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Five: Destiny Sucks—Part 2

The mansion was a cozy temperature as I stepped through the front door and lit by sunlight and warm lighting. The foyer—I could think of no other name for it—was spacious enough with a polished hard wood floor, the real stuff not the imitation, golden painted walls, and a dark red carpet stretching from the front door to a mahogany paneled door at the opposite side of the room. I was heading towards it when it opened and a man wearing a black suit lined in silver with attentive brown eyes and sleek blonde hair that was slicked over his head.

"Lord Phantom?" He asked and I quirked an eyebrow at him. I'd never been called that before. The man saw my confusion and smiled a little, "Ah, Danny Phantom, then?"

"Uh, yeah."

The man put one arm across his waist and bowed low. My face flushed, "I am Mack, your chief of servitude. If you need anything, do not hesitate to ask."

"Um, how about a tour?"

Mack gave me a winning smile and gestured for me to follow, "In all honesty," He said calmly as he led me out of the foyer and into a giant room, "When I was given this position and told I was going to be serving one of the most powerful ghosts in the history of human kind I expected someone…"

"A little more daunting?" I offered, grinning, "Yeah, I get that a lot." I switched my gaze to the room we'd entered. The ceiling was paneled wood strung with expensive looking chandeliers, the floor and black and white checkered tile, and the walls were such a pale green they almost looked white. There were two wooden doors on either wall to my left and right, a door on the wall across from me, and a flight of iron spiral stairs that went to the next level.

"This is the main hall," Mack explained, "In there," He pointed to the first door on my left, "Is the kitchen and the room next to that is the formal dining room. To your right," He gestured, "Is the informal dining room and a," He sighed uneasily, "Game room." I brightened, that couldn't be so bad. Games were good, "The room at the end of the hall is the ballroom. Come." He led me up to the second floor and into a hallway of white carpet, creamy walls, and dark stained wooden doors; three, to be exact; and another flight of iron spiral stairs, "The two doors on your left lead to a study and an empty room you can do whatever you like with and the door on your right is your bedroom which has a private bathroom attached. The top floor contains a swimming pool, a small dojo, a running track, exercise equipment, and a basketball court." Mack turned to me, "Explore to your leisure, my lord, I am going to help prepare dinner. Would you like anything in particular?"

"Uhhh…" I struggled through my awe and amazement that all of this belonged to me, "Yeah…um…a Raspberry, Lemonade, and Vanilla slushie…" I answered vaguely. Mack made a disgusted face that made me chuckle and vanished down the stairs.

I didn't know what to start but I automatically trailed towards the bedroom. There were so many things going through my head, so many confirmations that had been made or had yet to be, that my skull was pounding with them. A shower, I decided, would be an awfully nice thing at the moment.

Stepping into the bedroom made me sick to my stomach.

Everything was a bright, welcoming yellow color and I hated it. As soon as I finished supper, I was going to redo the whole thing in my favorite color. Blue.

I angrily strode towards the wooden door at the other side of the bedroom, tears springing into my eyes as I thought about what I had done and what I was about to do. I turned human as I went, kicking off articles of clothing so that they lay scattered in a haphazard trail all the way to the bathroom door. Then I locked the door behind me and turned the shower of full blast. In seconds, hot steam was floating over the top of the shower curtain and I ducked underneath the boiling water.

The hot liquid was soothing and eased the tension I didn't realize I had in my muscles. I relaxed, closing my eyes and allowing the calm of the shower to over take me. My mind was swept blank by the peace of it. It wasn't until the hot water started turning lukewarm that I finally stepped out and shut the water off.

I grabbed the puffy, dark violet towel sitting on the black marble counter across from the shower and buried by face in it, taking a deep breath. It smelled like clean, fresh air. As I dried myself off, I realized that I hadn't thought to grab any clean clothes. Then I thought, Wait, do I even have any clean clothes?

I wrapped the towel around my waist and walked out of the bathroom. Someone had come through my room and picked up my discarded clothes but where they had gone was anyone's guess. Folded neatly on the giant canopied four poster bed in the middle of the room was a pile of clothes I guessed the same person had set out for me. I had no other real choice but to get dressed unless I was planning to go down to dinner in nothing but a towel.

Boxers, I mentally checked off as I pulled them on, Good. Then I frowned slightly. The pants I was holding weren't jeans as I had first thought but rather black cloth pants. I tugged them on anyway. Then I spent about a whole five minutes trying to figure out the rest of the little ensemble. When I was finished, I checked myself out in the mirror and couldn't stop the grin on my face. I looked cool.

