Faded Nightmare

by: Terrell James

Chapter 1: Insomnia Morning

Cody woke up looking fearful, panting heavily from a nightmare he had. He lowered his head down, sighing mournfully. He covered his eyes and moaned softly. He got up out of the room, headed outside and looked at the sun started to rise up from the horizon. He sat down the beach and thinks about that dream he had. He felt like he has insomnia because he had been having these dreams and doesn't know what it is.

Later on, Chicken Joe came over and saw Cody feeling a bit tired and troubled. He gave him a playful punch to ease his pain. He said, "How's it going, man?"

Cody laughs softly and said, "Not much. Just a little tired and stuff like that."

"Something's going on and you said something about those dreams and stuff. Is it Lani?" said Joe.

"No, it's not. It's just something about my past and.... I don't know, man. All the time, I feel so tired and scared." said Cody.

"Maybe it's insomnia. That's what's been keeping you up." said Joe.

"Maybe, but I don't think so."

"Can you at least try to get some more sleep? I haven't seen you surf in a little while and it's bugging me because we look so awesome when we're hanging ten, man." said Joe.

"I know, dude. I miss it too, you know? I'll try to get some sleep and be active again." said Cody.

"Radical!" exclaimed Joe.

"So, are we still cool, man?" asked Cody.

"I'd be offended if we're not." said Joe.

Cody laughs, stands up and gives Joe two knuckle touches and high-fives. He walks away leaving Cody feeling a little tired, but amused. He was trying to figure out what caused the dream to make him feel a little tired and scared. He sighs and said to himself, "I gotta figure out what is making that dream getting in the way of my sleeping. I've got so many nightmares in 10 days, I can barely think straight. What's happening to me, man? I feel like I'm so insomniatic."

He walks around the beach when the radio starts to play a little song that relates to Cody's dreams and realizes that it's all a blur because he's been so tired and restless so much.

Rolled over from last night's dreams

Happiness isn't from a

Drink me up in your thoughts

Just like I do with you

Are you left thirsty too?

Uh-oh-oh, I am erratic

Can't break the habit

My current status

With you I'm insomniatic

My train is off the track it seems

Delirious from the loss of

Sleep deprived I greet the day

Won't be easy to do

Are you this restless too?

Uh-oh-oh, I am erratic

Can't break the habit

My current status

With you I'm insomniatic

One by one the days grow longer and longer

And I in my own sweet pain grow stronger

I must admit, I must admit, I must admit

It's a good insane

I must admit, I'm must admit

Hear me admit

Uh-oh-oh, I am erratic

Can't break the habit

My current status

With you I'm insomniatic

Cody sees the waves breaking in and figures out why the dream has made him quite tired. As the song ended, he shakes himself up and takes a breath and decides to take it easy for a while and do some surfing. He grabs his board and does some surfing througout most of the morning.

That song was from Aly and AJ's song: Insomniatic (the song from the same name as the album). It's a very cool song! Love that band!