Terror of the Night


He couldn't help it, even though in all truth, he must be floating miles above the ground. He was buoyant; light. He had never felt like this before.

It's love, the voice in his head, that was optimistic and growing stronger by the minute chirped up, and he smiled.

Love. How beautiful. How completely, gloriously, upliftingly -

Eeeeeeeeeeeeddieeeeeeeeeeeeeee …

He stiffened, but didn't falter in his pace. His mind turned wary, the whisper of thought trailing unsettlingly through his mind.

Bella was unaware on his shoulders. Blissfully, gloriously, upliftingly –

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeddddddddddiiiieeeeeeee …

The muscles bunched infinitesimally tighter in his shoulder.

For the sake of Jesus Superstar Christ, Jasper, stop it.

It was a pity Jasper couldn't read his mind. He would have some kind of fun whispering odd little –

Oooooooooooooooooooooooooo … I'm hungry. He he.

Emmett? Why was Emmett being so psychotic? Normally he was just one for open violence and attack. Jasper was the one for preamble. Man, if Emmett was being properly true to form, he would have launched himself from the treetops already – Edward glanced up without alerting Bella – but would probably have crushed his fragile mortal love to death. That would have been ironically Emmett-ish too.

But then again, the whole world was upside down, he thought. Completely and utterly as head over heels as he was.

The world was changed. The scent of the earth was different. The cast in the air. Everything … changed.

For the better? Perhaps. But changed forever. Edward knew enough to know that.

Wait, what was that? Only moments were passing, but he could hear something … it sounded like … opera. Operetta? Puccini … no, it was Traviatta. A favourite of Esme's, but there was also shrieking. Anger … Rock music? No, Traviatta again.

Edward shuddered too delicately for Bella to be aware.

Things were changed. Certainly. Undoubtedly.

For the better?

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeddddieeeeeeeeee …

A shiver of thought ... Alice ... ran through his mind. Laughter, a flash of the future, the glistening, bloodthirsty future -

She stopped with an effort, but was wrenched forward again. Smiling faces, tortured screaming, blood, terror, green eyes, wolf ...

Don't go there, Eddie, she thought with forced chirpiness. That's not going to be for a while.

Trees. Light dark light dark light dark -

Ah. The field. Of dreams.


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