A black tunic was tied around my torso with a white band of cloth, a heavy black vest intricately laced with dark red and glittering gold designs went over it, and a sweeping white trench coat stitched with red that curved into odd Chinese patterns was worn over that. My black pants were held up by a silver studded, dark brown leather belt with a silver buckle that made the symbol—my symbol—DP and the ends were tucked into belt-covered black boots that would have made Sam jealous.

The happiness was sucked out of me like one of Vortex's tornadoes.


My heart ached, making me painfully aware of just what I had done. Suddenly, this giant mansion felt very lonely and the clothes seemed to become dull and faded.

Someone knocked on the door and opened it. Mack's expression, which had been bright and smiling, suddenly faded into a sad pity. I hated that look so much. Clockwork had given it to me every time I'd met up with him and I hated it. So I looked away, unwilling to let him see the pain in my blue and green eye.

"You have guests downstairs, Lord Phantom." Mack said softly, in a voice that reminisced a parent comforting a child. I wished he wouldn't. It hurt, "If you'd follow me, mi' lord."

I trailed after him silently, keeping my gaze to the floor. I hated myself for what I'd done, I hated the Ghost Zone for picking me, and most of all I hated the stupid Observants who had messed everything up and put me in this situation. I resolved to exact revenge on them with every ounce of my being. If it was the last thing I ever did.

Several people were sitting around the large, polished wooden table, waiting for me, in the formal dining room as I took my seat, all of them dressed in black. One was a tall, foreboding looking man with spiky blonde hair and chocolate eyes so emotionlessly empty I was reminded of a black hole, beside him was Lady Grim in her usual black and silver dress with her arm wrapped around the man's arm beside her. The only other person in the room I recognized was the Goth mimicking Lady Darkness who was smiling at me in an irksome way with sparkly, purple lips. The three other people in the room—besides the man next to Lady Grim—I did not know. Two were men, one with curly crimson hair and emerald eyes and the other with shimmering locks of black hair that tumbled down his back and calculating, angry black eyes, and the other was a woman with a blank expression, dark red hair that was cropped short against her jaw, and empty dark green eyes.

"Danny," Lady Grim's smile was slightly forced, "Allow me to introduce you to my husband and the Head Reaper of the Inbetween, Lord Grim." Lord Grim nodded at me but I made no move to respond, "I believe you already know Lady Darkness." I narrowed my eyes at her as she giggled at me, "Those two men are Lord Sorrow," The red head glared at me and I was slightly taken aback; the last time I had seen Lord Sorrow his hair had been golden-brown and spiked, "And Lord Odium," Lord Odium's angry eyes pierced through me and I quickly looked away; he was a scary one, "And the last but certainly not least, Lady Grief." She flicked her green eyes at me and I shivered; there was a hungry stare in them.

"My lord and lady Reapers," Mack stood in a doorway I could only assume led to the kitchens, "Dinner is served." He stepped aside and a cascade of waiters dressed in black, silver, and white swept into the room, setting plates and silverware before us. A bowl of steaming soup was set before me and a tall glass filled with my requested slushie. I pushed the bowl away, feeling nauseated and empty, and stared at my hands folded in my lap. I didn't want to be here anymore.

Feeling someone's eyes on me, I glanced up and saw Lady Grief staring at me hungrily while still taking tiny spoonfuls of her own soup. I swallowed thickly, a little freaked out by her odd behavior. Was it customary for Reapers to randomly stare at each other while they ate? I took a quick look around the table but everyone else's attention was at their food. Well, fine, if she wanted a staring contest I'd give her a staring contest. I glared my mismatched eyes across the table at Lady Grief but she didn't so much as blink.

Quite suddenly, I felt extremely drained. I slouched in my seat, eyelids drooping. The medallion on my chest was stone cold.

"Danny." Lady Grim's voice snapped me around and I looked at her. She had an expression on her face like I'd been caught with my hand in the cookie jar, "It would probably be best for you not to have a staring contest with Grief. She's been known to feed on people's sorrows."

"Yeah, now you tell me." I grumbled and, now determined to avoid everyone's gaze, snatched up my slushie and started gulping it down. My mood was fowl; I'd rather have been stuffed into my locker by Dash than here in the Inbetween and away from everything I loved.

