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Chapter 7:

Konoha High Boys collection 2

"Look at that!"

Hinata looked up and saw a pair of dark blue boxers with the letters, what seemed to be painted on with pink nail polish, US swaying from side to side in the morning breeze…

Hinata squinted her eyes and saw that a heart was cut out from the boxer.

She sighed.

"This is so awesome." Tenten snickered. "Hanabi and Konohamaru should get a Nobel prize for this kind of stuff…"


"And what is version 2 different from version 1?" Tenten asked interested.

"Well," Hanabi said as she took another (Sasuke)card from her pocket and held them both up to compare them. "as you can see, they are about the same, but if you turn them around…" the back of the card of Version 1 was blank. On the other side of the Version 2 card stood a few lines of text and a series of numbers.

"'Cosplay Sasuke. 10 points.'" Tenten read it out loud. "What?"

"We gave everyone a letter with the stack of cards. In that letter, the 'Goddess of Pranks' explains this new, exciting game."' Hanabi said with a grin." So anyway, the 'Goddess' explained in the letter the new game. You have to collect as much points as possible. Said points have to be gained by doing these" she pointed at the backside of the card. "pranks or challenges. In order to prove you have done this prank or challenge, you have to sign up and post a short clip or a picture of yourself with said prank with the special code on the backside on a site Hama-chan-"


"Right. So you have to post a picture or a short clip on the .jp Hama-cha made. At the end of every week the Goddess has to choose the best picture of the week and the winner gets 10 extra points. The first one to collect 100 points gets a special price. The first one to collect 1000 points gets an even a bigger price." Hanabi grinned. "And the 'Goddess' will give those prices to the winners."


"Oh, cheer up, Hinata." Hanabi said as she walked to Hinata's laptop, took a sip from her juice and typed something in the laptop. "Here, look at this." She turned Hinata's laptop around.

Hinata's face paled a little. "T-that's the site?" she squeaked.

Konohamaru nodded. He forgave Hinata since she baked him brownies. "Look at the number of times it has been visited." He said and Hinata looked and she squeaked again.

"Wow." Tenten laughed. "Impressive."

Hinata scrolled down and saw many photos, varying from funny to horrifying.

She saw a photo of a girl that was in her biology class, climbing in the flagpole and binding the boxers she saw that morning on the flagpole.

She clicked on the girl's screen name, xoxoUchiha_Megumi, and read out loud: "'xoxoUchiha_Megumi has 30 points."

Her eyes widened as she scrolled down on the list of Megumi's challenges and pictures.

"Wow. Die-hard." Konohamaru whispered behind her and Hinata closed the site and opened up her mail.

"Hinata." Hanabi called her. "Have you thought about the prices?"

"Eh?" Hinata said, distracted. "Prices?"

Hanabi smirked. "The prices the 'Goddess' hands out to the winners, of coarse."

Her eyes widened, but not because of Hanabi's words.

"Hinata?" Hanabi said. "Moshi moshi?"

Her sister's eyes went to the clock and she "eep"-ed.

"I have to go!" she squealed and ran to her room to pick up a few books, only to run out of the door.

"What's wrong with her?" Tenten asked.

"Sasuke." Konohamaru said with a grin.

Tenten walked to Konohamaru, who showed Tenten a mail from Hinata to Sasuke.

Tenten grinned and Hanabi smirked.



Thursday, 3 p.m. KH Café.

Bring your stuff for next week's biology test.


- US






"S-sorry I'm late! I only read your mail a few minutes ago!"

Sasuke didn't look up. "Hn." He said and Hinata sat down across him.

She put her biology books and notes on the table.

"Excuse me, but are you ready to order now?"

Hinata looked up and saw Megumi smiling down at her and Sasuke.

She almost forgot that the KH Café was run by the students.

"Ah- I'm fine." She said with a blush.

Megumi turned to Sasuke, who was looking at Hinata.

"You forgot your money." He stated and she nodded. He sighed. "Order."

Hinata blushed. "Ah, you don't have to- I'm fine."

"One black coffee and one tea." Sasuke ordered and ignored Hinata's protests.

