Izumi was fast asleep by the time Takamiya came out from the shower. He quietly made his way over to the bed and slipped beneath the covers. Izumi grumbled as the bed moved beneath Takamiya's weight. Takamiya paused in his movements, making sure that Izumi was still asleep. Though he was happy that they had sorted through their problem earlier, Takamiya had no urge for Izumi to awake because of Takamiya's movements and then have to go through a whole other "conversation."

Izumi stopped grumbling, and Takamiya continued his slow slide beneath the covers. He reached out to wrap his arm around Izumi's slender waist, and gently pulled the man close to his body. Izumi grumbled. Takamiya froze. Izumi let out a soft snore. Takamiya sighed. Takamiya rested his head next to Izumi's, burying his nose deeply within his hair but immediately regretted the decision. Izumi needed a shower. Takamiya moved his head back slightly, and rested his head on his pillow. Izumi shifted against him, nearly pushing Takamiya off of the bed. Takamiya chuckled to himself. Maybe Izumi was right, the bed small, and maybe it would have been better if one of them had slept on the floor.

Takamiya could feel Izumi's warmth so tender against him. He sighed. No. It wouldn't have been better if one of them had slept on the floor. He needed this warmth.


The loud and incessant ringing of Izumi's cell phone awoke both of them in the morning. Izumi, shocked by the sudden loudness of his phone, jumped, accidently pushing the translator behind him out of the bed. Takamiya landed on the floor with a loud thump and a howl, as the man clutched his elbow.

"Are you alright?" Izumi leaned over the bed, and concernedly looked at the larger man.

"I'm fine," Takamiya winced. "Just hit my funny bone on the bed stand."

Izumi nodded and got up to answer his phone.

"Izumi, where are you? Are you alright?" Shouted the loud and concerned voice of his mother. "When are you going to get here? Was the plane delayed? Have you—"

"Mom," Izumi cut her off. "We're fine. The flight was delayed last night and we got in really late. We stayed at a hotel near the airport. We'll be over in an hour or two, okay?"

"Okay," Izumi's mother sighed in relief. "I was so worried. You were supposed to be here last night and then you didn't come or even call. I thought your plane had crashed or something. You can never trust those planes you. They crash all the time."

"Mom, we're fine. We'll be over there in a little. We just need to get changed and take a shower."

"You're not going to have sex are you?"


"Honestly Izumi, I really wish you'd stop with this 'homosexual' phase. It's gone on far too long. It's just not healthy. You need to get married to a nice young girl and give us some grandchildren. I mean, honestly Izumi—"

"I'm going to hang up now mom."

"Izumi wait—"

Izumi hung up his phone.

By this time, Takamiya had lifted himself off the floor and proceeded to dust himself off. As he brushed back his hair with his fingers, he felt a hand on his arm. He looked down to see Izumi giving him that smile.

"What?" Takamiya asked, placing his hand over Izumi's.

"I could go for a round of make-up sex. How 'bout you?" Izumi smirked.

Takamiya returned the smile and bent down, giving Izumi a smoldering kiss before pushing him roughly on the bed.


Izumi came out of the shower, running a towel through his hair and let out a large and relaxed sigh. Takamiya still laid on the bed, his eyes half lidded in the lingering pleasure. Izumi crawled on top of him and placed a gentle kiss on the older man's lips.

Takamiya smiled and returned Izumi's kiss, roughly grabbing Izumi's behind. Izumi hissed in pain.

"What is with you this morning?" Takamiya asked as his continued to give Izumi's a rump a nice little massage.

"Nothing, can't I—Nn—have a little fun every once in a while. 'Sides, we were so tired last night, we didn't make-up," Izumi leaned forward for another kiss.

Takamiya moaned as Izumi bent downwards, gently playing with the translator's nipples between his teeth and tongue.

"This doesn't have to do with you mother, does it?" Takamiya asked while running his fingers through Izumi's soft and wet hair.

Izumi raised his head from Takamiya's chest and gave him a playful smirk. "And so what if it does? A little revenge never hurt anyone."

"She set you up for another omiai again, didn't she?"

"She didn't say that."

"Then what did she say to make you react like this?"

"What, are you complaining?"

"No," Takamiya gave Izumi's butt another appreciative squeeze. "I just want to know why you're so riled up. Is that too much to ask for?"

Izumi laughed, moving his head back down to Takamiya's chest so he could continue his play.

"No, it's not too much," he said as he playfully licked at Takamiya's hardened nipple. "She just said I needed to move out of my 'homosexual' phase and give her and dad some grandchildren."

Takamiya moaned quietly as Izumi nibbled Takamiya's nipple between his teeth. "What about adoption? We can give her grandkids that way."

Izumi stopped his play, "Are you serious? We haven't even fixed our problems and you're already talking about kids. Besides. I can't stand children. Little, slimy brats that poop and vomit every."

"I was just saying—," Takamiya reached his hand up and laced it through Izumi's hair, trying to pull his head back down to his chest.

Izumi pulled his head back and angrily removed himself from Takamiya, "Who said you were getting round two?"

Takamiya groaned in frustration and got up from bed. He walked up behind Izumi who was getting dressed in that day's outfit and kissed him on the neck.

"You're breaking my heart," Takamiya said playfully and placed another kiss on the man's neck.

Izumi turned and shot him the death glare, "Take a shower and get ready. If we take any longer mom will think we really were having sex."

"But love, she already knows."

Izumi continued his glare, and Takamiya sheepishly went into the shower room and washed off the morning's sweat.


Yay, got this one out pretty quick. Sorry if it's a little short though. Yeah, tried to give a little "sex" scene without going over the T rating so sorry if I disappointed any of you all with that.

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