"Wondering why we're all here, aren't you Lord Phantom?" Lady Darkness' plate was completely cleaned of food. It was almost like she'd inhaled the stuff, "Wondering why you're here too, huh?"

"That's enough, Lady Darkness." Lord Grim's voice rumbled and I glanced at him. Never had I heard someone's voice who sounded so much like thunder echoing in the distance, "You know why you are here."

It was more of a demand than a question but I answered it anyway, "Training or something like that."

"Training." Lord Sorrow confirmed but was silenced by a look from Lord Grim.

"Starting tomorrow," The Head Reaper laced his fingers together, put his elbows on the table, and rested his chin on his interlocked digits, keeping his eyes on me the whole time, "Lady Grim, as she is your designated Reaper, and Lord Sorrow, as he is the Reaper of your fellow halfa, will be visiting once again. You will begin your training then."

"Thanks…" I muttered but there wasn't a lot of heart in it, "For taking the trouble to do this…I know you'd probably…rather not have me here…"

"It does not matter what we want." Lord Odium growled in low voice that still managed to carry across the table to me, "What matters is that life is sustained as it should be. The Observants are corrupting the balance of life and death to an almost catastrophic scale. If ghosts were ever to take over the living world, it would mean the end of The Trinity!"

"Wha—?" I started to ask but Lady Grim smiled, holding up her hand to stop me.

"Tomorrow, Danny-boy." She said softly, "For now, we leave." The Reapers stood and started heading towards the door and she swept over to me, "Get some rest, boy-o, you'll need it."

I watched them all go, still not getting up from my chair. Just when I thought I'd had things figured out something else came my way. It wasn't until someone touched my shoulder and I looked up to find everything blurred that I realized I was crying. I dug the heels of my hands into my eyes, drawing shuddering breaths that only came out as echoing sobs. When I'd finally gotten myself under control, I found it was Mack who had been patiently waiting for me to quit bubbling.

"You suffer much," He said, "But I'm not the one you should talk to." He shuffled to his left, something I would later learn meant he was upset, "Go to your room, Lord Phantom, and rest. I believe Lady Grim Reaper is right in saying that you will need it."

I was at a completely loss for words; pushed into silence by the pain of everything that was happening around me. I stood and, almost mechanically, made my way to my room. It wasn't until I had closed the door and gotten halfway across the sunset lit room that I realized I was not alone.

Someone was sitting on my bed, waiting for me.

I froze, automatically reaching for my ghost powers when the person leaped off the bed and looked me right in the eye with a wide smile on their face.

It was me. A me with black angel wings. My Guardian Angel.

We had met once before, on my first and unintended trip to the Inbetween, but seeing him again always gave me a shock.

"Danny," He said, "We need to talk."

"I don't want to talk to anyone," I growled, stripping off the fancy clothes and tossing them carelessly aside, "I just want to go to sleep."

"Grow up." My Guardian Angel snapped at me, flaring his wings, "After all the stuff you've been through, you'd think you'd be able to handle this! But you're falling apart at the seams!"

"Of course I am! I had to leave everything behind!" I screamed, "And when I go back it'll be like nothing ever happened! But then I have to go off to find some stupid ghosts who are too stupid to wake themselves up and go through some more stupid crap before I can finally get past all of this stupidity and get to do what I want!" Tears sprouted in my eyes and I felt the cold energy that was the twin rings split over me, changing me into my ghost form, "Doesn't anyone in this stupid universe care about what I want!? Has everyone freaking forgotten that the freaking hero has a life too!? What about ME!?" I fell to my knees on the floor, sobbing, unable to stop, "What about me…"

"I know it's not fair, Danny." Guardian Angel was crouched in front of my, wings fanned to keep his balance, "But you have to do this. Once you do, I'm sure everything will be better. The worst that could happen is the Box Ghost, right?"

I laughed. I couldn't help it. I hadn't actually fought the Box Ghost in almost a year. I'd been so busy trying to patch myself back together I'd almost forgotten what it was like to be a "normal superhero."

"There, you see," Guardian Angel straightened up and held out his hand to me. I allowed myself to be helped upright, dropping my ghost half as I did so, "All you needed was some pep talk. Now go to sleep and in the morning you can get your butt kicked around by a couple or Reapers until you're too tired to think straight."

"Yeah, yeah," I scoffed, climbing under the blankets, "You, me, and the rest of world."

"You don't know how right you are." Those were the last words I heard before I drifted off to sleep.

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