Chapter 1

It had been a turn since the new Harper had come to tillek at the request of her holds Harper, Harper senol he had been selena's only friend her only true ally. But when he had died she had felt as if all the happiness had drained from the world. It seemed to selena that even the weather it's self seemed to morn the old harpers passing. Still she would have to do the honors of singing him to a proper rest. For she was the only person how could sing the harpers elegy in the past turns it seemed the Harper was losing his mind. Some people said that her Selena new the teaching ballads better than the Harper himself. After this day. Selena's life became almost unbearable in her sea hold after all the was the youngest child of a large family. and every thing she was given was second handed and worn. Oh how she wished she could have something new to ware at least once. But it was the fally of being the youngest child. Still she had music to look forward to. But she soon found out even that was denied her. She figured this out when the arrived every thing was in an uproar. "Selena a dragons just landed with are new Harper!"

"Go and get your self some decant to wear you cannot appear in those dirty cloths!"

"Yes Lora I will," selena sighed her mother treated her most unfairly. But she thought this was the bad with the good her mother always talked about. She trudged wearily to the bathing rooms located on the second level. Luckily there was no one in the bathing rooms at this time not that she had expected anyone, the arrival of a Harper was an exiting occurrence in the hold. When she arrived at the bathing rooms the striped of her dirty clothes and put them into the laundry pool and prodded them with a poll so they would soak to get all the stains out. She finally half stepped half jumped into the rather large pool the instant she toughed the water she sighed it was wonderfully warm and soft to the skin. She wallowed around a nit them submerged under water in order to get her lustrous red blonde hair wet so she could wash it. Selena was tall for a girl but she had a looping grace anyway. Her face was most curious looking she had high cheek bones a rather delicate nose with full lips and emerald green eyes. But all together she had exotic beauty about her which made her attractive.