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Chapter 3

By kuroima

Elizabeth had worked late into the night and it was already past midnight when she had returned to her quarters. Instead of going to sleep she had paced her room for quite some time and now she was sitting on her bed, her mind still occupied with one single thought: John. The incident earlier that day had showed her how much she had actually hurt him with her behaviour and she knew she had to do something before it would get worse. There were so many voices reasoning her to stick to the status quo and yet just a single one against it drowning out them all, her heart.

Letting out a deep sigh she went to the bathroom and splashed water into her face. She studied herself in the mirror and noticed how tired and worn out she looked. She had to stop this. Now. She hadn't recognized herself in those last few days. She wasn't a woman who ran away from problems and hid herself like a terrified rabbit in its burrow. No, she was a strong and confident woman, dammit! Gaining confidence she dried her face and quickly left her quarters not even bothering about the towel that landed on the ground.

Elizabeth's quarters weren't far away from John's since they both had claimed one nearby a transporter but with each step she took it seemed to take an eternity to reach it and with each one she left more of her newly gained confidence back. As she finally reached it she stared at the door for a moment before she finally waved her hand over the door panel. The seconds passed and the rational part of her brain kicked back in and she realized that it was in the middle of the night. She cursed herself for not thinking of that before.

Before she could continue the train of her thoughts the doors opened and revealed a bare feet John only in his pyjama pants and a shirt. As he recognized her he looked surprised for a moment and when Elizabeth was about to open her mouth to say something he shook his head. "I couldn't really sleep anyway," he just said and gestured her in his quarters, Elizabeth hesitantly followed his invitation.

While he closed the door behind them Elizabeth's eyes scanned the room, resting on the bed he had just slipped out of and remained in silence. She was struggling with herself looking for the best way to address this sensitive topic of her feelings. Bursting out with a goddamn I love you and didn't knew what to do with it would be a bit too blunt. Definitely.

"I guess you've finally come to talk," she could feel his presence right behind her, his body just one or two steps away. "That's good you know, I was already thinking of ways to get you alone for a while. Kidnapping you and leaving Atlantis in a jumper was my first choice for today," Elizabeth turned around looking into his face seeing that neither his mouth nor his eyes indicated a smile. For the first time since she started avoiding him she was actually looking into his face and he looked exhausted. Was it because of her?

"Look, I know this is not the best time and I'm sorry, I'm sorry for the last few days and what I did to you. I know I hurt you by avoiding you so long and I can't forgive myself for letting it get so far," she paused and studied him for a reaction.

"Why?" he just asked and when she didn't answered immediately he continued. "I know it has something to do with that little visit of our counterparts but I really don't understand why?"

"In another reality we're having a romantic relationship, John, husband and wife," she stated and before she could continue he cut in.

"The Elizabeth I know wouldn't freak out because of that," he stated and she closed her mouth breaking the eye contact with him.

She turned away from him and walked several steps through his room facing him again after a few moments of silence. "You're right," she paused. "It was like a trigger, bringing everything back to the surface I've denied and hidden so well. And I was too afraid to act upon my feelings," she watched him closely for a reaction and saw that confusion dominated his eyes.

"Elizabeth, get to the point," he demanded and she noticed that he seemed a little bit nervous.

"Every time you came to me or I just thought about you, you and your flyboy charm and smile or the way you flirt with me it was driving me crazy and I couldn't really concentrate on anything," she confessed and just caught the hint of a smirk on his face.

"So you decided to avoid me," Elizabeth just nodded.

"I tried to burry it again along with the hope that the John Sheppard in my reality would hold and kiss me like the other one did with her. But I couldn't," she blushed and looked away as he closed the distance between them. "I just can't stop feeling," she directed her eyes back to him. "John?" she asked begging him for a reaction when the silence stretched between them.

"So I'm driving you crazy?" she saw the familiar impish spark in his eyes. "I think that's just fair since you're having the very same effect on me," his face softened and Elizabeth caught her breath. John nervously ran his hand through his hair and licked his lips and a smile started to spread on Elizabeth's face.

"John?" she asked an amused grin gracing her lips.

"Yeah?" his eyes quickly shifted back to hers.

"It's about time that you kiss me," she stated with a raised eyebrow. John blinked surprised and then pursed his lips grinning.

"As the lady requests," he whispered as he bowed his head and both closed their eyes. The kiss started off shyly but they quickly lost themselves in it. Elizabeth laid her hands around John's neck and pulled him closer to her deepening the kiss.