Roscoso's Up and coming Fanfics!

Part Five!

Space Warrior's: Mistress of Shadows!

Set after Balance Rescue 2 and X Prodigy's Webs of Deception story! With Yami gone, Hinaten seems to finally be at peace, but the Shadow Pokemorph's Curse Mark has other ideas, when the Mark tries to take her over, she runs away to avoid hurting anyone, it will take Ross, Marissa, X Prodigy and a new team with the special 'Femme Fatale Factor' to help the Pokemorph!

Gotta see Gotta know! X Prodigy's true face!

A Special One or Two Shot story, Lunatic121 wants to know the secret of X Prodigy's mask and what he is hiding under it, dragging Hinaten and Hareta into it too! Can the Fictorian Ninja and the Two Pokemorphs find out the secret, or will Hilarious Chaos Happen?