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"You look very sad", Rossi told Jamie, who was still in hospital, recovering from her severe poisoning.

"I've just been told that the man I loved as my father held his first wife and his daughter captive for more than thirty years in the cellar of the house I grew up in."

"They're free now. And they're taken care of. They won't get out of this unharmed, it's true, but…" Rossi let his voice trail off. The picture of the prematurely aged women with their terribly gray skin and their giant, shocked eyes was too strong for euphemisms.

"I could have put a stop on this! Decades ago! Why didn't I tell Mom? They begged me to help them! Why didn't I…?"

"You can't have been older than three when you accidentally found the blue door. You were much too young to understand. Thankfully Talbot didn't decide to kill you when he discovered that you knew about the door – he only put up another fake wall, hoping you wouldn't remember. It worked quite well for some time, but then Gideon, Ryan and me came along and caused the memory to resurface in your dreams. Fortunately for him you weren't able to interpret the pictures your subconsciousness was creating. This lack of understanding caused your mental problems and sent you on the road – which was fine with him. Nobody believes a lunatic. When that pastor was about to get you back on your feet again, Talbot started stalking you, making sure that you would stay mentally disturbed. Then Morgan found you and insisted on investigating – this was so much of a threat that he finally decided to kill you.""

"If only I had…"

Rossi took Jamie's hand and squeezed it tight. "Stop torturing yourself", he told her empathically. "Without you, Talbot's ex-wife and his daughter would still be caught in that hell-hole. And you didn't only free them, you also freed yourself. The past holds no command over you anymore. The dreams won't come back. Your mother needs you now. Go and help her. Go and live." A single tear ran down Jamie's face, but she nodded.

As Rossi closed the hospital room's door behind himself, Reid came up to him: "You look very sad."

"If I had listened a little more precisely back when we interviewed Jamie, could I have put a stop on this? Could I have ended Talbot's horrendous deeds more than a decade earlier?"

"You didn't know what you were looking at", the young doctor tried to reassure him. "She didn't even have nightmares back then. And besides that, you cannot undo the past. You can only sort out the present."

"Yes", Rossi nodded, smiling bitterly. "How many children and ex-wives do you think are still out there, caught in cellars or other dungeons, waiting for us to find them?"