(If this is the first time you're reading this fanfic, though, please skip to INSTRUCTIONS down below)


Uhm… Alright, here's the thing.

When I first started writing EHI, it came at the spur of the moment. I just sat down, started typing, and posted the finished chapter on fanfiction (fellow writers, DO NOT REPEAT MY MISTAKES. THEY WILL MAKE YOU SAD.). But a few days later, I started to get more and more interested in making this fanfic work, mainly because of Maya, Maddie and Ren's real life characters.

That's why I stopped posting this fanfic for a while, since I wanted to plan everything out beforehand. I didn't want the story to end up like my Ginban Kaleidescope fanfic, which I had to put on hold because I'm still thinking of how to continue the story (actually, now I have a small idea for it, but it'll still take a bit of time for the plot to become epic. Please bear with me, AYIC readers.).

So now, I'm up to planning Chapter 40something for this particular story. I'm not done yet (maybe halfway) but I figured since I'm so far, I might as well post it.

The bad news: The first few chapters were scrapped. They wouldn't work well with the plot I planned, so…

The good news: You'll actually be seeing a plot line from now on. Last time, it was just going to be a collection of fluffy chapters where this awesome girl (aka, one of my friends) will be ending up with this guy or that guy. In other words, Mary Sue chapters… NO MORE OF THAT.

From now on, the characters are going to have ISSUES. They will all have emo pasts and shall result to cutting themselves, and the regulars will try to stop them! … I'm kidding. :D (I'm also going to speak about Mary Sues in the INSTRUCTIONS part, but we can get to that later)

Well, that's basically all I can say now… Readers, I hope you forgive me for messing up with the story. You still read it the same way as you did before, though – it's still four stories combined into one plotline.

In case you've forgotten how to read this sort of fanfic (or you're just the new guy who refused to obey me at the title), here are the instructions on how to read the story from now on.



(with some introductions as well)


Eight Hearts Intertwined (EHI… heehee) isn't your average everyday fanfiction story. No, it's… actually more complicated than that. And really tiresome to make (sorry, an author needs to rant sometimes).

When you read this fanfic, you are faced with chapters that will always have one of the following five in the title:






What are these weird nicknames, you ask?

They are pairing nicknames (you know, Royai from FMA, TazuPete from GK, Brangelina from Hollywood – at least, I think that's the nickname).

In those pairings, the girl character will be portrayed by some sort of OC… well, not really. They were based on my friends in real life, except for Caitlyn, who is supposed to be – unfortunately – me. It's a joke we came up a looooong time ago, and strangely enough, it's still in session.

(AH! Do I hear someone say 'Mary Sue'? Well, if you don't, then you can skip down until it says 'EHI Instructions' in the center)

Okay, okay, I know most of you are thinking the same thing…

"MARY SUEEEEE " And you start throwing tomatoes and forks at me, but hear me out first!

I was researching about it in Wikipedia a few days ago (fine, just a few minutes ago – I needed it as reference to write this part). It had a subcategory, and it was this:


"Self-insertion is used to describe clear (and usually seen as indisputable) cases where the author has directly inserted a version of him- or herself into the story in lieu of a wholly or even partly original character, generally going so far as to use the same name or pseudonym for character and author. (SKIPSKIPSKIP) …"self-inserts" in fan fiction are frequently seen as the most blatant of "Mary Sues", especially when heavily idealized. Some online fan fiction archives have an outright ban on any story which involves self-insertion. They are also sometimes frowned down upon in role-playing communities, despite that some argue that it is easier for inexperienced or casual role-players to learn."

But wait! Maya, Maddie, Ren, and Caitlyn aren't our names. Let's just say I just based Maya, Madmad, and Ren on my friends, so technically, they are now OCs! And for Caitlyn? Yeah, yeah, that's obviously a self-insertion right there. But what if Caitlyn didn't behave anything like me? HUH!? Will that work?

To tell you the truth, my argument's really weak right now – I bet you guys are seeing flaws in my defense like Swiss cheese.

So instead, I tell you angry Mary Sue-haters this: I can't say that I'm sorry for posting this. I worked really hard to make this story, and for this story, such characters are really needed. I don't blame you for not liking this kind of thing though, and it's okay for you to stop reading right here, right now, and find another story to read. Just… please don't flame my story just because of the characters. Because there's nothing I can do about it.

Right. Now that's settled…


It's important that you, the reader, will take note of those pairings. Because if you don't… then I can pretty much guarantee your brain will melt into some gooey, disgusting liquid that Inui will use for future juice mixes.

You have to dedicate yourself to reading one of these four pairings until the end of the story. And you have to read that pairing's chapters consecutively, skipping the ones without the pairing name in the chapter title, EXCEPT for the ones with 'ALL' in them. Those you have to read too.

Here, an example. Imagine the following are chapters of this story:


RxR – belongs

TeKa – to

TeKa – Konomi

RxR – Takeshi

MoKa – and

KFC – it's

RxR – actually

RxR – the

ALL – prequel

RxR – to

MoKa – SpoT

TeKa - !!!!!

For example, if you've chosen the RxR path… Then the chapters you're going to have to read consecutively are chapters:

1, 2, 5, 8, 9, 10 and 11

And nothing else.

Get it? I hope you do. :))

If I was too vague in the explanation though, please tell me through reviews or PMs. I'll do my best to correct it. It's my fault, since I shouldn't write these sorts of things at 2 AM when I have to wake up at 7 AM every morning nowadays. (WAAAAAH, SUMMER HATES MEEEE)

And one last thing! The characters here will be using foreign languages at times. Here's how to differentiate them in sentences:

"Japanese (no change)"

"English (underlined)"

"??? (bold)"

Well, that's basically it. Boy, this is a long intro… But anyway…

I hope you enjoy the story, dear readers, even more than how I enjoyed writing it!

Have fun! 'Cause I sure did. xD

Now, Taka-san, if you would do the honors…