His words.

His eyes.

Everything was so beautiful.

But I couldn't forget this hunger within me.

It hurt, but I had to focus on Kaname.

He looked at me, sadness, hope and that dark despair that I longed to get rid of, all swirled in his eyes.

I knew that where I belonged was with him.

It had always been with him.

I knew that.

And it settled me.

I felt my hopelessness dissipate, leaving behind happiness.

And that burning pain.

Kaname bent down so that he was on my level.

"Yuki...It's alright..."

I felt the ache in my jaw, knew that I had to use my fangs.

The fangs that I had been trying so hard to get rid of.

"Yuki...you can have every part of me, forever...You have to know that..."

I smiled slightly at his words, but my eyes were focused on his neck.

His beautiful, pale, perfect neck.

He tilted his head to the side, extending his neck before me.

Of course he already knew what I wanted.

I sighed and nuzzled my face against his neck.

I breathed him in.

I breathed in that smell that was perfectly Kaname.

So many things.

It smelt of so, so many things.

But oddly, I would've thought that this is what sunshine smells like.

I opened my mouth and felt my fangs slide into his neck.

My mind was clouded, but I still felt his arms surround me.

I heard his words.

Heard him say my name.

He murmured it so softly it sounded like a sigh.

But I knew it was my name.

He said it with so much conviction, so much hope and despair locked together, it made my heart melt.

Made my eyes water.

Made my soul long for him.

I knew then, in that instant, that he was all I could ever need.

A piece of me that had been shattered returned to me.

My mind pieced back together, and I felt safe.


Eternally happy.

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