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They could hear them long before they pressed their ears against the door. To be honest, Ruka thought, he was sure he could hear them from four rooms down. Shrill, childish voice made itself known.

"Natsume! It's big!"

Mikan, Ruka thought, eyes wide at her statement. Beside him, Yuu was continuously turning red to the point that the blonde thought he'd pass out.

"Of course, it's big, you idiot. It's your fault anyways"

Hotaru narrowed her eyes, this bastard - , and further pressed the ear of her invention against the door.

"What do you mean my fault! I didn't do anything!"

"You poked it"

"…No I didn't! It was an accident!"

"You poked it"

"It's your fault pervert!"


"Don't hn me bastard! It's your fault I'm all wet and sticky! You've got to fix this!"

Wet and sticky?

"Tsk, what did you expect?"



"Natsume, what are you doing?"

"Liking it"


"Stop it!"

"Too sweet"

"Let me try"

"Not there"

"Hm, its okay"

Outside the door Yuu's having a nosebleed with Koko while Ruka passed out a while ago. And the girls are madly blushing while Hotaru record everything they say.

Inside Mikan and Natsume are finishing eating ice cream that exploded awhile ago from Hotaru's giant ice cream delivery invention.

End notes: Hello! I hope you guys like the minimal changes I made.

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