Author: Sparta

Title: Until my body is dust

Rating: R

Crossovers: Buffy/Supernatural

Disclaimer: I don't anything, this is just my sick and twisted mind at work so enjoy

Warnings: Slash, Femslash, Male Pregnancy, Het and Attentive universe, Rape, Self-Harming, Family disowning

Completed: Yes

Summery: sequel to Brothers Xander gives advice to an unexpected customer

Authors Note:

This is really bugging me now so here's the next part to this little group, set the day before Dean's time is up.

Until my body is dust

Xander gathered the empty bottles and glasses left by the long departed Hunters, he sighed as he empty the ash trays that showed the hours past in heart ache. His own heart ached for them too; it had been just over a year since the mysterious John Winchester had played Guardian Angel to Xander. He'd saved his life and opened his eyes that night, but still Xander couldn't help feeling sorry for the man who'd saved him.

Cursed to help other but never able to return to the family he'd lost to the fight, when Ellen had offered him a job that night working in the Roadhouse he jumped at it. From that night on Xander had listened to the stories of the other hunters as he pulled their drinks, offering what little he could in the ways of information, help or just a friendly face to talk too.

John had been right though too many of the hunters burn out so fast, going bad to making stupid mistakes. Xander carried the glasses to the bar as he heard the door open and someone enter, it didn't bother him as he kept his back to the door and put the glasses away.

"Beer me" came a gruff voice full of sadness, Xander turned to ask him what beer when his words caught in his throat.

Sat at the bar before him was a face burnt into his memory ever since John Winchester had walked into his life. Xander smiled as he grabbed a bottle from the fridge and put in on the bar before the stranger.

"You a mind read or something?" asked the stranger suspiciously

"No lets just say that we have a friend in common" said Xander with a smile as the stranger as Xander turn back to the fridge and picked something up and passed it to the stranger.

"He said he was sorry" said Xander as he disappeared into the back room.

The stranger picked up the photo and turned it over and looked at it, the photo was a copy kept at the roadhouse of the same one John Winchester carried of his boys.

Xander watched from the backroom as tears rolled down the stranger's cheek as he pulled out his cell and called someone, as the stranger spoke Xander listened to him saying his goodbyes. Searching though his bag Xander pulled something out and walked back into the bar as the stranger hung up and smiled at Xander.

Pulling out the pendant Xander let it swing in front of the stranger before he took it and put it on.

"She never said which hell? It will keep you safe until the deal is fulfilled and you can come home" said Xander as the stranger watched him.


"I was world worn Hunter who'd lost it all when a stranger in a battered truck showed me a better life. I owe him so much and yet I can do so little to help him but sometimes a little is all it takes? Come see me when you get back" laughed Xander as the stranger finished his drink and went to walk away.

"Hey you got a name kid?" yelled the stranger

"Yeah Xander Harris you?"

"Dean Winchester, see you round Lexx" said the stranger as he left the roadhouse happier then when he came in.

"Winchester Men... bash their heads together and they still wouldn't see sense" sighed Ellen with a chuckle as she appeared behind Xander

"Amen to that" laughed Xander as he went back to collecting his glasses.