Genesis POV

And I know I've said this about other moments, but this is somehow different, I can feel it.

"Genesis, come here."

Maybe it's his posture, more perfect and posed than usual. Or his choice of clothing tonight, which consist of nothing but a simple dark green T-shirt and form fitting jeans. Or perhaps it's the sappy background; moonlit night, no stars, city lights twinkling, fireworks popping in the sky. Or maybe it is because it's Eve Day, the day that everyone in Midgar celebrates yet another year of existence. Symbolism leaks from this moments…

No… it has to be his eyes. Those eyes, those Jaded cat eyes, which look upon me with a different tint this evening. A different aura than that of the pompous, self-assured man surrounds my partner tonight. It's less certain, almost troubled, as if things won't go according to plan.

"Are you just going to stand there, or are you coming onto the balcony?" he murmured, pushing a lock of silver behind his ears. Yes, he was definitely worried about something, but hiding it the best he could.

I note one hand sternly in his pockets.

"Alright." Effected by this potentially life changing event I sense, I pull at my brown turtleneck sweater and walk forward, chilled by the evening air. A sudden firework blast slightly startes me, causing Sephiroth to chuckle. Alright, at least he isn't completely nervous.

"Don't get flustered now; I haven't even told you want I wanted to say."

"Well, go on." I huff, arms crossed, but all attention on him.

"Genesis, you know that your scheduled to go to Wutai this upcoming month, right?"

Yes I know that. I'd like to forget that right now, but obviously it was part of Sephiroth's point. I nodded silently. Sephiroth's mouth parts but nothing passes through, instead his free hand raising up, scratching through his hair.

"How do I put this?"

"I'm a SOLDIER, Sephiroth. I can handle myself out there."

"That's not it. I just sense that when you leave. You… you might not come back."

I smile sadly at my love. His face is saddened, distracted, like a child after waking from a horrible dream. I walk closer to him, resting my hands upon his shoulders.

"I'm not going to leave you, Sephy. I'll be back before you know it, I'm too good a SOLDIER to be killed in action."

"That's not it…"

Wow, this is serious!
...He didn't say anything about me calling him 'Sephy'.


He looks back into my eyes, Jades shimmering with emotion that can no longer be held back. He leans down, pressing our foreheads together as his arms wrap around my body. I don't resist and sigh shamelessly, closing my eyes in a flutter.

"What's gotten into you?"

"Please, Genesis, wear this."

That previously noted hand in his pocket lifted upward to reveal a gorgeous wooden box meant to hold jewelry. N-noooo! I instantly back up, my cheeks hot with blush.

"Sephiroth, I-i-i-I don't think a ring is going to protect me in battle."


"I-I mean I'm NOT a woman, nor the kind of person to believe in marriage. I-i-I mean I'm JUST now getting the hang of this love thing. M-m-maybe we should think about this."


"I mean, I haven't even gotten YOU a ring. It's not fair for me to accept such a propo—"

"Goddamn it Genesis! It's not a ring! It's a blasted earring!"

Oh… well. I feel silly now. At least it wasn't a ring. That would have been too weird. I look down, clearing my throat to maybe loosen up the awkward mood I have created, taking the box from Sephiroth's outstretched hand. He, himself, looks flustered, but not from my previous unsophisticated moment. But perhaps from the action itself.

I open up the box, and it reveals a gorgeous single earring in a dangle fashion. It has a Gothic undertone to it that I revel in and I look at my partner with glitter in my eyes.

"Thank you, Sephiroth."

"J-just wear it."

I chuckle at his increasingly flustered demeanor, putting the box on the balcony table and taking out my left earring to slip on this new one. I pluck the earring with mirth, enjoying the weight it puts on my lobe. Turning around, I can see the complete relief in Sephiroth's eyes as he outstretches his hands, cradling my face.

"Wear it always. It'll give me some kind of reassurance that I will see you again."

I don't argue with Sephiroth: Something in his mind is telling him that I'll be in danger when I go to Wutai and I want to soothe my beloved's mind as much as possible. If wearing a simple gift will soften his worrying soul, then I shall do just that. I cup my hands over his, my body flushed with his excitedly.

"I'll never take it off. It's too fashionable to go without."

"Good." He whispers, moving closer and closer to my lips until I can no longer take it.

As cliché as this is, as we passionately kissed, another loud explosion of color lit up the sky and cheering was heard throughout the bustling city of Midgar. New Day was here, and with it, another year to look forward to. Like a toast to the new year, Sephiroth's lips are as sweet as the wine to which one would drink from. From this kiss, I shall toast to my resolution now:

No matter what happens to me in Wutai, I will come back to Sephiroth. Back to Angeal. Back to Midgar. Back to those that I love unconditionally.

Nothing will stop me, Genesis Rhapsodos, from coming back.

End: To be Continued in Crisis Core, Final Fantasy VII

I'd like to thank just about everyone who's reviewed, will review in the future, and have favorite'd this story. I appreciate the patience of those who have been walking with Genesis, and with me, through this little adventure that I've had. (And if you're wondering, the earring that Sephiroth gives Genesis in this story is the earring that he's wearing in Crisis Core. I like making plot twist :3)

It was a joy writing this and I hope that you are stick with me through other POVs of other stories that I'm sure to be writing. Until then: Happy New Year, Peace and Safety, and all that sentimentality.