APLR - 15

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Harry looked around Hamunaptra for a while longer before Remus and Sirius apparated the two Americans back to Cairo and he and Ardeth prepared for Imhotep.

As much as he didn't want to do what he was about to, he knew that he had no choice - he had to free the part of Imhotep that was not bound by the Hom-dai, he had to save whatever he could out of his past lover.

They set up the ceremonial chamber, there really wasn't much to do - although Harry did have to transfigure his clothing (he made sure that it wasn't clothing that he cared about as his transfigurations tended to be permanent since the final battle) into the type of outfit he'd worn when he first met the High Priest.

Sirius whistled in appreciation when he saw the outfit his godson was wearing, "Damn, you're sure that I'm not your type?"

Harry mock-glared at his godfather, "I never said that I didn't like the stronger sex, I just said that even if I did - you aren't my type."

"I'm Sirius Black! I'm everybody's type!" Sirius protested as he came into the chamber.

"What's the plan?" Remus asked as he walked over to them, looking a little dirty as he'd yet to have a chance to even hit himself with a cleaning charm - they were all a little ... rank.

"We have to free the part of him that is not bound by the Hom-dai."

Remus frowned, "I thought you said that this curse is all-consuming?"

"To his mortal soul, yes, but not his immortal soul." Harry explained as he drew his sword (he hadn't dared to transfigure that as he didn't want to push his luck so he'd just found it in the treasure room) and took a few practice swings to get himself back into the feel of having a sword in his hand.

"So you think that he's still consumed by the curse?"

Harry shrugged, "It's been three thousand years, it's possible that the curse that Anck-Su-Namun put on him is still active. You forget that Egyptian Curses don't weaken over time - they get stronger."

"Do you have any idea what happened to him? How the woman cursed him to begin with?" Ardeth asked as he jumped down from a lightly raised pedeastal that had once held a torch.

Harry closed his eyes and tried to remember, "No. I do-" he said before the Ancient Gods apparently heard his plea.


Haru and Imhotep ducked into a corner of the palace, far away from prying eyes before they began to play a game with their tongues that would later (a few thousand years or so) be known as tonsil-hockey. It was becoming apparent that the two of them were growing closer, even though Haru was to marry the Princess of Nabatea to ensure that Seti or later Haru would not invade and conquer their kingdom.

Haru and Eleri (the Nabatean Princess) both realized their duities to the throne of Egypt and vowed to give as many children to the people of Egypt as possible - Haru also vowed to keep the old ways alive and to ensure peace in their land.

Haru kissed Imhotep hard before he pulled back, "I am to leave for training tomorrow."

Imhotep nodded, "I know."

"I would have you come with me if you were not needed here." he said solemnly, even though he knew his loyalty and duty was to Egypt and not to his lover - the both of them knew it all too well.

Imhotep nodded again, "As would I, mi pharaohey." he said as his kissed Haru and lowered him onto the Egyptian bed covered with soft furs and the large brown bear fur that had been a gift from a Grecian Emissary. Haru wasn't about to let it go to waste.

That night, only one of them would remember until three thousand years later.

He left the next morning, not knowing that their night in Haru's bed would be their last.

When he returned from training with Oded out in the land of Seth, Imhotep glared at him with hate in his eyes.

His contempt for the Priest, who apparently had taken his heart and broken it for his own gain, blossomed faster than any flower on the Nile.

Haru glared back.


"I left for training, when I returned he was under her spell." Harry explained as he rubbed his temples, he hated the side effects of these visions - but at least this time he didn't have a nosebleed.

"Training?" Remus asked, curious.

Harry nodded, "I was the heir of Egypt, I had to know how to protect it." he said and they went into silence until Imhotep came back to Hamunaptra.


They saw Imhotep dragging an unconscious Beni into the room where he had originally attempted to rise Anck-Su-Namun.

"He's going to raise her. The curse hasn't broken." Harry said as he looked at his mentor and they opened the golden book.

Harry looked through the pages, there was one spell they could use that would allow for Imhotep's current reincarnation to gain the memories of the one who had loved him before the curse.

"Ya-to-eh ya-to-eh ah-men-o-fus pared oos pared oos!" he cried out and fell to his knees as Anubis came out on his chariot to allow for Imhotep's immortal soul to go the underworld.

It was Ardeth's blade that killed the Mortal High Priest even as Harry looked at him with sorrowful eyes - filled with regret for what he was having to do to his past lover. But he was a Commander of Men.

For an instant Anubis turned and saluted the Master of Death.

Harry paled as he recognized the salute.

Anubis recognized him as a fellow immortal.

* * *

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