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The Best Thing Since Sex

Edward and I were Christmas shopping, without much luck I must add – so far we'd only managed to buy a book for Jasper, and some shoes that Rose had pointed out to me last week in River Island.

We still had to buy something for Emmett so we were heading towards HMV to buy him the DVD box set of Grey's Anatomy (He thought we didn't know that he secretly taped it each week and watched it at the gym he owned while he had a break) his face would be priceless on Christmas morning when he opened it.

It was November 30th, and London city centre was pandemonium. Not only was it full of christmas shoppers, but it was a Monday and it was half past noon, so all the suits were out on lunch break.

Edward and I had both taken the day off to finish the christmas shopping before it got too busy to move around here.

As we walked we passed a very expensive looking Chocolate shop, where a woman stood outside handing out free samples of chocolate.

As we passed she held out the tray, I grinned and took one, and did Edward, "They're the chocolate's from our signature Advent Calendar this year!" She told us.

I popped it in my mouth and savoured the taste and texture as it melted on my tongue. It was delicious. "Oh god…" I moaned, then turning to the woman I said, "That was just the best thing since… well… sex! Gorgeous. How much is the calendar?"

As I spoke to the woman, I noticed in my peripheral vision how Edward's face was clouding over, he was annoyed, after five years of marriage, I knew that much.

But what now? I swear to god, the boy had serious PMS. Talk about mood swings.

"I'll be back in a sec." I said, and quickly stepped into the shop, and bought three calendars. (Not all for me, don't worry. There was on for Edward and I, one for Jasper and Alice, and one for Rose and Em)

When I came out of the shop I noticed that Edward was still stood in the same place as he had been when I left, with the exact same, furious expression on his face.

The lad with the samples looked at me curiously and I shrugged, and grabbed his hand, trying to lead him away.

"What is your problem?" I hissed.

He just scowled, suddenly, he began to drag me in the opposite direction.

"Where are we going?" I asked, annoyed.

"Home." He answered finally.

He didn't say another word all the way back to our townhouse, which was just plain immature really, although I didn't voice my opinion, not wanting to push him into a further mood.

We arrived on our doorstep just ten minutes later, mainly due to the unreasonable pace Edward was walking at. I was completely out of breath, and the cold air wasn't helping at all.

I began to cough violently, and Edward soon got the message, slowing down considerably.

He unlocked the door, and pulled me in, throwing the keys on the side table, and kicked the door shut behind him.

I looked at him worried, "What is it?" I asked.

Had he seen something? What could possibly happened…

Then I thought back to the exact moment, I had just tasted the chocolate, then I said…


I said, 'This is the best thing since sex…'


But surely he knew better than to be offended by that? Didn't he?

I was pulled from my thoughts by the sound of my name, "Bella?" He repeated, still glaring, his face set in an angry mask.

"Yes?" I asked, trying to look innocent.

"Come with me. And don't look at me like that, you know what you did."

Then he grabbed my hand and dragged me up the stairs behind him, taking them two at a time, so that I had to jog to keep up, I nearly tripped twice, but he just pulled me up, and carried on.

He pulled me into our bedroom and locked the door behind us, then walked towards me, menacingly.

I backed away, reflexively, but soon felt the backs of my knees hit the bed. He was still coming towards me.

I knew it was irrational, this was Edward, but I was shaking like a leaf. He either didn't notice or he didn't care.

He brought his face to within centimetres of mine, but then suddenly crouched down and snatched something from under the bed.

He held out a black bag with pink words on the front, 'Anne Summers'… Oh dear lord. Edward had been underwear shopping.

"Go in the bathroom and put this on." He said gruffly.

I quietly complied, still a little shaken up, and moved into our en suite.

I opened the bag and intrepidly pulled out a purple coloured bra, thong and skirt that matched.

I took off my clothes and current underwear, and carefully replaced it with Edward's selection. I briefly wondered what he was going to do with me, but decided not to dwell on it too much.

Once I was ready I stepped in front of the mirror and nearly died of shock, the bra was a demi-cup and barely covered my nipples, just as the tiny skirt barely covered my ass.

