any time soon. His orders were clear from Number I, and he wasn't going to let him down… if only to save his own hide.

With a quick movement of his left hand, a small horde of Assassin Nobodies were summoned. They turned to look at him briefly before heading off in the general direction of the girl. Assassins were always silent, precise and deadly. Sure, they were a lesser form, and would probably not even lay a scratch upon her smooth skin, but nonetheless… he had… some form of faith in them to at least dissuade her until he arrived.

His little group was well out of his sight now, passing through the corridor that lead from this giant room to a smaller one. Squaring his shoulders, Axel began to follow their path at a pace slightly faster than a walk. He was still smirking, just that little bit, he realised, as he attempted to tuck back some of his bangs behind his ears. No such luck.

He was half way across now, and he could already hear the clash of weapons. A single keyblade, slicing through the bodies of its enemies, blocking the fluid strikes to protect its wielder from harm. There were plenty of people who could wield it… But only two in the Organisation, and that was something that nobody quite understood yet. It was still under study, like most things were over in the Castle That Never Was.

Oh, now he could hear her crying out in attack. He was close now, very, very close indeed. He could almost see past the darkness of the corridor. He could almost see inside. Extending both his arms, two chakrams appeared. He grasped them tightly, allowing the flames that arrived with them to simmer down, before entering the room.

He was met with a back encased in a cloak that matched his own. The bottom of it swirled around due to her movements, as the few remaining Assassin Nobodies he had summoned attacked relentlessly. He heard the forcible tearing of clothes, and assumed that one of the attacks had ripped a part of her sleeve. Axel stood there, twirling both large objects around in his hands in a bored fashion, waiting for her to be done. He peered past her for a moment, noticing that past this room was the exit.

Hm. Well, closer than her last attempt.

The final assassin fell to the ground and disappeared in a flash of light. The girl's breathing was hard and severe.

"How many times to I have to tell you Axel? Stop following me!"

"And how many times to I have to tell you, Xion…" he began.

Xion span around. Her hood was also up like his, most probably done to achieve the same purpose. Sure, her hair was as black as night, and short, but it was better to be safe than sorry. She took a few steps back, watching her superior member approach, that cocky grin unquestioningly on his face. She could see part of it.

"…that no matter how many times you run away…"

The tips of the chakrams were alight with fire once more. She furrowed her eyebrows and swallowed.

"…I will always bring you back to where you belong!"

He lashed out at her mercilessly, hoping to strike her. Anticipating this, Number XIV raised her keyblade quickly, pushing his weapon away once done so, and attempted to attack back. With every slash she made, he aimlessly weaved clear, moving around in a circle, hoping to trap her back the way she came.

In her panic, his plan was slowly working. She felt caged. Xion let out a frustrated cry and lashed out again. This time, her attack was successful, slicing his right shoulder. The assault undoubtedly proved painful, for it caused him to stumble, and there on, hold his shoulder up, though he most probably didn't notice that particular detail.

"You think a petty Kingdom Key is enough to take me down?" Axel growled, jade eyes narrowing.

In contrast, her cobalt eyes widened. Her fellow Nobody stretched his arms out again and yelled. Before she knew it, fire had engulfed the area, blocking off her only chance to escape, let alone an attempt to dash towards it from below the lanky man's arms. It seemed that the nearby flames got closer and closer, like they were trying to force her to go back the way she came, to go back all the way to the Castle That Never Was.

I can't go back there, she reminded herself, breathing out all the nerves, now in stance, I can't.

She moved forward to strike Axel again, however, he had disappeared. Quickly, she caught herself before she fell into the flames, and looked around for that obnoxious fighter. Though he had his hood on, a few of his red bangs would be easy to locate… Though… considering the current state of this chamber –

"Up here, sweetheart."

Xion jumped when a frightful clang echoed. To her left, a chakram now stood. Her opponent had thrown it, clearly from a high angle, in hopes of hurting her, immobilising her, or sending her back the way she came. Swiftly following the throw, she looked up and near the exit, where Number VIII hovered. Just as her eyes locked with his, despite distance, his second chakram, this time alight, was hurled towards her again.

The lethal weapon span, cutting through the air like a knife would to butter. Deciding that all options were forcing her to retreat, the youth turned away, going through the door and running again. Maybe if she got to the alleyways, she could lose him there and try going back to the entrance again later. That'd be the best option.

The Kingdom Key disappeared in her hands as she began to follow her new idea. She sprinted, her pace increasing more so when she heard Axel chuckling a noticeable behind her. His footsteps echoed hers, though heavier and firmer.

"Run all you want Xion, but I'm gonna find you."

She shook her head violently and murmured under her breath, "I can't go back…"

It seemed the comment was heard, "You can't escape."

More flaming walls rose, blocking off the rest of her entrances. She sighed feebly, hurriedly summoning her weapon back into her hands, and turned to her foe, keeping a firm grip on the hilt with both hands. She stood a little taller, trying to be brave in the eyes of her hunter, and bit her lip harshly, furrowing her thin, black eyebrows.

The Flurry Of Dancing Flames chuckled again, both chakrams now in his hands. He span the left one around his index finger, looking between it and her, "Have you finally decided to stop running and give up, kid? Accepted your fate yet? Orrrrrrrrrrr, do I still have to make you submit and drag you back to the Castle That Never Was by your hair?"

She growled, lashing out in fury, only to have the blade parried by the back of his hand.

"Pathetic, Xion. You can do better than that."

The razor sharp edge of his chakram tore across her right forearm. She whimpered in retaliation, due to the stinging nature of the wound, and dropped the keyblade reflexively, the weapon clashing onto the brick ground. It disappeared thereafter, and its wielder staggered back, the action having her hood slump off her head. Blinking away the tears of pain, she breathed in and out firmly, trying to get a grip of herself, saying over and over that it was just a stupid cut.

Axel cocked his head to the side, watching for a moment, before having both chakrams disappear, arms now laying limp by his sides. The hunter had his prey standing before him, and said prey was now wounded and shaking. The smirk that had been so happily branded on his face for the entire battle finally slipped off, though in its place was a characteristic scowl, accompanied by furrowed eyebrows and narrowed eyes.

There was unease, fear and acceptance in Xion's eyes. It seemed she acknowledged her fate, for now.

With an iron-like grip that was strong enough to bruise, Number VIII seized the girl's forearm, forcefully spinning her around, before shoving her forward harshly, the deed almost having her trip over. Time to go back. His mission was accomplished. The threat of being turned into a Dusk Nobody was banished, for now, "Move it, kid."