Megumi jotted it down and smiled. "I will be right back!" she said before walking away.

"You didn't have to do that." Hinata murmured. "I told you I was fine."

Sasuke glared. "Shut up. We're going to study."






30 minutes, two cups of tea, coffee and a lot of giggling girls later, Sasuke stood up.

"Come on." He said as he picked up her stuff.

"Huh?" Hinata said as her book was snatched away. "Why?"

Sasuke raised one eyebrow. "You can't study here and they are irritating me."

Hinata looked behind Sasuke and watched a few groups of girls, squealing and giggling.

She nodded. "Where are we going?" she asked. He was right, she couldn't study well with a lot of noise around her.

"My room."






The entire walk from the café to the guy's dorm, Hinata tried not to hyperventilate..

Sasuke walked in front of Hinata while the poor girl was having a mental break down.

'Nothing is going to happen.' She fidgeted. 'We're just going to study in his room… I've been there once, no sweat…' she looked at his back and squealed when he stopped. They were there already.

Sasuke opened the door and walked in. Hinata followed him and saw that nothing much has changed. Naruto's part was still covered with a lot of unrecognizable stuff while Sasuke's side was neat.

"Hina-chan! Sasuke-teme! Are you going to 'study' biology again?" a voice said.

Hinata looked up and saw Naruto and the rest of the lacrosse team sitting around the table, playing cards.

The team howled in laughter.

Sasuke ignored them and walked straight to his room, where he waited in the door opening for Hinata.

Hinata quickly walked to him but one of the guys stopped her.

"Here." He said and put something in her hand. "And play nice with our buchou, will you? We have a practice match against Suna tomorrow and we have to win."

With horror, Hinata noticed that the 'thing' in her hand was a packed condom. She dropped it and quickly walked to Sasuke.

"Buchou, your girl dropped this!" the guy who have it to her picked the condom up and threw it to Sasuke, who glared, and barely missed him.

"Have fun, Sasuke-chan!" Naruto said before Sasuke slammed his door shut.

Sasuke picked up the condom and threw it on his nightstand. He turned to Hinata and saw that she was sitting down on his bed, blushing hard.

He cleared his study table and motioned Hinata to sit down in the chair.

"Ignore them." He said calmly when they heard the muffled laughter of the bunch of people in the other room.

Hinata just nodded.






"You got it?"

Hinata bit her lower lip and nodded hesitantly. "I think I got it..."

Sasuke raised his eyebrow but didn't push. "It's your grade. I don't give a-"

"I don't see anything! Don't mind me! Just go on with your study session!" Naruto waltzed into the room with a hand covering his eyes. With a grin on his face, he continued. "Please, don't let me interrupt your study date and don't worry, I don't-" Naruto peeked through his fingers and saw nothing explicit going on in his best friends' room. "Aaaw. No fun Sasuke-kun, Hinata-chan." He pouted. Sasuke glared and Hinata blushed strongly. "Anyway, coach just called and said Tsunade wanted to talk to us. Don't worry though, Hinata-chan." Naruto winked. "He'll be back soon and then you two can move on with your study-"


"But Sasuke-"


The blonde pouted and walked to the door. "I give you 10 minutes. I hope it's enough?" he said before exiting the room.

Sasuke sighed and turned to Hinata. "We'll resume this tomorrow."

"D-Don't you have the game tomorrow?" Hinata asked as she packed her bag.

The stood up and walked to the door. "The game is in the late afternoon. We can get things done before that and it's not like it's a real match anyway." Sasuke shrugged before opening the door for her.

"Wow, done already?" Naruto asked from his place on the couch and Sasuke scowled. "Shut up."

The two walked through the door and Sasuke closed the door behind him, for some privacy. "Tomorrow, 11.20 a.m in front of the park."

Hinata nodded. "Thank you for today." She said softly. Sasuke just shrugged. "I see you tomorrow, Sasuke-san." Sasuke nodded before she took off and twisted the handle of the door and shoved it open.


Sasuke glared and gave his snickering team mates a one too, before kicking Naruto hard in the shin.




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