I sighed and gingerly stepped out of the bathroom. Edward was lying back on the bed, completely naked, and completely hard.

I sucked in a breath as he stood up and grabbed my wrists, "Now Bella, apologise now, and I might go easy on you." He said, in a firm and condescending tone.

I decided to play it innocent, besides, who ever said I wanted him to go easy on me.

"Edward, I do not know what you're talking about." I replied, turning my face away.

"Well, I'll have to enlighten you won't I?" The he grabbed me by the head, and turned my face back to his, "You will look at me when I'm speaking, understand?"

I nodded weakly.

He pulled me around him and onto the bed, then leaned over my body, then ran his fingers across my stomach, closer and closer to where I needed him most, suddenly his fingers, still cold from being outside, hit my clit.

He circled it slowly at first then faster, causing me to cry out loudly, "Bella, are you enjoying this? Do you want me to carry on?"

I nodded vigorously.

He quickly pulled away from me, "Well then don't compare me to sex!" he almost shouted, then stormed around the bed, and picked up his boxers, pulling them on, and walking furiously into the bathroom.

He slammed the door shut behind him and I lay back on the bed, angrily. How dare he! I mean, what an over reaction, it was just a figure of speech!

I heard the shower turn on, and judging by his earlier arousal, I had a pretty good idea of what he was doing.

The I had a flash of inspiration. I jumped up, and removed the ridiculous underwear he had bought me, letting it pool on the floor, then lay back on the bed, my legs open and directly in view of the door.

I waited until the shower was switched off, and then slowly ran my fingers down my stomach, lower and lower.

I let my eyes fall closed as I ran my fingers along my wet folds and clit. I began to manipulate my clit in small circles, while I twisted my nipples in my other hand, moaning softly and imagining that it was Edward doing this to me instead.

I heard the door open, and braced myself for Edward's reaction, all the time maintaining my actions.

I expected him to be annoyed, hopefully annoyed enough to take action, but so far he hadn't said a word.

I moved my fingers from my clit and slid one inside of me, then cracked one eye open slightly, only to see Edward, completely naked and erect standing in the doorway, a dark, lustful look contorting his perfect features.

He was bracing himself against the door with one hand, and was gently stroking himself with one hand.

I moaned again, louder this time.

And he stepped closer to me, his hand never leaving his arousal.

"Bella…" He moaned, "You have no idea what you're doing to me, do you?"

I opened my eyes fully, and inserted another finger, locking eyes with him.

He quickly closed the gap between us, and pulled on my ankles, so that my ass was on the edge of the bed.

I saw what he was going to do, and removed my fingers, trailing them up my stomach slowly, then bringing them to my mouth. He groaned loudly again, then gripped my hips, roughly thrusting into my wetness.

"Oh fuck…. Bella." He groaned, holding still to let me adjust slightly. It didn't take long, and I tried to twist a little.

He kept me in his vice-like grip. "Oh no, Bella. I'm in charge today. I still haven't forgotten what you did earlier."

Oh no… "Edward… please!" I begged.

"What Bella? What do you want? I need you to tell me." He said, still not moving.

"Move!" I all but shouted.

"That's more like it." He said.

And then he began to pound into me harder than he ever had.

I cried out in pleasure, as he pulled out completely, and rubbed the tip of his erection along my slit.

His self-control was ridiculously strong. I moaned again, as he rubbed against my clit.

"Oh god… Edward! Just fuck me already!" I screamed out.

And he complied, thrusting in and out sporadically.

I knew he was already close, from the increasing volume of his moans.

He leant down and took my nipple into his mouth, swirling his tongue around the peak and sending me over the edge violently.

I screamed his name out loud as my orgasm took over, white light flashing throughout my body.

Edward followed me, grunting and moaning as his spilled his seed inside of me.

He collapsed down onto my chest, and placed a light kiss on my shoulder.

"So which is better now… sex or chocolate?" He whispered against my skin.

"Hmm…" I pretended to consider my answer, "That was pretty good… but that chocolate…"

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