It's dark.

And it's cold.

Where am I?

Who am I?

What's that sound?

What is sound?

I...I don't know.

There's that...that sound again.

It's not a normal sound.

It's like a...a voice...

Whose voice is it?


A light.

A white light.



I see shapes...




They all look so...worried...


What's that sound? It's not a's...a machine?




I don't know them. Any of them...


Silver. And lilac.


Mahogany. And burgundy.


Who are they?


The's stopped...

The voice again...

"Yuki? Are you awake?" It was soft...and...Maybe familiar...

What is Yuki?

Is...Is that me?

Yes. I'm Yuki...

Yuki Cross...

"Yuki! God damn it! Wake up!" This voice was rough.

I could almost place where I knew it from.

My eyes opened.

A little.

I wish they hadn't.

Three pairs of eyes all stared at me.

Lilac. Burgundy. And wheat gold.

Silver. Mahogany. And blonde.

"Yuki? Do you know who we are?" Wheat asked. He seemed concerned.


What was wrong with me?

I didn't know what to say.

I didn't know how to use my voice.

I had one.

I knew the words.

But how to form them?

"Ah...Ugh...N...No..." My own voice was not as smooth as any of the others.

It was strained.

And sounded like it had no idea what it was.

"Oh dear..." Wheat seemed saddened by this information.

"W...Wh...What...What's wr...Wrong?" I asked...not sure what else to say to comfort this man...

"Oh...Nothing...nothing my adorable little Yuki..." Wheat smiled and I felt a twinge of familiarity.

Silver seemed shocked.

His lilac eyes were wide and unseeing.

Mahogany had moved closer.

His burgundy eyes spilt ever-lasting affection.

It frightened me a little.

Who were they?

I strained to somehow remember.

Because I felt I should.

I should know them.

I really should.

I frowned.

I realised I had been lying back and I forced my body to support itself.

I guess this is what they call 'sitting'

I could remember that now.

My action seemed to shock them.

"Yuki, you shouldn't be moving around right now." Mahogany told me.

Then I realised they needed names.

I used my voice again.

"Wh...Who" I was getting better at it. "Wha...What are...y...your names?"

They glanced at each other quickly.

Wheat spoke first.

"Well...My name is Kaien Cross. And I'm your adoptive father Yuki." It was odd.

Earlier he had been so cheery.

He had changed to serious so fast.

Silver spoke next.

"I'm Zero. Ugh. Zero Kiryuu." He had also changed from being loud and angry.

To quiet and uncomfortable.

Mahogany was next.

"My name is Kaname Kuran." He spoke slowly and smoothly.

His tone was so kind.

What was I to him?

I had to admit he was beautiful.

But so was Silv- I mean Zero.

In a different way.

It made my cheeks burn.

A blush?

That's the word.


"Wh...Where am I?" I asked; surprised at how smooth my voice was now.

"Ah. Well little cute Yuki! You're in a hospital. Hos-pit-al." Wheat Kaien told me.

His voice sounded mocking and it annoyed me.

"I kn...Know what th...that is." I said. My own voice surprised me.

It was rough and unpleasant.


Yeah. Rude.

"Aha! So you're already on the rocky road to recovery!" He cried, sounding overly happy with himself.

My face twisted.

I think I was scowling at him.

He looked very put out when he spotted my face.

"I guess Yuki's getting better. She's able to upset you!" Zero grumbled a little.

I could tell he was smiling about it though.

It warmed me a little, to know that I had entertained him.

I realised that I was missing out a vital question.

"Why am I in H...Hosp...Hospital?" I was pleased that my voice was improving so much.

They glanced at each other again.

Almost as if they were thinking about how much to tell me.

Kaname nodded smoothly to Kaien, his mahogany hair moving in the most mesmerising way.

I looked away before anyone noticed I had been staring.

Zero just groaned and moved to sit down.

"This is gonna take a while..." I heard him mutter.

Kaname shot a glare towards him.

Zero pretended not to notice.

Kaien looked me straight in the eye and said...

"Yuki...How much do you remember about vampires?"