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Rachel's POV

It was raining out, well monsooning would be a more fit term. Of course my last class of the day was all the way across campus from my dorm, and due to my parents hating me I was stuck walking (without an umbrella I might add).

Now I haven't properly introduced myself yet. My name is Rachel May Simms. As I told you before my parents hate me. Why you might ask? Because I am a girl. Well it has more to do with the fact that I'm 3 minutes older then my twin brother. My parents are big on the whole oldest child should be a male thing. Speaking of my brother and our wonderful family, I should tell you some of the rules in out household. Rule one; No one is aloud to know Rachel is part of this family. (Told you my parents hated me) My mom and dad prize themselfs on there family passing on the tradition one child, a boy. So I'm virtually non excitant. Speaking of family tradition, on to the next rule. Rule two; No one is aloud to know about the Ipswich power. Now, in history, the power goes to the oldest male, which would be my brother. But somehow, our being twins gave me the power too. Which is yet another reason why my parents hate me. They don't think I should have the power. Which brings us to another rule. Rule three; Rachel is not aloud to use EVER. There are some other rules but they don't relate to me...I don't exist remember?

Anyway, I was walking to my dorm room at Spencer Academy, which I only have because my parents do every thing in there power to make it look like I'm not part of there family, when I heard a rumble and a screech from be hind me. Now I know I should use the sidewalk but through the parking lot was a short cut. I whipped around to see a huge silver hummer skidding towards me. Two extremely opposite thoughts ran through my head. One, If I die my parents won't have to hide anything anymore, and two, Oh shit I don't wanna die , TYLER HELP ME! (Tyler is my brother for all you slow people) I tried to step back wards but stepped in a pot hole filled with water and fell over. I closed my eyes preparing myself for the hummer to smash into my frail body but nothing ever came. After a moment or two I opened my eyes to see the hummer sitting about 1 ½ feet away from me. There were four boys in the car. All of them had a horror stricken look on their face. The driver of the car looked as if he was going to faint or throw up or a combination of the two. It makes sense seeing as the driver of the car was none other then my brother Tyler Simms.

The guy in the passenger seat came to life first. He opened his door, got out, and ran over to me. Unfortunately this boy was Reid Garwin, the self proclaimed 'Bad Ass' of the school. The three other boys followed in suit.

"Hey are you okay?" Reid asked. Weird he was actually being considerate.

"Fine, almost got hit by an eight thousand pound hummer but I'm just peachy, just a bit wet" I replied picking myself up off the ground and looking around. They were all here. Tyler's friends, Reid, Caleb, Pogue, and of course Tyler himself. When we were little every night Tyler would sneak through the secret passage that lead to my bedroom (once again, a precaution to make it look like I didn't exist) and tell me stories about what he, Caleb, Reid, and Pogue did that day. Tyler was the only one in my family who treated me like I was part of the family, not in front of my parents of course

"I'm sorry I was speeding and there was a puddle and I'm really sorry are you sure your okay?" Tyler choked. I couldn't tell if he was crying or if it was just the rain and shock of almost killing someone.

"I'm fine really you guys should go your getting all wet." I said. Tyler didn't look like he believed me. "Seriously...Tyler right? I'm fine" With 17 years of practice acting like we weren't related we had gotten pretty good at it.

"Yeah, uhh right. I'm really sorry...I'm sorry I don't know your name" he said. (Told ya we were good at it.)

"Rachel, my name's Rachel" I said "well I should get going, don't wanna get sick ya know?" I turned to walk away when some one grabbed my arm.

"You walking the whole way?" Reid asked.

"Yeah, so I should really get started now seeing as my dorm is across campus." I said truing to walk away but Reid grabbed my arm again.

"Maybe we could give you a ride?" Reid offered. Why was he being nice? From all the stories Tyler had told me and the way he acted at school he would never do this on a normal basis.

"I have no problem walking, and since when does Reid Garwin give people rides because their dorms are all the way across campus and they're all wet?" I asked.

"How do you know who I am and not know who Tyler is?" He asked suspiciously.

"Everyone at Spencer knows about you and your reputation." I said turning to try and leave once again.

"I would feel better if we gave you a ride" Tyler said quietly. That's the brother inside of him.

"Shut it baby boy." Reid said. "Get in the car ...Rachel right?" I nodded " Yeah, we're giving you a ride whether you like it or not."

"No, I wouldn't wanna get your car all wet." I said trying to think of excuses to not ride with them.

"I think we're all going to get the car wet" Caleb said talking for the first time.

"Just get in the car so we all don't get sick!" Pogue said

"Fine, I live in the Miller Building" I said finally giving into their request.

We all piled into the silver hummer my parents gave Tyler for his 16th birthday, I got a box of popsicles that year. The ride was rather uncomfortable. Tyler and Pogue got in the front seat while I was squished between Reid and Caleb. I didn't mind sitting by Caleb, he seemed nice enough. Reid was making me feel weird though, he kept looking at me funny.

"Hey Rach what'd you say your last name was?" Reid asked after a while.

"It's Rachel and I didn't tell you what my last name is." I said still rather uncomfortable

"Well what is it?" he prodded.

"Simms." I replied casually. I wish my parents would have made up a different last name for me when they registered me for Spencer. It'd be easier to convince everyone I wasn't related to them.

"Like Tyler?"Caleb asked.

"Spelled S-I-M-M-S. Is that like your last name Tyler?" I asked once again playing the charade. Tyler looked in the rearview mirror and nodded. "Well then yes, like Tyler"

"Are you two related?" Reid asked. "You look a lot alike"

"My family is from Maine. I don't think we're related" I said . I also happened to be good at making things up off the top of my head. "And personally I don't think we look anything alike" I lied "His hair is darker then mine and I have brown eyes" Which was true but our faces looked very similar.

"Nah, I mean in your face...you have his baby face" Reid joked punching Tyler in the arm. Forcing the car to swerve a little.

"Reid, I'd rather not almost kill anyone else!" Tyler said turning into the parking lot of my building.

"Sorry man. So Rach got any plans for tonight?" Reid asked casually. I rolled my eyes.

"Yes actually, I do. Could you please get out so I can go inside?" I asked. He opened the door and got out. Pogue got out too climbing into the back seat.

"Well we're gonna be at Nikki's around 6:30. You should come and meet us there." Reid called through the passenger window.

"Reid, I said I have plans. And just a tip the next time you try to hit on a girl don't tell her she has a guys face!" I said rolling my eyes and turning to walk to my dorm room.

When I got to my dorm room the door was locked, Stacie must be out with her boyfriend Stephen, I thought opening the door.

"Keep it open Rach!" called a voice from down the hall. I turned to see a huge mob of shopping bags walking toward me. That was Stacie for you...shopoholic.

"Stacie when did you have time to shop?" I asked as she dropped about 16 bags onto her bed.

"Stephen picked me up and we went to the mall...that was around 2ish." she replied thoughtfully. I looked at the clock, it read 3:30.

"Only and hour and a half? That's short for you" I laughed walking into our bathroom to change out of my wet cloths and get a shower. After I was done with my shower I pulled on my robe and walked out to my closet but stopped short to see a new pair of dark blue skinny jeans, a purple halter top, and a white leather peacoat lying on my bed. I looked over at Stacie who was smirking at me. I raised an eyebrow at her.

"I found them on sale think of it as an early birthday present. Now get dressed we're going out to night" she said throwing me a strapless bra and her white healed boots.

"Where are we going? I called through the bathroom door as I changed.

"You'll see just hurry up!" Stacy said. I laughed and finished dressing.

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