"Jasper?" I called softly, listening with all my ability for his mind in the darkness. I couldn't find him. I could smell him faintly but I couldn't hear him in the least.

"Jasper, stop it. Where are you?" I demanded, voice still hushed enough not to startle even the deer drinking at the stream several yards to my right. I hated it when he did this. He was the only one who'd figured out how to keep me out. He'd been put in an isolation tank once, before he'd met us. When he didn't want me in his head, he remembered the absolute nothingness he'd experienced then. I couldn't find him when he did it, I couldn't find nothing.

I froze suddenly, and cocked my head in concentration. I pushed my concern for him out violently, this was my response to his nothingness. He could escape my ability, I could abuse his. I listened intently for him to flinch and was rewarded as I heard a twig snap about a mile to my left accompanied by one sharp thought: Shit.

I heard him racing through the forest away from me but even as he was getting up to his full speed I'd caught up to him, flitting through the trees on spindly branches that shouldn't hold my weight.

"Where are you going?" I called down at him, startling him out of his concentration enough to gather that Alice had done something and he was running away.

"Nowhere Edward. Leave me be."

I chose my moment well and flew down at him, knocking him flat and sitting on his hips in a firm pin as I stretched my legs out along his and pressed his wrists into the dirt. He struggled for a moment then went still and disappeared off my radar completely again.

He glared up at me petulantly, "Go away."

"No," I growled in irritation, "Alice sent me out here looking for you with a wordless thought of panic and fear and without so much as a word of explanation."

"She," he hesitated, looking away as some emotion I couldn't hear flickered through his eyes, "She slept with that guy."

A picture of a tall dark haired man in a suit formed clearly in Jasper's otherwise blank mind. I recognized him as the man who brought us donor blood from time to time, Carlisle was against feeding on humans but he was not against the consumption of blood freely given with the intention of it going to those who needed it. Which we did.

I stared blankly at him for a long moment, trying not to feel anything before I could think through what to feel. I settled on repulsion, calling up the years I'd strayed from Carlisle's ways as inspiration.

I can tell what you're doing you know. My ability isn't that stupid Edward.

I blinked at the venom in his thought and sent back a sheepish swell of emotion in response.

"Are you… Okay?" I asked him slowly, trying to give off concern and curtail my curiosity. I wasn't used to having to ask that type of question. Usually I could just pluck the answer out of their thoughts but he was still silent to me.

"No," he whispered, voice cracking so briefly a human wouldn't have noticed it at all, "I don't think I am."

"Well, did she at least explain herself?" I asked cautiously, I didn't want him to think I was taking her side.

As if a mere explanation could excuse this.


I struggled for a second to recognize which had been a thought and which had been spoken so I could figure out how to respond.

"What did she say?" I asked, allowing curiosity to bleed into my tone a little. I knew he could feel my curiosity and I didn't want him to think I was trying to edit myself for his benefit, he wouldn't thank me for it.

"He threatened to tell our secret to the highest bidder if she didn't sleep with him."

I contemplated it for a moment, "Alice did what she had to do then Jasper, Carlisle wou-"

"Fuck Carlisle!" Jasper spit up at me, his fury becoming too strong for him to contain within himself as it began to stain the air around us and taint my own thoughts.

I stiffened at his insulting disregard of Carlisle and restrained myself from words knowing I wasn't truly angry with him.

He glowered furiously up at me as he felt my stiff irritation and snarled, "Yeah, I said fuck Carlisle Edward. Fuck him to hell and back, she could have killed him!"

I stared down at him as the fury he was exuding turned to betrayal. He looked away from my probing stare abruptly, his eye muscles quivering in a way that made me think he may be crying if he were human still as he whispered brokenly, "She should have killed him."

"Jasper," I tried to reason with him futilely, "Carlisle doesn't stand for that sort of violence towards mortals. Besides, Alice is no killer, not if she doesn't have to be. You know that best of all of us."

He turned a stone cold glare on me, "She had to be. She didn't."

"I understand you're angry Jasper but you need to come ho-"

"She didn't tell me."

I froze, forgetting what I was saying immediately.

"What do you mean she didn't tell you, Alice tells you everything!"

"She didn't tell me, I had to drag it out of her. She's been feeling guilty for days, since he left, but I only decided to pry it out of her tonight," Jasper mumbled, looking completely dejected.

"Are you-"

You already asked me that, don't make me answer you again.

I swallowed the rest of my worried inquiry and bit my lip, unsure of what to say.

While you sit there and awkwardly try to think of something you can say to make this better, which is pointless because the words don't exist, would you mind getting off of me so I can continue leaving?

"Not a chance, you're coming home Jasper," I mumbled absentmindedly, still trying to think of something I could do to console him.

He flailed around a little halfheartedly, unable to concentrate on getting me off while he was so hurt.

"Get off," he whispered at me, pushing a feeling of cooperation at me that I steadfastly ignored.

"Not gonna happen Jazz," I whispered back, "What can I do?"


"There has to be something," I said flatly.

"There is nothing, she destroyed the trust I had in her and all I want is to hurt her back," he hissed, I could feel that it wasn't a rational desire but one made by the primal beast inside all of us. The one that strikes back when it has no other options.

"Jasper," I pleaded, "You love her, stop this and-"

"Edward I am not coming home!" Jasper shouted at me, striking out at me in her stead, "Get the hell off of me!"


I'll make you.

The thought had a very menacing undertone to it, I could tell Jasper was losing his grip.

"How are you gonna do that Jasper? I've got you pinned and I'm not going anywhere."

Just as I finished talking a wave of emotion came over me, I quickly recognized it as jealousy and pushed it away with rationality when I forced myself to see that there was no call for it.

I found myself almost leaping to my feet as greed flashed through my head, screaming that if Jasper left I could have his room and his things all for myself. I reminded myself I had no need for his things when I could have anything I wanted anyways and the fake emotion fell away again.

Fine, I was going to hurt her by removing myself from her presence but revenge is just fine with me too.

Before I could puzzle out the meaning behind his thought, two things happened. I heard Alice wail in pain over her new vision and a sudden new feeling overwhelmed me.

"J-Jasper?!" I gasped, "What are you doing?"

He didn't answer me, twisting his legs around my own to keep me where I was and thrusting his hips up into mine.

I groaned in surprise as I realized he'd washed me over in lust a moment before the feeling gained more strength and I lost track of what I was thinking entirely.

"Make me forget her Edward," he whispered, looking up into my eyes and ceasing all movement and psychic coercion, "Make me forget about her for just a while. Then I'll come home."

He didn't wait for my response as he leaned up and tentatively pressed his lips against mine.

Make me forget.

And without another thought, I tuned Alice out and whispered, "Okay."