Lily sat on the edge of the Black Lake. Her feet daggled over the edge, the cool water tingled between her toes, whilst her head leant back to look at the dark, night time sky. A small tear ran down her face.

'Hey,' said a familiar voice.

Lily dropped her head to the floor and casted her eyes downward, her hand immediately rising to brush her fallen tears.

'Not now,' she replied softly.

However the dark figure took a seat besides her, taking off his shoes and dangled his feet into the chilling water. They sat in silence, neither of them knew how long for. In his opinion, he hoped he was being more comforting staying silent then speaking out loud. Although, when he heard a quiet sob, he couldn't stand the silence no more. He leant over and wrapped his arm around her shoulder, soothing her. Surprisingly her head dropped down upon his shoulders as small sobs continued to cry out into the night.

'Hey, it's alright,' James Potter whispered.

'It's not though. I am so afraid of leaving this school, my home, knowing what is waiting outside,' sobbed Lily, her head leaning closer into his shoulder.

Lily had lost her best friend a few days ago. Truth was that her best friend, Violet Rose Longingly, had been killed by a mob of Death Eaters. She was tied, gagged, and tortured for hours until they finally killed her. Even now, days later, the terrifying nightmares haunted Lily every time she closed her eyes. James opened his mouth, about to comfort her, although Lily began talking once more.

'And I know, for a fact, that my life will be totally destroyed before I can even –'

'Don't,' whispered James.

'What?' questioned Lily, looking up in his eyes with confusion.

'Do not let your fire go out,' he replied, keeping his eyes firmly on the Black Lake.

Lily lifted her head off his shoulder and sat up straighter, brushing her forgotten tears off her face. She cocked her head to the side as she studied James, her eyes searching his face for some elaboration to his reply.

'I don't understand,' Lily said.

'Do not let the hero in your soul perish in lonely frustration for the life you deserve and have never been able to reach yet,' replied James, turning to face her.

'James, the life I want is outside of all this evilness and darkness. This isn't the life –'

'The world you desire can be won. It exists. It is real. It is possible. It's yours,' he whispered, brushing a stray curl out of her face.

Lily felt her heart swell to twice its usual size. A few tears began to roll down her face as James' words washed over her. She had never heard anything so beautiful, so comforting, and so warming. She leant forward, he leant forward …

Their lips crashed upon one another's. It was a gentle kiss, however was still full of passion and unsaid words. No one pushed the kiss any further; it was beautiful as it was. Lily pulled away slowly and opened her eyes, a small smile unfolded over her lips.

James felt his heart beat furiously beneath his chest. It was sure, anytime soon, to break his chest and burst through his shirt. However, it did not. He returned her gentle smile and locked his eyes with hers.

'I want you to be part of my world. I want you to be my world,' whispered Lily, taking his hand in hers.

'W-w-what?' stuttered James, surprisingly.

'I'm not leaving Hogwarts behind without you by my side. Together. Whole. Forever,' smiled Lily.

James grinned. They both stood up, hands intertwined, and began to walk up into the castle. He loved her, she loved him; and that was the beginning of everything.

A little one shot because I was feeling loving tonight. So, what did you think? x