Thought i'd do one of these never done one before hope you like it and can understand it all ..x

The Doctors First Time On Msn

The Doctor has signed in

The Doctor: Urm.. Hello?

Rose T: Hiyah Doctor

The Doctor: Oh good I thought I was going to be on my own.

Rose T: Awwhh I wudnt leave yuuh xx

The Doctor: Good

Rose T: =D

The Doctor: So what do we do on here?

Rose T: Just Tlk

The Doctor: But we can do that anywhere

Rose T: Yeahh but we cn tlk loads more nd we dnt even ave be near each other

Rose T sends The Doctor a cyber hug

The Doctor: Aghh Cyber Hug Go Away Go Away

Rose T: No Doctor Its a Nice Thing

The Doctor: Ohh...

The Doctor Accepts Rose T cyber hug

The Doctor: Aww that was nice

Rose T: Glad Yuuh Liked It

The Doctor: Why you typing using wierd words?

Rose T: Oh Man.. Gotta Teach Yuuh Txt Language Now...

The Doctor: First.. Lets go on a adventure

Rose T: Yeahh!!

The Doctor has signed out

Rose T has signed out