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A past life returns

Harry is the reincarnated version of Haru - the secret son of Seti. He fell in love with Imhotep, and eventually they married… wishful thinking. In jealousy, Anck-sun-namun killed him.

Harry goes to visit his cousins: Evelyn and Jonathan in Egypt and is coerced into going to Hamunaptra. Where Imhotep is awoken after being cursed by Seti who thought that Imhotep killed Haru for the throne.

CHAPTER ONE - Cairo - 1926

Harry, age seventeen and newly acclaimed "The Man who Saved Us All", climbed off the boat at Cairo. He was going to visit his cousins Evelyn and Jonathan in Egypt. Why? He just wanted to be Harry and while his cousins knew about his magic, they didn't know that if he ever turned evil he could destroy the world.

He grabbed his shoulder bag and bumped into a pub to get something for his parched mouth. There he saw Jonathan and another man. He walked over to say Hello when the man with long hair and wild beard threw his drink in Jonathan's face.

"Jon!" he yelled before a fight could break out. The last thing the man needed was to go to jail.

Jon looked up, "Harry! Harry old boy!"

"What did you do?"

"Your friend, here, was cheating!"

"Jonathan! Is this what you've been doing for the last three years! Bloody Hell! You can't… you never… UGH!" He said in frustration as he came close to throwing a right hook at his cousin. He then turned to the man, "Can we take this outside? I'd rather be able to deck my cousin without any bobbies getting to us."

The man nodded and noticed how little alike the two were. Harry easily stood Jonathan's height and yet looked as though his build was that of a fencer or a swimmer. Lean muscle. He had golden skin, and long dark hair that was hanging around his face. He also had a leather band around his forehead and had black leather cuffs on his wrists. He was in black mostly, and his black suspenders were simply there while his shirt sleeves were rolled up to his elbows. Although he noticed that Harry carried skeans and not guns in his holsters. That and that alone betrayed his Egyptian upbringing - no thanks to his aunt.

They went outside and into the alley.

"Hand it over." he said as he held out his left hand and Jon saw the scar underneath his forearm that was barely peeking out of the rolled up sleeve before he grumbled and gave the box over.

"How'd you know about this?"

"You stole this didn't you?" Harry frowned as he looked at it before he turned to Jon, "Where did you get this?"

"A dig down in Thebes. Tell me I found something." Jon said while Harry studied the glyphs. It was an ancient key and if Harry remembered correctly it was impossible for Jonathan Carnahan to have found this in Thebes.

'The only possible location would be the rumored location of the Book of Amun Ra. In Hamunaptra.' he thought before he froze, even the magical world knew the story of Hamunaptra. "Are you sure?" he asked as he examined the box which chose at that moment to pop open. He didn't even notice Jon's affirmation.

He took the piece of parchment out and gave the key back to Jon. He opened it up and read the hieroglyphs. "Bloody Hell."

"What? It's valuable, right?" Jon asked.

Harry shook his head as he continued reading, "Amun Ra, Amun Dei," he read aloud before his gaze traveled down the rest of the map. Good thing he had a photographic memory. It helped a lot during his NEWTS.

Harry snapped out of his examination of the map, for that's what he knew what this was. "Jon, where's Evy?"

"At the library, where else?" he said.

"Let's go." he said. "Come on, Evy should be able to tell us about that key." he said as he walked away.

He followed him into the museum and further into it to the library.

"Evy, what happened here?" he asked as he looked around them as Dr. Bey stormed past them.

"I'm afraid I've made a bit of a mess in here."

Harry smiled sympathetically, "And? Come on Evy, I know you better than that."

"The Bembridge Scholars have rejected my application form again. They say that I don't have enough experience in the field." she ranted as she looked around the library nervously.

Harry looked around, he was almost thankful that the museum curator wasn't there. He walked over to his twenty-three year old cousin and put his arms on her shoulders. "Evy if they want experience. We can give them experience. We are the children of Egypt, we might as well look around while we're here."

"What?" she asked suspiciously. "Because if Jonathan conned you into this be rest assured that I will not allow for him or you to drag my entire career down into the mud like he has his own."

Harry sighed as he handed her the parchment. "We'll go to Hamunaptra."

"Hamunaptra?" Jonathan asked as his eyes went as wide as saucers. "You don't mean, the Hamunaptra?"

Harry nodded, "The cartouche on the map… the dating. Plus Seti's symbol…" he said as he and Evy looked at the map together.

"The library-"

"I can take care of it." he said as he winked at her and she realized that he was probably going to magic the library back in order. "Jonathan?"


"Would you be so kind as to?" he began to ask before Evy knocked him into a candle and the parchment began to burn. "Bloody…" he said before he dropped it and began to pat on it, barely noticing the fact that his hand was getting minor burns. He managed to get half of it out before he turned back to his two older cousins. "Jonathan, where did you get the map?"

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